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At present, millions of people around the world invest in financial markets and this amount is growing day by day thanks to the many opportunities offered by these markets

Forex, stocks, indexes, commodities, ETFs, and other markets are the places where large and small traders earn and lose large fortunes on a daily basis.

However, trading is not easy. Trading in markets like Forex requires a lot of knowledge, experience, and proper psychology.

In Forexdominion we include abundant educational material about the market, including tutorials about the Forex market, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, trading psychology, and trading strategies.

In the world, there are hundreds of stock, futures, Forex, and CFD brokers. Here we show the best brokers in the Forex and CFD sectors, grouped into lists where we classify them according to their main characteristics. For example, we show the best ECN, STP, Market Makers, and DMA Forex brokers.

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Forex Education

Forex Guide

  • The win rate in Forex
    The win rate is a popular performance indicator used in Forex trading to measure the success of a trading system or strategy. The win rate is the percentage of winning trades compared to the total number of trades executed over a specified period. A high win rate is often considered … Read more
  • Phillips curve, the relationship between unemployment and inflation
    The Phillips curve is a principle of economic theory that establishes an inverse relationship between inflation and unemployment in a country. This is one of the many links established between the economic and monetary perspectives of the economy. In this article, we moved virtually to a class on macroeconomics at … Read more
  • Quantitative Trading – Definition and Concept
    Quantitative trading is a way of trading in financial markets using quantitative metrics that allow analyzing numerical variables. This type of trading uses only that information that can be represented by numbers, in tables or charts, that is, of a quantitative nature. For example, the value of the unemployment rate … Read more
  • What is the Forex spot market?
    The cash market or spot market is one in which both the transaction and the settlement of a transaction coincide on the same date. Although it is considered a spot market when delivery occurs up to a maximum of 2 days later. The most important spot market is the Forex … Read more
  • Why is the dollar the reserve currency?
    The US dollar is the most important reserve currency today mainly due to the legacy of the Bretton Woods system. Throughout the last decade, more than 50% of the total sum of international reserves has been in dollars. For this reason, the US dollar is considered to have reserve currency … Read more
  • History of The Forex Market
      History of the foreign exchange market Money began to be used during the time of the pharaohs, although the Babylonians were the first to use notes and receipts. Since in the Middle East each town had its own currency, foreign currency transactions arose to facilitate commercial exchange between different … Read more

Technical Analysis

  • Bull Power and Bear Power Indicators
    The purpose of this article is to provide traders with a detailed explanation of the use of Bears Power and Bulls Power indicators, their calculation and their signals with a step-by-step tutorial. We will also explain how to use these indicators for trading in the financial markets. Bulls Power – … Read more
  • Chande Momentum Oscillator (CMO) – Definition and Signals
    The Chande Momentum Oscillator (CMO) is a price momentum technical indicator invented by Tushar Chande. Chande introduced the indicator in his 1994 book “The New Technical Trader”. This indicator is created by calculating the difference between the sum of all recent gains and the sum of all recent losses in … Read more
  • Money Flow Index Indicator | Overbought and oversold zones
    The Money Flow Index Indicator, or MFI indicator, is a technical indicator used to identify overbought and oversold zones. To understand the importance of this indicator, it is necessary to ask the following question: what moves the markets? The shortest answer maybe supply and demand. If the demand for an … Read more
  • Moving Average Envelopes Indicator
    Envelopes, a trend following indicator Channels moving averages or Envelopes (Moving Average Envelopes) are channels whose lines, upper and lower are calculated as a deviation percentage of a simple moving average or exponential moving average. Each line is at the same percentage above and below the central moving average. This … Read more
  • RSI Signals Indicator for Metatrader 4
    In this article, we present a custom dashboard indicator for Metatrader 4, called RSI Signals, which displays multiple signals from the RSI indicator on different instruments and time frames. It is a free custom indicator where the trader can select the currency pairs and time frames they want to view. … Read more
  • Matching Low Candlestick Pattern – Definition and Guide
    The candlestick pattern Matching Low is a formation of two bearish candles presented in markets with a downward trend. It has moderate reliability and indicates that the price is likely to change from a bearish to a bullish trend. This pattern can be identified as follows: The current market trend is bearish. … Read more

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