Tutorial on the currency markets

A complete guide for Forex traders

The Forex currency market is the largest financial market worldwide. It exceeds the other markets by a high margin, since it has a global reach and a huge number of participants, including financial banks, institutional investors and large and small speculators from all over the world. The Forex market offers multiple opportunities to investors and speculators who seek to obtain profits with the movements of currency prices. However, trading in the forex market requires knowledge and preparation. Unlike other forms of investment, traders can lose all their capital in a short time, if not careful.

For this reason, before considering the idea of ​​opening an account with a Forex broker, start trading in this market and risk real money, it is essential that the investor prepares and acquires the necessary knowledge to have the best chance of success. Due to this, in Forexdominion we elaborate a guide where we include the most important topics that must dominate or at least know every trader  that has an interest in starting his career investing in the Forex market.

Forex Market Tutorial

  • Harami Bullish Cross pattern

Bullish Harami Cross Candlestick Pattern


Definition and identification The candlestick formation Bullish Harami Cross is a trend reversal pattern that occurs in bearish markets, and indicates that there is a probability that a change from bearish to bullish trend will occurs. This pattern has a moderate reliability [...]

Binary Options on Currencies


In recent years, in the community of financial markets many traders of all types (large and small) have chosen to trade with currency pairs in the Forex market for various reasons. Part of the appeal of trade in the Forex [...]

  • K-shaped economy recovery

What is a K-shaped economic recovery?


The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic brought an unprecedented slowdown to the world economy. Now, economists wonder what kind of economic recovery awaits us. With COVID-19 spreading around the world and much of the world’s population confined, the economy stopped, [...]

  • Forex economic calendar

Useful Forex Trading Tools


Experience is a guarantee of successful trading outcomes. Though when you are just starting, or want to understand the peculiarities of the market and exercise all possible resources for your improvement, you need to pay attention to trading tools which [...]