What is ForexDominion?

Forex Dominion is a website dedicated to those people who are interested in the financial markets like the Forex Market for example. Certainly, financial markets are a potential source of almost unlimited profits (for those who knows how to invest in them) so they have attracted the attention of investors large and small who want to increase their incomes significantly.Because of this, trading in financial markets is not only a playground for big companies anymore. In fact, every day increases the number of individual investors who invest in instruments such as Forex, stocks, Futures, bonds and many other financial derivatives in general.

Here, we will discuss about the most important aspects related to financial markets, so both, the novice and the experienced investor can find all the information they need to successfully invest in the market. Thanks to new technological innovations such as the Internet, the doors of Forex and other markets have been opened to millions of people around the world. As a result, anyone with some money and knowledge can trade in the markets regardless of what country is he. In fact, invest in the markets is so easy that many people do it without proper preparation and end up wasting a large amount of money. This is due basically to two reasons:

  • The investor is not prepared properly, so he does not really know how to trade in the financial markets.
  • The investor did not investigate in depth the many options that exist today to invest in the market so probably choose the worst (like a bad Forex broker for example).

For these reasons, this site provides the information necessary for a novice trader to start investing with more confidence. In summary, this website provides updated information on:

  • The financial markets in general.
  • Investment instruments in financial markets.
  • Forex Brokers.
  • Forex autotrading.
  • Education on financial markets.
  • Others.

Thus, this site aims to cover all basic aspects that every investor should know to trade successfully in the market. Specifically, the topics covered in Forex Dominion are the following:

  Forex Dominion Main Subjets

Financial Markets

Description of the most important global financial markets including the foreign exchange market or Forex. This section shows the main characteristics of these markets as investment and speculation options for investors of all types. In addition to the Forex market, other markets and instruments are described such as stocks, commodities, futures, options and other.

Trading Techniques

This section includes a list of various trading techniques developed by experienced Forex traders. In most cases these strategies are based on technical analysis indicators, however we will try to include some strategies based on fundamental analysis because a lot of traders prefers this approach. In some cases, this trading techniques can be used to trade with other instruments.

Each strategy includes a complete description.

Forex Brokers

Complete description of the concept of Forex broker as intermediaries between the market and traders. This description includes the main types of Forex brokers with their main features. This section includes a list with the main companies which offer their services as brokers in the Forex market.

Forex autotrading

The main Forex automated trading options for traders interested in this way to invest in the foreign exchange market. In this case, we describe different options such as PAMM Accounts (managed accounts), autotrading platforms, Forex autotrading based on human traders and other.

Forex Signals

List of companies and brokers that offer a Forex signal service for their clients. This list includes a complete review of the services of each company and the list of instruments for which this companies offer trading signals.

Binary Options Trading

Complete description of binary options as a financial derivative which allows to trade on the basis of various financial assets such as currency pairs for example. This section includes a complete list of binary options brokers with their main features (for each broker there is a review.)

Forex Brokers Regulation

Description of the main financial regulatory agencies that regulate the most important Forex brokers. In this case, we include a list of Forex brokers registered and regulated for each of these state agencies.

Forex Education

The most important topics and concepts of Forex trading that each trader should know to have a clear view of the market and trade with greater chances of success. This Forex education section includes topics such as technical analysis, trading phycology, fundamental analysis and other.

Forex Articles

List of articles related to different aspects of the Forex market and trading in general. In these articles we talk about all kinds of topics from different tools to analyze the market to trader´s psychology.

Metatrader 4 and related resourses

General description of Metatrader 4, the main trading platform in the Forex market. In this case we include a list of Forex broker which offer Metatrader 4 among their trading platforms. Also, this section includes different Metatrader 4 resources such as expert advisors and custom indicators.

Forex Resources

In Forex Dominion we offer different Forex resources for the trader such as free expert advisors and custom indicators for Metatrader 4, free Forex trading ebooks and a list of interesting paid books related to the Forex market and trading in general. 

Free Forex Analysis Tools

This site includes different free market analysis tools like live currency rates, economic calendar, Forex charts with analysis tools, pivot point calculator, Fibonacci levels calculator, currency pairs volatility and other.