Forex Guide for Beginners

Tutorial on the currency markets

A complete guide for Forex traders

The Forex currency market is the largest financial market worldwide. It exceeds the other markets by a high margin since it has a global reach and a huge number of participants, including financial banks, institutional investors, and large and small speculators from all over the world. The Forex market offers multiple opportunities to investors and speculators who seek to obtain profits with the movements of currency prices. However, trading in the forex market requires knowledge and preparation. Unlike other forms of investment, traders can lose all their capital in a short time, if not careful.

For this reason, before considering the idea of ​​opening an account with a Forex broker, starting trading in this market, and risking real money, it is essential that the investor prepares and acquires the necessary knowledge to have the best chance of success. Due to this, in Forexdominion we elaborate a guide where we include the most important topics that must dominate or at least know every trader that has an interest in starting his career investing in the Forex market.

Forex Market Tutorial

Forex trading can be a lucrative and exciting venture for beginners, but it’s essential to understand the market and its mechanics before starting. By following a Forex guide for beginners, new traders can learn the basic concepts of Forex trading, such as currency pairs, pips, and leverage. They can also learn how to use various trading tools, such as charts and indicators, and how to manage risk effectively. It’s important for beginners to start with a demo account and practice their trading strategies before investing real money. By approaching Forex trading with patience, discipline, and a willingness to learn, beginners can set themselves up for success in the Forex market.

buy limit order

What are pending orders?

Pending orders are instructions given by traders to their brokers or trading platforms to buy or sell an asset at a specific price in the future. These orders are also known as limit orders or stop orders and allow traders to set up trades ahead of time, even when they are not actively monitoring the market. Pending orders are useful … Read more

What is the Forex spot market?

The cash market or spot market is one in which both the transaction and the settlement of a transaction coincide on the same date. Although it is considered a spot market when delivery occurs up to a maximum of 2 days later. The most important spot market is the Forex spot. In spot markets, transactions are usually settled within a … Read more

History of The Forex Market

  History of the foreign exchange market Money began to be used during the time of the pharaohs, although the Babylonians were the first to use notes and receipts. Since in the Middle East each town had its own currency, foreign currency transactions arose to facilitate commercial exchange between different individuals, regions, and towns. During the Middle Ages, merchants found … Read more

Exchange Rate Risk

Exchange rate risk is the potential loss as a result of currency fluctuations. This potential loss occurs according to its volatility and position at a given time. It is also known as currency risk. The risk in the exchange rate refers to the possible changes in the price of one currency against another. So, depending on the position we have, … Read more

RoboForex Demo Account – Tutorial For Beginners

Description of RoboForex broker demo accounts. In this article we describe how they work, what their advantages are and how to open one. One of the essential tools that every investor should use at the beginning of their career as a trader is the demo account offered by most online brokers, a type of account that will allow you to … Read more
EURUSD Currency pair

Euro vs dollar (EUR/USD): key concepts to invest in the foreign exchange market with CFDs

In trading, there are many investment possibilities, one of them is speculation through CFDs in the Forex market, where the Euro vs. Dollar cross (EUR/USD) is one of the most valued now by traders and investors around the world. The euro and the dollar are the most influential currencies in the market since they correspond to two great economic powers … Read more
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