Karl Dittman indicators for Metatrader

In this article, we present five new indicators for Metatrader 4 designed by a famous and expert trader in the Forex market named Karl Dittman. These indicators are ​​available to any trader and can be used at their discretion. For each indicator we include a brief explanation and image showing how they look. At the end of this article, we include a link through which these indicators can be downloaded.

The indicators are:
  1. BrainTrend
  2. Gmacd
  3. ATR Levels
  4. Breakout indicator
  5. Trendlines indicator


It is an indicator designed to show the prevailing trend at any given time. When the market is bullish the candles acquire a blue color, when the trend is bearish the candles are red and when the market is in an area of ​​consolidation without a trend the coloration is green.
EUR/USD H1 price chart with BrainTrend Indicator. MT4 platform of ICMarkets Broker

This indicator displays a visual representation of the MACD indicator in multiple time frames and includes signs that show when the market is in an uptrend, a downtrend or a congestion zone (a market with no clear trend).



ATR Levels

This indicator draws horizontal levels based on the ATR indicator that act as support lines 1 and 2  and resistance lines 1 and 2. Its greatest usefulness is focused on trading strategies based on breakouts.

Breakout Indicator

As its name implies, is an indicator designed to show significant breakouts in areas where the price is trapped (zones without a clear trend). When these breakouts occur, the movements in the direction of the rupture are usually quite strong and therefore they offer interesting trading opportunities to obtain a good profit from the market.

Trendlines Indicator

This indicator draws trendlines on the charts. In this way, the trader can identify easily the current trends that dominate the market.

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5 free indicators from Karl Dittman

You can download this indicator for Metatrader 4  at no cost using the following link:


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