Bitcoin price falls from 20,000 dollars and challenges its history in the market

At the time of writing this article, bitcoin is trading above $19,100. So far this week, the drop exceeds 27%. What market analysts and investors feared has finally happened: the price of bitcoin broke the level of 20,000 dollars downwards this Saturday, June 18, which also implies the breaking of a historical pattern for the cryptocurrency in the market. During … Read more

Bitcoin price bottom may take months to materialize, says Glassnode

The effective price is $23,340, according to Glassnode. Bitcoin touched the $20,000 band on Monday before returning to $22,000. Amid the collapse of the bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency markets, it is not yet certain that the market has bottomed, Glassnode notes in its latest analysis. The current phase may last between 8 and 24 months before the market really bottoms … Read more

Is Bitcoin a currency or an investment? The answer could depend on your pockets

Bitcoin and gold forecast

The report collected information from 9,500 people around the world. Lower-income people tend to be less optimistic about the future of Bitcoin. The versatility and potential of Bitcoin have allowed it to be seen as a tool for various purposes. Among these, its purpose as an investment instrument stands out as an asset to obtain future profits, and as a … Read more

LUNA 2.0 has arrived: exchanges list the cryptocurrency, but it falls 70%

LUNA2 was priced at almost $20 at launch and is now at $6. Several exchanges have listed the cryptocurrency, enabling withdrawals, deposits, and trading. Do Kwon, the co-founder, and CEO of Terraform Labs, the creator of the Terra (LUNA) cryptocurrency, announced this Saturday the launch of the new Terra 2.0 blockchain, with which they intend to revive the failed LUNA … Read more

Bitcoin fails to exceed the USD 30,000 band, what do the experts predict?

Bitcoin has depreciated 1% every day for the last month, highlights Glassnode. Analysts agree that demand is likely to continue to decline due to current market fundamentals. Bitcoin (BTC) turns ten days today without exceeding the USD 30,000 band, at the same time that its minimum price has been rising, behavior that shows that, although there is demand, it is … Read more

Cardano (ADA): what it is, how it works, prices and charts, current applications

Cardano is the platform on which ADA, a cryptocurrency that can be used to send and receive funds, was developed. It is a smart contract platform, with some characteristics similar to Ethereum (not by chance since its creator, Charles Hoskinson, is one of the co-founders of Ethereum), offering new levels of security and scalability thanks to a multi-layer architecture. It … Read more