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However, trading is not easy. Trading in markets like Forex requires a lot of knowledge, experience, and proper psychology.

In Forexdominion we include abundant educational material about the market, including tutorials about the Forex market, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, trading psychology, and trading strategies.

In the world, there are hundreds of stock, futures, Forex, and CFD brokers. Here we show the best brokers in the Forex and CFD sectors, grouped into lists where we classify them according to their main characteristics. For example, we show the best ECN, STP, Market Makers, and DMA Forex brokers.

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Review of ICMarkets

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Forex Education

Forex Guide

  • What are Commodities? – Definition, Types and Examples
    A commodity is a word we hear very often, especially in countries with high production of raw materials such as agricultural products and metals for example. We can also say that commodity is a word that has entered the most common and informal language, imported from the economic and financial … Read more
  • Recovery Factor in Trading
    What is the recovery factor? The recovery factor is an important indicator of the health of a trading system, which is calculated as the ratio of absolute profit to maximum drawdown. The recovery factor is usually measured in points or percentages. This indicator gives the trader an idea of the … Read more
  • Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
    OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) is an intergovernmental group whose main objective – expressed in resolutions 1 and 2 of Baghdad (09/14/1960) – is to serve as a consultative body for its member countries to coordinate and unify respective oil policies. In other words, OPEC tries to formulate programs … Read more
  • Stagflation – Definition and Effects on the Economy
    Stagflation in a country is the combination of inflation and economic stagnation. This phenomenon unites these two concepts, which when they occur at the same time are devastating for the economy. In other words, stagflation arises when a country’s economy is stagnant, that is, it does not grow and, at … Read more
  • Exchange Rate Risk
    Exchange rate risk is the potential loss as a result of currency fluctuations. This potential loss occurs according to its volatility and position at a given time. It is also known as currency risk. The risk in the exchange rate refers to the possible changes in the price of one … Read more
  • Euro vs dollar (EUR/USD): key concepts to invest in the foreign exchange market with CFDs
    In trading, there are many investment possibilities, one of them is speculation through CFDs in the Forex market, where the Euro vs. Dollar cross (EUR/USD) is one of the most valued now by traders and investors around the world. The euro and the dollar are the most influential currencies in … Read more

Technical Analysis

  • Bull Power and Bear Power Indicators
    The purpose of this article is to provide traders with a detailed explanation of the use of Bears Power and Bulls Power indicators, their calculation and their signals with a step-by-step tutorial. We will also explain how to use these indicators for trading in the financial markets. Bulls Power – … Read more
  • Chande Momentum Oscillator (CMO) – Definition and Signals
    The Chande Momentum Oscillator (CMO) is a price momentum technical indicator invented by Tushar Chande. Chande introduced the indicator in his 1994 book “The New Technical Trader”. This indicator is created by calculating the difference between the sum of all recent gains and the sum of all recent losses in … Read more
  • Money Flow Index Indicator | Overbought and oversold zones
    The Money Flow Index Indicator, or MFI indicator, is a technical indicator used to identify overbought and oversold zones. To understand the importance of this indicator, it is necessary to ask the following question: what moves the markets? The shortest answer maybe supply and demand. If the demand for an … Read more
  • Moving Average Envelopes Indicator
    Envelopes, a trend following indicator Channels moving averages or Envelopes (Moving Average Envelopes) are channels whose lines, upper and lower are calculated as a deviation percentage of a simple moving average or exponential moving average. Each line is at the same percentage above and below the central moving average. This … Read more
  • RSI Signals Indicator for Metatrader 4
    In this article, we present a custom dashboard indicator for Metatrader 4, called RSI Signals, which displays multiple signals from the RSI indicator on different instruments and time frames. It is a free custom indicator where the trader can select the currency pairs and time frames they want to view. … Read more
  • Matching Low Candlestick Pattern – Definition and Guide
    The candlestick pattern Matching Low is a formation of two bearish candles presented in markets with a downward trend. It has moderate reliability and indicates that the price is likely to change from a bearish to a bullish trend. This pattern can be identified as follows: The current market trend is bearish. … Read more

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