Forex Masters Contest from Deltastock

The Forex broker Deltastock has recently launched a new trading contest for demo accounts called Forex Masters which has a total prize fund of 16,800 euros that will be distributed among the winners. The contest awards will be distributed as follows:
  • First place: 1500 euros.
  • Second place: 800 euros.
  • Third Place: 500 euros.

Competition Period: This trading competition of the Deltastock broker has ended.

The winners will be those traders who accumulate the greatest gains during the contest period. This is one of the few trading competitions that do not require additional conditions or trading volumes to award prizes. Each month, over a period of six months, traders with a demo account with Deltastock are eligible to compete for a prize fund of 2800 euros to be distributed as explained above.

As a demo account competition, the participation is free and the company will no require at any time that the participants make some payment for their participation.

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