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500Affiliates Review

500Affiliates is an affiliate program created by the CFD  broker Plus500 as a strategy to gain new customers through affiliates who promote the company using different marketing tools that are offered by the same program.

This affiliate program offers a CPA payment plan, one of the highest in the sector, through which we can earn up to USD 800 per referred trader. In this case, the payment depends on the number of clients referred and the geographical region to which the trader belongs. Thanks to this, 500Affiliates is a good option to monetize blogs, websites, and forums related to financial markets and trading in general, especially with Contracts for Difference.

The affiliation to this affiliate program is completely free as the use of the marketing tools it offers to its affiliates. In fact, the affiliate does not require to have a trading account with Plus500. The various promotional tools can be used according to the judgment and discretion of the affiliates, provided they do not violate any regulations of the company, including those relating to spam for example.

One of its greatest advantages is that it offers promotional material to promote the services of this broker among potential customers in practically all geographical areas and in multiple languages.

Promotional tools of 500Affiliates

500Affiliates offers a wide variety of marketing tools that facilitates the promotion of 500Plus broker and the acquisition of new customers for this company. Among the most important promotional tools we can mention the following:
  • Dozens of banners of various types (gif and flash) and all sizes in several languages, including English and Spanish. The affiliates can use these banners to drive traffic to any important page of the Plus500 website that they want. For this reason, these banners are an excellent promotion tool.
  • Text ads that can be used in promotional campaigns on search engines like Google (Google AdWords) and Yahoo for example.
  • Destination links can be used to direct potential customers referred by the affiliate to specific pages of the broker`s website that detail different services offered by Plus500. In this case, 500Affiliates allows adding the desired text to the link and labels(tags) that describe the content of the link. Also, the affiliate can select the specific destination on the website of Plus500.
  • At this point, the affiliate must be aware that none of these tools can be used to send spam (unwanted and invasive advertising) which is strictly and specifically forbidden by this affiliate program.

Sub affiliate program of 500Affiliates

Also, 500Affiliates  includes the possibility to increase the profits of the affiliate by recommending this affiliate program to other entrepreneurs who are interested in making money by promoting a Forex broker such as Plus500. Through its sub-affiliate program, 500Affiliates allows its affiliates to obtain up to 10% of their sub affiliates’ earnings produced each month. In summary, this affiliate program offers the following opportunities:
  1. Make money promoting the services of the broker Plus500.
  2. Make money promoting the same program 500Affiliates.

Summary of general characteristics of 500Affiliates

Below are the main characteristics of 500Affiliates Forex affiliate program:
Program 500Affiliates
Year of establishment
Promoted Broker
Plus 500
User Panel to control the account
Updated and comprehensive reporting of statistics (traffic, referred accounts, money earned, etc)
Payment Plans
-CPA: It offers a variable amount from $200 to $800 depending on the number of referred clients.
Sub affiliate Program
Yes, it pays 10% of the profits obtained by the sub-affiliates.
Payment Methods
-Bank wire transfer
Minimum Payment
English and Spanish. However, it offers promotional tools in other languages.
Additional Notes
This program offers multiple promotion tools in a variety of languages, which allows us to cover a greater number of markets. In addition, the amount of commissions is quite attractive, higher than other affiliate programs.

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