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Personal Income and Consumption Index Indicator

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General definition The Personal Income and Consumption Index is a report from United States that includes both personal income and consumption expenditures from all sources. This is a monthly figure, which always refers to the two previous months in which the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the Department of Commerce discloses the report. In this case, the personal income [...]

Economic recession – Definition and Concept

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A recession is a decrease in economic activity over a period of time. Officially, a recession is considered to exist when the GDP variation rate is negative for two consecutive quarters. It is also known as a period of economic contraction. The economic recession is the phase of the economic cycle in which economic activity [...]

Monetary Policy – Definition and Types

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Monetary policy is the discipline of economic policy that controls monetary factors to ensure price stability and economic growth. It brings together all the actions that the monetary authorities (central banks) have to adjust the money market. Through monetary policy, central banks direct the economy to achieve specific macroeconomic objectives. To do this they use [...]

Main Economic Indicators for the Economy of Europe and the Euro (EUR)

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The fundamental indicators shown below are of high importance for the euro, however, since the EMU (Economic and Monetary Union, the countries within the European Union which share a common market and a single currency, the euro) is composed of 17 countries, it is essential to be aware of major political and economic events of [...]

Long-Term Prediction Models of Exchange Rates in the Forex market

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In this article we will examine the different models used in fundamental analysis to predict changes in currency prices which are used by analysts of the most important investment banks. These models may be of interest to all traders who want to increase their knowledge regarding fundamental analysis applied to the Forex market. Currently there are seven [...]