February 2017

In this article we will explain a trading strategy that combines the use of Bollinger Bands and the 1-2-3 pattern, a very powerful chart pattern used by many traders in a variety of markets. It is a simple strategy as we shall see below, however, it requires mastery of a number of theoretical concepts that we will explain below.

The 1-2-3 maximum that originate in the upper bollinger band or moving average line (center line of the Bollinger Bands) and the 1-2-3 minimum which originate in the lower bollinger band or the moving average line, provide excellent signals that indicate possible changes of direction in the market. Because the 1-2-3 pattern occurs in virtually every market and any time frame, this strategy can be applied to trade in a variety of instruments and time frames, including short, medium and long term.
It works well in any time interval and market that is dynamic enough to swing from side to side while on trend, or to swing with enough volatility  within a price range to generate good opportunities.


General definition

The Durable Goods Orders is an economic indicator that reflects new orders placed with domestic manufacturers for delivery of durable goods (hard goods) from the factory, in the short term or in the future. This is a monthly published data, which always refers to the previous month in which the Department of Commerce's Census Bureau issued the report.

The term durables goods applies to those who are expected to have a duration of more than three years. The report Durable Goods Orders comes in two monthly emissions:
  • The progress report on durable goods.
  • Manufacturers' shipments, inventories and orders.
The reports are broken down by industry, which serves to eliminate the effects of a single volatile industry such as defense spending.

Trade24 Partners Review

Trade24 Partners is a Forex affiliate program, which was created by the Forex and CFD broker Trade24 to promote their services and acquire new customers through affiliates who use multiple marketing tools that the program offers and are based mostly in Internet. Like other similar affiliate programs is a good option to monetize web sites and blogs whose topics relates to financial markets such as the Forex market.

The Forex broker Trade-24 offers its clients a social trading service which gives them the opportunity to follow and copy the trades of other traders in real time and easily. Through this service, any investor who opens an account with this company can track the transactions made in the market by experienced traders who make money consistently through their trading strategies.

The service of social trading is built into the Webtrade24 platform, an online application (no download or installation is requires), which is based on Sirix Webtrader, a platform for Forex trading whose use is becoming popular in the industry, thanks to its multiple tools which includes a function for copying the transactions made by other traders who trade regularly with this broker.
The following image shows the interface of theWebtrade24 platform with the social trading function:

Review of the broker Trade24

Trade24-Forex Broker Review

Trade-24 is a broker specializing in Forex, commodities and Contracts For Difference which began operations in 2013 and has its headquarters located in London, UK. It also has customer service offices in other countries like France, Italy, Cyprus and Brazil. Currently this company does not have any regulation, however, is known for offering a variety of services to its customers, including a social trading platform.

Although not a regulated broker, the variety of services offered, including automated trading solutions, make Trade24 an option that can be seriously considered by traders interested in markets such as the Forex.

IFC Markets – Forex Broker Review

IFC Markets is a Forex broker Market Maker founded in 2006 which offers the possibility to trade with various types of financial assets including currency pairs (Forex), commodities and Contracts For Difference based on oil and stock indices. It is a broker oriented to beginners traders with low capital to invest in the market. But it also offers different trading solutions for experienced traders, including various trading accounts types and platforms.

Also, the client can invest on personal composite instruments, a type of composite instrument created with the GeWorko Method. This expands the possibilities for trading and investment. 

The great advantage of IFC Markets lies in the large number and variety of trading instruments it offers. For example, customers can trade with different gold-based instruments, where they can speculate with this precious metal against the S&P 500, oil or silver. It also offers continuous CFD where the trader does not have to worry about maturities.

Description of triple bottom pattern

Many successful investors keep implementing well known chart patterns such as the “Triple Bottom” in their trading strategies model. Forex traders are not the exception as many traders around the world use formations as the triple bottom to take decisions regarding their trades in the market, including the opening and closing of market positions. The triple bottom chart pattern combined with other market analisys tools allows to discover important trading opportunites to speculate in financial markets like Forex.

Triple bottom chart pattern is also described as TB in short, which is a kind of technical chart analysis examined in the market bottoms. Being the most reliable and trustworthy form of chart pattern, the triple bottom remains outright in its character and it is described by 3 distinct lows within the market having the similar price standards. The triple bottom remains distinct to the head and shoulders chart pattern and the only difference is the 3 lows occurring in the bottom throughout the similar price level existing in the double bottom.  This formation is the opposite of the Triple Top Pattern.

Triple Top Pattern Explained

Triple top pattern, shortly called as TT is a analysis chart pattern which is determined at the market tops and can be seen in every financial market, including Forex and the stock market for example. Among the many different chart patterns, the Triple Top (TT) is the best and authentic chart patterns examined in the trade analysis chart. The TT pattern remains distinct from the head and shoulders pattern, apart from those 3 peaks remaining top with the similar price level that works like the double top. 

The 1st peak occurring in the triple top patter is made while the rates drop down in the consolidation of the clear market phase. Rates will further accelerate up to a standard of the 1st peak where buyers will stop gaining maximum benefit for pushing the rates by means of resistance. Also the 3rd peak is made in a similar way. This formation is the opposite of the triple bottom pattern.

So you have lost your trading account and now is in zero? Oh, man, I'm sorry, this have also happened to me several times ...... !!  But let's be a little constructive and rather than lament the big loss let's think why the account was ruined and what we should do and as evil of many is the consolation of fools, think that ruin Forex accounts is something quite common.

Perhaps you are tired of hearing that 90% of traders lose money in their first year of trading. I really do not know if this statistic is very accurate, but unfortunately for what I see, I tend to think that is true. I myself have had accounts that have practically fallen to zero: lack of discipline, not following the trading plan designed, etc. are usually the most common causes that lead to continuous losses that diminish and undermine trading accounts even to activate margin call.

Definition of currency wars

It consists of manipulating the currency to sell more. You lower the value of your country's currency and artificially lower your products to make them more attractive abroad and increase your exports. 

How can a country manipulate its currency? There are many ways, but simplifying, the two main ones would be:
  1. Lower interest rates. You pay less to have the coin. People prefer to invest in other currencies with higher interest rates. 
  2. Sell a lot of your currency in exchange for other foreign currencies. In this way you flood the market with yen, for example, and that depreciates the currency.

What is a position?

In the field of trading in financial markets, a position is a binding commitment to buy or sell a specific amount of financial instruments such as stocks, currencies, commodities or derivatives, to a certain price. The term "position" is also used in finance to describe the amount of assets held by a person, company or institution as well as the state of property of the investments of an individual or institution.
Do not confuse the meaning of "position" in the trading of financial instruments with the term "financial position". The latter stands for "status" or "statement", ie the balance sheet liabilities in a company to take charge of their debts and obligations.

The simple moving average is basically the simplest way to calculate a moving average. This is an arithmetic mean in which the sum of the last N prices (P) will be taken and divided by N, where N is the period. In other words is an average where all data prices have the same weight. Remember that the most usual is to calculate this indicator using closing prices and therefore from now on we will refer to the closing prices.

It is one of the most used technical indicators by traders in all markets. Many trading systems use simple moving averages, mainly as a trend indicator.
The simple moving average is usually represented by the acronym SMA.

Review of Hy Affiliates

Hy Affiliates is a Forex affiliate program created by the Forex and CFD broker HYCM (regulated by FCA of UK) in order to obtain new customers by promoting their services through affiliates who have at their disposal different types of marketing tools based mainly in the Internet. Depending on the amount of referred costumers (traders) and the payment plan chosen by the affiliate, is possible to achieve large gains with Hy Affiliates. This affiliate program is a good option for those webmasters who wish to monetize websites or blogs whose subjects are related with the financial markets and mainly with the Forex market, especially if these sites have a good level of traffic.

Hy Affiliates offers two payment plans to their affiliates, CPA and Revenue Share, from which the affiliates can select the most appropriate according with their profile . For example, if the affiliate prefers a fixed payment for each referred client the best option to choose is the CPA, but if the affiliate wants a payment scheme that allows to share some of the profits obtained by the broker with the referred costumers, the best option in this case is Revenue Share.

The registration in the affiliate program HyAffiliates is completely free as well as the use of all marketing tools that are available to affiliates. In this case, the affiliate does not need to open a trading account with HYCM for joining the program.

HYCM - Broker Review

HYCM is a Forex and CFD broker from United Kingdom which was founded in 2007 and is regulated by the FCA. It offer a lot of trading instruments besides Forex like Futures, stocks of various markets, commodities and others through Contracts For Difference.

It is a company with many years of experience in the field of financial markets for retail traders.

Review of Binary Affiliates

Binary affiliates is an affiliate program that promote various binary options brokers like Stockpair and Optionrally through affiliates, which have at their disposal multiple marketing tools based on Internet that the same program offers. Basically, using these tools, the affiliates can make the promotion of these companies to get new customers (traders) that open an account and deposit funds into it, work for which they can earn a high commission. 

For this reason, Binary Affiliates becomes an excellent option for those webmasters interested in monetizing web sites or blogs whose theme is related to financial markets and in particular with binary options

In about two weeks, the Forex and CFD Broker ForexTime (FXTM) will launch its first trading contest FX Zones for demo accounts, which will give traders the ability to test their skills in the market in a free trading environment As they compete for a share of the total prize pool of $24,000.

The competition is divided into four separate zones that will take place throughout 2017. Each zone will have a prize pool of $6000, giving participants the opportunity to win the jackpot of $3000, paid directly in their real trading account.

Review of the binary options broker Stockpair

Review of the Binary Options Broker Stockpair

Stockpair is a broker which allows to trade with regular binary options (High/Low options) and pair options based on the performance of one asset (stocks, commodities or currencies) against other through contracts of 1 hour to 150 days. This company offers a simple web based trading platform (developed by the company) with an user friendly interface and various types of accounts with different features including promotions for new clients.

Stockpair is a reliable broker and it is the only one offering KIKO options, a special type of binary options which is a combination of Knock-In and Knock-Out options. KIKO options are a simple and profitable trading product different from regular binary options.

What is the perfect order?

The perfect order of moving averages is defined as a set of simple or exponential moving averages that are aligned consecutively depending on the trend. For example, in the case of a bullish trend, a perfect order would be that a moving average of 10 periods were in a higher price level to a moving average of 20 periods which in turn would be higher than a moving average of 50 periods and so on. In other words, in an upward trend, moving averages are aligned from major to minor period upwards.

The Fibonacci extensions, like Fibonacci retracements, are used to establish support and resistance levels, with the difference that the Fibonacci extensions are generally used as potential targets for profit taking, while retracements are often used as possible points of entry.

Fibonacci extensions are widely included in modern trading platforms like Metatrader 4 and are used in much the same way as the retracements are used, as we saw in the article on Fibonacci retracements. Even some trading platforms allow to draw extensions and retracements in the same chart.

The Forex and CFD broker HiWayFX offers every month a trading competition for demo accounts called World Rally Forex, which rewards the winners with cash. A total of $4000 are distributed among the winners. Since it is a tournament for demo accounts, there is no risk involved for the participants as they trade with virtual money. It is a competition for all clients of this broker which allows the trader to practice their strategies and skills in the markets without risking real money in the process.

The tournament takes place every month and each round lasts 1 month. For the moment the competition will be active throughout 2017, although HiWayFX can change the terms or terminate the contest at any time it deems appropriate.

Review of the Binary Options Broker CWOption

CWOption is a binary options broker founded in 2014 which belongs to NYT Consultants LTD and allows to trade with options based on many underlying assets including currency pairs (Forex), stocks of various markets, commodities and indices. This brokers also offers many services for its clients as several promotions, including welcome and trading bonuses. 

Currently CWOption is one of the leading brokers in the sector. For traders interested in other instruments this brokers also offers CFD trading on Forex in the same trading platform (SpotOption 2).

Review of the broker HiwayFX

HiWayFX-Forex Broker Review

HiWayFX is a regulated Forex and CFD broker (is regulated by CySEC of Cyprus) which offers ECN/NDD trading execution to its clients and operates since 2014. This company offers a lot of instruments to trade like Forex, precious metals, CFD on various asset classes and binary options.

Basically it is an ECN/NDD broker, which means that offers its customers direct market access and to its main liquidity provides, so it does not become the counterpart of the traders during their transactions. Also, this allows HiWayFX  to offer variable and extremely low spreads and a fast orders execution.

The Bollinger Bands is a technical analysis tool developed by John Bollinger in the early 1980s.

Bollinger bands consist of three curves drawn in relation to the price. These three curves are the upper band, the lower band and the middle band. The middle band is, as a rule, a simple moving average and therefore provides information on the trend. From the midband the upper and lower bands will be calculated using a standard deviation. The interval between the upper and lower bands gives information on the volatility or market activity. By default, the parameters used are a simple moving average of 20 periods and 2 standard deviations to calculate the upper and lower bands. 

(Note: on some platforms and graphical analysis software the midband is not shown). 

Bollinger Bands – A Great Trading Tool!

Bollinger Bands were developed by John Bollinger. During the early 1980s, Bollinger Bands were announced as a technical trading tool designed to analyze the market (in the begining it was developed for the stock market). Bollinger was the first person who first developed the method of using MA or moving averages along with two different trading bands. This sort of method was just like using an envelope to cover the both sides of a moving average. Contrary to the normal moving average where percentage calculation is important, Bollinger Bands can add as well as subtract the standard deviation which is present in a calculation. Bollinger Bands can be used to produce a definition for the high and low.  For this reason it is an indicator which can help the trader in rigorous patterns recognition. It is also a helpful tool when the trader is trying to compare the price action with the information displayed by other indicators to arrive at trading decisions.

In technical analysisFibonacci Retracements refer to the possibility that the price of a financial asset, such as currency pairs, back off a considerable percentage of the original movement and find levels of support or resistance at the levels established by the Fibonacci numbers before resuming the original trend. These levels are built by drawing a trend line between the end points of the movement in question, and applying the vertical distance the key percentages of 23%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8%, 76.8% and 100% based on Fibonacci numbers.

The Forex and CFD broker Z.Com Trade, a company duly regulated by agencies such as the FCA in the UK and the FSA in Japan, is offering all new customers a free bonus of 30 USD, which does not require a prior deposit and whose only requirement is that the trader verify their identity and place of residence by sending the required documents. This bonus can be used to trade all trading instruments offered by this broker, and can be withdrawn (along with profits) once the trader meets a series of requirements that are detailed below. This promotion is ideal for novice traders who are starting their career in the markets.

-Period of the promotion: So far the company has not indicated a period or deadline for this offer (it is valid throughout 2016), however Z.Com Trade can change the terms or cancel the promotion at any time.

Review of the Broker Z.Com Trade

Z.Com Trade-Broker Review

Z.Com Trade is a recognized Forex and CFD broker from the UK which has significant presence in other countries like Japan and China (Honk Kong). Currently, this broker founded in 2012 has more than 400,000 customers from all over the world. This company offers access to a variety of financial markets besides Forex  through Contracts For Difference based on multiple underlying assets, and is characterized by the quality of its services, its strong track record and a good reputation that has remained through the years. At present it is the largest provider of retail Forex brokerage in terms of trading volume. 

  Z.Com Trade belongs to the company GMO CLICK Holdings Inc, which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (JASDAQ) with stock code 7177.

If you are a pro Forex trader, you would certainly know a lot of information on the double bottom chart pattern. In this case, Double Bottom is a high potential chart pattern which is significantly taught in Forex training. Moreover this is one of the best and successful patterns that are being followed by many successful Forex traders. This chart pattern looks very similar like the alphabet ‘W’. Expert Forex traders most usually expect the rate to be in down trend making a BOTTOM. It will slightly rally up while it is sold down with the previous bottom. We can say that this figure is the opposite of the Double Top pattern

Forex traders generally look around for a fair increase when the rate hit the resistance. For giving you a better idea in this regards, here is an example for reference: Just consider when the rate drops down from £10 to the least of £2 during the 1st bottom, here the £2 buyers explore the market and drive-up the rate at least for £5, where the sellers disdain the £5 level and trade the market again to £2. At this point, the rate of the 2nd bottom remaining with £2, the buyers find it easier to get at £2 and further escalate the market again to £5. During this point after minor conviction, they will be able to push the rate to £5 again.

The identification of good and valuable chart patterns will help a trader to make great profits within any financial market including Forex. When it comes to chart patterns, you could find plenty of patterns being discussed and even e-Books describing the successful strategy. Well, not all of them work in reality. Here, you can find a lot of information on the double top reversal pattern that helps you to master your trading business and deserve a lucrative cash flow in the Forex market.

One of the most overlooked aspects in trading although it is one of the most lucrative if properly understood, is the market structure. Having a deep understanding of market dynamics and microstructure gives the trader a huge advantage and is one of the best tactics to profit with changes in the price of the currencies at intraday level. This is key for traders who prefer short-term trades.

In the Forex trading thist is crucial, because the main influence on the price movement in the intraday market is the order flow. Since in most cases, individual traders do not have access to order flow data, day traders seeking to profit from short term fluctuations have to learn to identify price areas where large orders flows should occur so that they can anticipate these orders flows in the right moment. This trading strategy is extremely efficient for intraday traders because it allows them to keep pace with the market makers.

Review of the broker Opteck

Review of the Binary Options Broker Opteck

Opteck is a binary options broker which commenced its operations in 2012 and has its headquarters located in Cyprus. This company offers various types of binary options trading (including High/Low, One Touch and ladder) based on various types of underlying financial assets, including stocks, commodities and currency pairs. It is a broker that is known for providing various additional services to its customers, such as education resources for the trader and promotions for new customers.

Also, this broker provides CFD trading services based on a variety of markets.These contracts allow the trader to perform leveraged operations with multiple instruments.

Opteck belongs to Centralspot Trading (Cyprus) Ltd, a company regulated of Cyprus.

Type of Broker

Opteck is a Binary Options Broker.

Country of origin

The main offices of broker are located in Cyprus.

Opteck, through Centralspot Trading (Chipre) Ltd, is a broker regulated by CySEC of Cyprus (Licence Number 238/14).

Underlying Assets (Binary options)

Opteck customers are able to trade with option based on the following underlying financial assets:
  • Currency pairs (Forex): 45 currency pairs in the Forex market, including the most important as the EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY.
  • Commodities: 7 of the most important commodities in the market, such as gold and crude oil.
  • Stock Indexes: 14 of the major stock market indexes, including the Dow Jones and Nasdaq.
  • Stocks: 94 shares of major stock exchanges worldwide, such as Google, eBay, Coca Cola, Volkswagen and Fiat among others.

Types of Binary Options

Opteck offers three types of binary options to its customers which are described below:
  • High/Low Binary Options: This is the more popular type of binary options due to the combination of high performance with relative simplicity in comparison with other instruments. The investor simply has to predict whether the price of a financial asset will finish above or below the opening price of the position at the end of the expiration of the contract period . Usually, High/Low options offered by Opteck to its customers have a maturity of 1 hour, but the trader can also trade options that have a shorter expiration period or even longer, from 60 seconds to 1 week. 
  • One Touch Binary Options (a type of barrier binary option): This an American style binary option which is more complex compared with the High/Low options. In this case, the trader tries to predict whether the price of a certain instrument will reach or not certain price level or barrier before the end of the contract period. If the price reaches the barrier the option is settled immediately and the position is closed . Typically, these options have an expiration period longer than Above/Below options and offer higher profits up to 500% in the case of Opteck . 
  • Range Binary Option: This is the more complex type of binary option offered by Opteck . In this case the trader must predict whether the price of an underlying asset will remain or not in a particular price range ( it has two price barriers ) for the duration of the contract (expiry period). For example, suppose that the investor believes that in an hour the price of GBP/ USD will remain within a range of 1.5200 to 1.5250 therefore he decides to purchase a range binary option Now suppose that at the end of the contract the GBP/USD reached a price of 1.5245 and never touched he upper or lower barrier, which means that the option expire In The Money and the investor obtains a default payment of 65% -100%.

Payments offered by Opteck

In this case the earnings offered by this company for binary options that expire “In The Money” are the following:
  • High/Low Binary Options: A gain of 65% to 85% on the amount invested by the trader in the operation. 
  • One Touch Binary Options: A benefit of 65% to 500% on the amount invested by the trader in the operation. 
  • Range Binary Options: A benefit of 65% to 100% on the amount invested by the trader in the operation.
In the case of losing trades (binary options that expire Out The Money), this broker offers its customers the ability to recover between 5% and 15% of capital invested in the transaction. Thanks to this, it reduces the impact of losing trades in the account of the trader.

Contracts For Difference offered by Opteck

Opteck customers can also trade CFDs based on currency pairs, stocks, indices and commodities through the same trading platform. These contracts allow to make transactions in the markets which can remain open as much as the trader requires, since they do not have a maturity period. 

 Through these instruments, the broker offers a simplified form of trading with leveraged products, which is accessible to any trader, including those with little experience in CFDs. The Opteck client has the possibility to trade both CFD and binary options at the same time, using the same account and capital, and the same trading platform. This increases traders' investment opportunities and allows them to diversify their strategies. 

The main features of the Opteck CFD are as follows: 
  • There is no time limit (there is no expiration period). 
  • These transactions are based on leverage and margin. The customer only has to invest a percentage of the total value of the transaction. The maximum leverage is 1:200
  • The profits and losses of trades depend on both the direction of the market and the number of pips that the price moves.

Trading Accounts

Silver Account (Deposit of $250): This is the basic Opteck account type which is designed for traders with little experience in the field of binary options. It offers several advantages such as a 20% welcome bonus, free access to an educational center on binary options, daily market reviews, pro webinars and price alerts.

Bronze Account (Deposit of $1000): This is a type of trading account created for traders with more experience in binary options trading. It offers several advantages such as a 30% welcome bonus, free access to an educational center on binary options, daily market reviews, pro webinars, price alerts and a intro session with an expert.

Silver Account (Deposit of $2500): These are trade accounts designed for traders with more experience and capital to invest in the binary options market. It offers several advantages such as a 40% welcome bonus, free access to an educational center on binary options, daily market reviews, pro webinars, price alerts and an intro session with an expert. Also, the trader can get and extra payout of 1% on binary options trades.

Gold Account (Deposit of $10000): These trading accounts were created for traders who achieved an even greater level of trading experience with binary options. Gold accounts offer several advantages such as a 60% welcome bonus, free access to an educational center on binary options, daily market reviews, pro webinars, price alerts, an intro session with an expert and a strategic analyst private session. Also, the trader can get and extra payout of 1% on binary options trades and fixed spreads of 2-4 pips on CFD.

Platinum Account (Deposit of $25000): These are trading accounts designed for professional traders with a lot of experience in the field of binary options. Platinum accounts offer several advantages such as a 80% welcome bonus, free access to an educational center on binary options, daily market reviews, pro webinars, price alerts, an intro session with an expert and a strategic analyst private session. Also, the trader can get and extra payout of 2% on binary options trades and fixed spreads of 1-3 pips on CFD.

Black Account (Deposits over $100000): This is a special account type of Opteck for VIP customers. These trading accounts offer several advantages such as a 80% welcome bonus, free access to an educational center on binary options, daily market reviews, pro webinars, price alerts, an intro session with an expert and a strategic analyst private session. Also, the trader can get and extra payout of 3% on binary options trades and fixed spreads of 1-3 pips on CFD and access to extra underlying assets, expiry times and liquidity options.

Trading Platform

The trading platform of Opteck is a web-based propietary application designed by the company, which can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection through the broker website. This platform has a simple interface, designed specifically to trade with different types of binary options and Contracts For Difference that Opteck offers to its customers. It has the following basic functions:
  • Updated quotes of all underlying instruments offered by Opteck.
  • Basic price charts which show the opening time and closing of a binary option (maturity).
  • Return of all binary options in case the trade expires In The Money.
  • Management tools for opening new positions.
  • A trading signal servicer. 
  • A smart control panel, which offers you multiple analysis tools to monitor the investments closely.

Demo Account

Opteck offers a demo account with no limit of time.

Payment Options

The clients of this company can deposit and withdrawal funds through the following payment options: Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card (the most important like Mastercard and VISA), Skrill, Webmoney, Western Union and CashU.

The deposits can be made both in Euros, Pound Sterlings and US Dollars.

Main Advantages of Opteck

  • It is a regulated broker with a license of CySEC of Cyprus.
  • This broker offers regular promotions for its customers, including bonuses for the deposit of funds in the trading accounts.
  • Opteck customers have the possibility to extend the maturity of a binary option, which increases the chances of success of their operations.
  • Clients can trade with variety of markets through binary options and CFD. 
  • This broker offers trading signals through its trading platform.
  • Opteck offers several educational resources for its clients including:
    • A free ebook about binary options.
    • A full tutorial on binary options and trading in general.
    • Direct support from an expert in the market who can be consulted regarding any topic related to binary options trading, such as: trading strategies, technical and fundamental analysis, risk management and others.
  • Regular market analysis made by experts.
  • Opteck offers the opportunity to earn money by promoting its services as a binary options broker through various affiliate programs.

Main Broker Offers

Opteck offers regular promotions for its clients which are valid through the year:
  • It offers a welcome bonus from 25% to 100% with no maximum limit.
  • The traders can insurance their investments for an amount up to 50% of the capital deposited.
Minimum account size
The minimum account deposit to start trading with Opteck is $200.
Minimum transaction size
25 US dollars/euros.
Maximum transaction size
1500 US dollars/euros.
Link to the website
Open an account

The candlestick pattern Abandoned Baby Bullish is a trend change formation of high reliability which is generated in declining markets and indicates that there is a high probability that a change occurs from bearish to bullish trend. This pattern can be identified as follows:
  • The current trend in the market should be bearish. 
  • A large black candle which is followed by a Doji candle whose maximum occurs below the low of the previous black candle. 
  • Between these candlesticks there is a gap whichs is known as "falling window". During the next period a large white candle above the Doji is formed with an upward gap (rising window). This white candle penetrates deeply and closes within the larger black candlestick. 

The Doji is a candlestick pattern that can occur in both bullish and bearish trends and indicates indecision in the market. It has an average reliability and can be identified as follows:
  • The opening price and closing price are equal or nearly equal.
  •  In a classic Doji the upper and lower tail are relatively short and equal or nearly equal.

Currently, the affiliate program of the Forex broker Markets.com is one of the most interesting and profitable affiliate programs of the Forex sector. This program allows the affiliate to promote a recognized and regulated Forex and CFD broker which provides a variety of services to its customers, so there are many opportunities to obtain interesting earnings.

The brokers that promotes this program are the following:

This broker is owned by Safecap Investment LTD, a company regulated and registered with the main European regulatory authorities such as the FCA in the United Kingdom and CySEC in Cyprus. In this case, Markets.com is a fully regulated and consolidated broker with clients around the world thanks to its many trading services. Basically, the affiliate program of Markets.com offers three payment plans for its affiliates:

We continue with the harmonic patterns, which usually indicate the potential zones of change in the market price, although as always, ideally these trend change patterns should be confirmed with other technical tools. Today we will see the Bat pattern. It could be said that within the harmonic patterns is one of the favorites among investors due to its effectiveness or reliability of its buy and sell signals.

The Bat pattern consists of several points (X, A, B, C and D) and price movements (AB, XA, BC, CD) and, of course, it has a bullish version and a bearish version. It is similar to the Gartley pattern but with different Fibonacci levels, for example, the Fibonacci retracement of 88.6% of the X-A movement.

In this article we show a custom indicator for Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 that allow to add the Laguerre indicator to a window below the price chart. This indicator can be used to generate buy and sale trading signals, but like all tools developed in technical analysis it is recommended its use in conjunction with other indicators to increase the reliability of the signals.

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