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The main objective of Forex Dominion is to educate all those interested in Forex trading about the most important aspects to succeed in investing in the currency markets. Undoubtedly, the Forex market offers excellent opportunities to obtain high incomes in a short time, but it also entails significant risks that must be taken into account. Therefore, it is essential to have deep knowledge about the markets, especially about the currency pairs in which we trade, in order to have a clear picture of what we can or can not expect.  Many people get carried away by the promises to earn a lot of money in a short time, which are mainly used by brokers and other related companies that seek to attract new customers eager to invest. However, the reality is that many people who open a trading account in a broker specializing in Forex trading end up losing their money in a short time because they believe that everything comes down to buying and selling when the reality is something more complex. 

The fact is that like in any other occupation in life, trading requires study, practice, and patience. It’s not just about opening an account and becoming a millionaire overnight. The most successful traders, usually are studious people who are dedicated to learning everything related to what is for them, their modus vivendi. They are people who study the market, know it deeply, and master all aspects that can influence their chances of success. Some even spent months and even years learning about the market before risking their money without further consideration.

Therefore, it is clear to the naked eye that education in trading is basic if we want to have any chance of success as traders, whatever the market in which we are trading, be it the Forex or the stock market for example. For example, we can have the best trading system, but if we do not have the right psychology or a good money management plan, in the long term we will end up failing.

The lack of education of many beginning traders is evidenced by the simple fact that most traders do not know that a money management plan is essential if you want to stay alive in the market.  In fact, a good trading strategy without a good money management plan is less likely to succeed than a regular trading strategy without a sound money management plan. It’s that simple!

Therefore, much of the educational content of this site focuses on basic aspects related to trading, mainly the following:

Technical Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Forex Systems

Forex Analysis Tools