Candlestick Pattern Matching Lows

The candlestick pattern Matching Lows is a formation of two bearish candles presented in markets with a downward trend. It has a moderate reliability and indicates that the price is likely to change from bearish to bullish trend. This pattern can be identified as follows:

  • The current market trend is bearish.
  • During the first period a big black candle is formed.
  • In the second period there is a shorter black candle which has a close that is equal or almost equal to the close of the first candle.

Bearish Deliberation Candlestick Pattern

The candlestick pattern Deliberation Bearish is a trend reversal formation of 3 candles which occurs in uptrends and indicates that there is a probability of a change to a bearish trend. This pattern has an average level of reliability and can be identified as follows:
  • This formation is presented in uptrends.
  • In the first two periods white candles are formed with long real bodies. In the second period, the closing price is higher than the closing price of the first period.
  • The opening of the third candle occurs near the end of the second candle.
  • In the third period we can see a candle with a small real body, usually a shooting star or a spinning top which opens with a gap on the previous candle.

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Candlestick Pattern Abandoned Baby Bullish – Definition and Interpretation

The candlestick pattern Abandoned Baby Bullish is a trend change formation of high reliability which is generated in bearish markets and indicates that there is a high probability that a change occurs from bearish to bullish trend. This formation can be identified as follows:

  • The current trend in the market should be bearish.
  • A large black candle which is followed by a Doji candle whose maximum occurs below the low of the previous black candle.
  • Between these candlesticks there is a gap whichs is known as “falling window”. During the next period a large white candle above the Doji is formed with an upward gap (rising window). This white candle penetrates deeply and closes within the larger black candlestick.

The Candlestick Price Charts

Candlestick Charts – Offering Best Information about Forex Trading!

All traders in all financial markets continuously seek for proper tools to analyze the behaviour of the price of the financial assets in order to determine its direction and the right moment to open a position.  Well, there are numbers of solution available through which people can get the right option for their market trading. One of the best solutions is the candlestick chart which is a special type of bar-chart  through which investors can get more information about the price behaviour of any financial  instrument like stocks, currency pairs or derivative for example.

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