Best cTrader Forex Brokers 2022

The best cTrader Forex brokers

List of Forex Brokers Offering cTrader ECN Platform

There is a large number of online trading platforms on the market, among them we will find cTrader. This trading platform has been developed by the company Spotware Systems Ltd. The following is a list of recommended cTrader Forex brokers which offer ECN trading conditions.

cTrader is a trading platform developed to trade in the Forex market and with other instruments such as Contracts For Difference (CFD) and precious metals. It is a system designed with the latest technology which provides full STP access to the currency markets. cTrader was created for both professional traders and novice traders who have little knowledge and experience in the use of electronic trading platforms. Currently its use is spreading rapidly and the number of brokers and traders who use this application is increasing due to its features, functionality and technology.

The online brokers that operate with this platform offer their users the possibility of executing trading orders almost instantly. It is a platform designed to trade in Forex ECN environments, so it is used by the main Forex ECN/STP brokers.

Below is a list of the best ECN/STP brokers with cTrader.

BrokerBroker TypeRegulationMinimum DepositBroker Review
Forex broker OctaFX

What are the best cTrader brokers?

cTrader is the trading platform developed by the company Spotware Systems Ltd. and was designed to offer instant order execution and is used to trade with Non Dealing Desk online brokers, that is, those brokers with ECN/STP execution (Electronic Communication Networks). The main feature of this type of brokers is that they do not become the counterpart of the clients transactions, so that the orders placed by the trader connected to the market are directed electronically to other financial institutions that act as liquidity providers that offer the best buy and sell prices available according to the moment and the market conditions.

CTrader systems are designed to route all transactions using STP network, allowing the trader to trade directly with major global banks. This in turn allows the trader to make their trades quietly and free from the regular inefficiencies of traditional Market Makers models, so that their transactions are executed directly and quickly in an environment of transparent negotiation.

Thanks to this, the intervention through a Dealing Desk is almost impossible, ensuring that trading conditions for the trader are fair and appropriate, so that he or she can conduct their transactions with greater security and tranquility.

cTrader offers a wide range of functionalities and tools to analyze the market as powerful price charts (with 14 selectable time frames), technical analysis indicators (including the creation of personalized indicators), etc. In addition, cTrader has a comfortable interface, which is very complete and fully customizable, with trade management tools. The platform is complete and adaptable to any trading strategy, including scalping. cTrader is an application created for both beginner traders and those who already have the knowledge and experience in the markets. Functionality and technology are the two characteristics that best define cTrader. For this reason more and more Forex brokers offer cTrader among their trading platforms

This trading platform allows traders to work with different trading accounts, also denominated in different currencies. In addition, it offers a large number of additional functions, such as the possibility of making screenshots of price charts and sharing them on social networks, as well as in a blog. cTrader also offers market depth data, that is, the range of executable prices used by liquidity providers.

Without a doubt, one of the main features of this platform is that it is focused on the orders execution. With cTrader you can place trading orders in the market in a shorter time (almost instantaneously), since a minimum latency period is guaranteed. Orders are completed in milliseconds: useful to prevent slippage.

After having tested and analyzed several online brokers, in the previous table you can find the ones we consider most recommended and that offer cTrader as a trading platform.