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Agea-Forex Broker Review

Agea is a regulated Forex broker from Europe which is a good option for novice traders because it allows to open a trading account with just 5 USD. This company offers the possibility to trade with Forex, Contracts For Difference, binary options and commodities such as precious metals like gold, platinum and palladium.

Currently this broker offers different options of trading accounts, platforms and trading conditions for both, beginners and experienced traders. For example, Agea has an account with STP trading conditions which is ideal for traders with more requirements and a Cent account which can be useful for traders beginning in the world of Forex.

Type of Broker

Agea (formerly Marketiva) is a Market Maker broker, however it offers a ECN/STP account.


This broker is regulated by Securities Commission of the Republic of Montenegro (SCMN) that fully compliant with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) of Europe.

Country of origin

The headquarters of this broker are located in Republic of Montenegro.

Trading Instruments

The clients of this broker have the possibility to trade with the following instruments:
  • Forex Markets: 20 currency pairs in the spot market including the major pairs such as the EUR/USD and the USD/JPY.
  • Commodities: Gold, silver, platinum and palladium in the spot market.
  • Contracts For Difference: CFDs based on futures contracts of 6 stock indices. including the S&P 500, Dow Jones and FTSE 100 among others.
  • Binary Options: Binary Options Contracts (High / Low) based on 17 currency pairs, including the most important. These contracts have maturities ranging from 1 minute to 1 day.
  • Funds: Agea offers 7 different funds to trade (for educational purposes).

Trading Accounts

Depending on the trading platform selected by the customer, Agea offers the following options trading accounts:

-Trading platform Streamster
  • For traders who select the trading platform Streamster (is the main platform of the company), the broker offers a single type of trading account which does not require a minimum deposit and offers a welcome bonus of $5 without having to make a prior deposit.Through this account, the client can trade with currency pairs, commodities, stock indices, Contracts For Difference and mutual funds. It is an account designed for beginner traders because of the simplicity of this application which ideal for traders with little or no experience in the market. It offers a maximum leverage of 1:100.
-Trading Platform Metatrader 4
For users of this platform, there are 3 types of accounts:
  • Cent Account:  This is an account created for novice traders with little knowledge about the financial markets and who want to trade with the Metatrader 4 platform. It requires a minimum deposit of $10. It offers a leverage from 1:1 to 1:500 with a minimum transaction size of 1000 units (0.01 lots). The balances and transactions are denominated in cents. This account does not charge commissions for transactions.
  • Standard Account: It is a type of trading account designed for traders with more experience in the market. For this reason it requires a minimum deposit of $100. It offers a leverage from 1:1 to 1:200 with a minimum transaction size of 1000 units (0.01 lots). This account does not charge commissions for transactions.
  • STP Accounts:  These are STP (Straight to Process) trading accounts in which the orders are routed directly to the market liquidity providers. This account is designed for experienced traders who require the best conditions for trading, including fast execution of orders, low and variable spreads and the variables and best prices. These accounts require a minimum deposit of $1000 and offer a maximum leverage of 1:100 with a minimum transaction size of 1000 units. In this case the trader must pay a fee of $2 for each traded lot in the Forex market and $10 for each traded lot with commodities in the spot market (gold and silver spot).

Demo Account 

Yes, with no limit of time. 

Trading Platforms

Currently, Agea offers the following trading platforms:
  • Streamster: It is a downloadable trading platform which is very easy to use thanks to its user friendly interface. This application is perfect for novice traders and it offers different features such as position management tools, updated quotes, updated market news, customizable price charts, market analysis indicators based on technical analysis, a live chat for traders and other. Also, it offers the possibility to open new positions from the charts. The main advantage of this platform is that is suitable for any type of user.
  • Metatrader 4: It is one of the most comprehensive and popular trading platforms in the industry due to the multiple trading tools that it offers to the trader. This downloadable application includes many types of functions such as dozens of built-in technical indicators built, advanced graphics with multiple time frames (1 minute to 1 month), real-time quotes and the possibility to receive market news from various sources. It also offers the possibility of using automated trading systems known as Expert Advisors (designed based on the programming language MSQL 4) based on all sorts of strategies to trade in the market.
  • Agea Webtrader: Agea offers a web terminal called Agea Webtrader, which can be accessed from anywhere with Internet access, which allows to open new positions, review open positions and active orders, as well as monitoring the updated quotes from the Internet browser. It has a simple and user-friendly interface, modern price charts, market analysis tools, a live chat that allows to interact with other Agea customers and even a module for binary options trading.
  • Metatrader 5: It's the new version of the Metatrader platform. This application includes several improvements over Metatrader 4, for example built-in technical indicators,, additional time frames for graphics and others. This application will be available shortly.

Trading platform Streamster of Agea

Other options offered by the broker to their clients to access their accounts and operate in the market are the following:

-The clients of Agea also have access to various mobile platforms (based on Metatrader 4), which offer the possibility to access the trading account, monitor open positions and active orders, open new market positions and follow the current market conditions from various mobile devices like the iPhone,smartphones based on Android technology, smartphones based on MS Windows Mobile, devices based on Windows Mobile OS and PDAs.

Payment Options

The client can deposit and withdrawal funds through Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Cards, Skrill, Neteller, E-Dinar, Perfect Money, Payza and other.

Currencies accepted by Agea for deposit of funds are: USD, EUR, GBP, CHF.

Main Advantages of Agea

  • This broker offers regular bonuses for clients that open a trading account and deposit funds, including a welcome bonus.
  • Good costumer service.
  • Free Forex education.
  • Agea offers a very easy to use web based platform called Streamster designed for the company.
  • It is a good option for novice traders thanks to its simple and user friendly trading platform and trading services.
  • A web-based trading platform through which the client have access to all trading instruments of Agea, including binary options.
  • This Forex broker provides services for beginners and experienced traders.
  • Agea offers a very low minimum transaction size (0.0001 lots).
  • It offers several instruments to trade in the market.
  • The trading account can be opened without a minimum deposit.
  • A $5 bonus dollar for novice traders.  No prior deposit is required.
  • Also, Agea offers a trading account with ECN trading conditions which offers access to the main market liquidity providers.
  • Agea offers a trading contest of 1 month each round for demo accounts with a cash prize of $100 for the winner.
  • This broker has implemented an affiliate program which allows to earn money by promoting its services.

Agea Main Promotions

  • This broker offers a free bonus of $5 to each new client who opens a trading account. No deposit is required.

Other categories of this broker

  • Gold Broker.
  • Silver Broker.
  • Platinum Broker.
  • Palladium Broker.
  • CFD Broker.
  • Binary options Broker.
Company Agea Corporation.
Operating since 2005.
Minimum account size There is no minimum account deposit to open an account with this broker.
Minimum lot size The minimum transaction size is 0.001 lots
Maximum Leverage 1:200
Spreads Agea offers variable spreads depending on market conditions from 2 pips for EUR/USD.
Demo account Yes, with no limit of time.
Link to the website Agea Website
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