Wundebit Trading integrates Deribit to its social trading platform

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Key facts: Wunderbit Trading is integrated to various trading platforms such as: Binance, FTX and ByBit. Wunderbit Exchange allows buy and sell trades with Bitcoin and Ethereum with credit cards and Skrill. The Wunderbit Trading platform is a product of Wunderbit, a Fintech company established and regulated in Estonia. This company makes cryptocurrency trading an [...]

PayPal Seeks Blockchain Engineer Amid Rumors of Its Cryptocurrency Adoption

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PayPal included blockchain in the Strategic Technology Enabling office. According to anonymous sources, PayPal will offer cryptocurrency trading in the short term. The company PayPal Inc. is looking for an engineer for its blockchain research group, which is part of the Strategic Technology Enabling office. This search coincides with the rumors that this company is [...]

North Korean connection: in the footsteps of major crypto thefts

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Authorities trace the theft and laundering of cryptocurrencies related to North Korea. The OXT firm performs an analysis of the transactions involved and reveals the laundering methods. A new report delves into the methods used by hackers affiliated with North Korea to launder stolen cryptocurrencies from their victims, primarily from crypto exchanges. Based on the [...]

95% of bitcoin trading volume is concentrated in 4 exchanges

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Tether dominates among stablecoins in terms of bitcoin trading volume. Coinbase remains the leading cryptocurrency exchange for bitcoin in terms of trading volume. On June 2 Coin Metrics released a report explaining various relevant facts about bitcoin market volumes. Given the growing institutional interest in bitcoin, Coin Metrics decided to study the subject from the [...]

Hackers Demand Cryptocurrencies Not to Reveal Secrets of Donald Trump

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A group of hackers are demanding $42 million in cryptocurrencies or else they will publish sensitive information about the President of the United States, Donald Trump. The group of hackers known as REvil ransomware stole 1 terabyte in legal secrets from figures in the entertainment industry and has already given some details of their material [...]

Visa applies for patent for a digital currency based on the Ethereum blockchain

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The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) released a patent application that Visa filed to create a digital currency. The system is described as a method to digitize fiat currencies issued by central banks, through a central computer and with blockchain technology. The Visa application was originally submitted on November 8, 2018. However, it [...]

Bitcoin fell more than USD 2000 in one day: why is it so volatile?

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The cryptocurrency can only become an accepted form of payment if its volatility stabilizes, but that depends on a constant conviction that it represents the future of the money The volatility of Bitcoin frightens many potential users of the cryptocurrency. This is due to the close relationship between volatility and risk: the higher the level [...]

Expiration of Bitcoin CME futures generate volatility in the markets

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In past periods, the maturity of Bitcoin CME futures resulted in price movements CME recorded record volumes in the month of May, moving more than 33,000 contracts. On Friday, May 24, some 2,710 contracts expired for the equivalent of 13,500 bitcoins settled by the CME. The maturity of these futures contracts increased the volatility of [...]

Bakkt Bitcoin futures platform will start testing in July

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The company will offer different types of future contracts in July. A go-ahead from customers and regulators could speed up its launch. The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) subsidiary, Bakkt, is still in the process of developing its futures platform aimed at institutional capital. Through a post on Medium, the company announced on Monday May 13 the [...]

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