Demo Trading Contest of the Broker RoboForex


The Forex and CFD broker RoboForex, has implemented a trading contest for demo accounts with cash prizes for the winners. This competition of 1 month rewards the traders who obtain the higher incomes upon completion of each round. Therefore, it is a good opportunity for beginners and experienced traders who wish to evaluate their trading strategies without risking capital in the process, and both are interested in earning real money.

This contest has an annual award fund of 39,000 USD.

Tournament Period: This contest has ended. Currently RoboForex no longer organizes this trading tournament.

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RoboForex Contest Rules

  • Each round of this contest lasts a month. The participants can trade with virtual funds of $100000 and maximum leverage of 1:100.
  • The monthly prize fund to be divided among the winners is $ 3000.
  • According to annual results, the three participants with the best performance can get additional prizes of $1500, $1000, and $500 respectively.
  • The prize money is transferred to a real trading account opened for the winners, allowing them to use it to trade in the market or can be retired through any of the methods employed by RoboForex as bank wire transfer or Moneybookers for example. This contest has no “hidden” or “special” conditions for the withdrawal of this prize. The winners have the right to do what they want with that money.
  • The monthly prize fund is divided among the 10 participants who accumulate a higher amount of profit.
  • For members of the RoboForex affiliate program, this contest also offers an opportunity. If an affiliate refers a trader who enters the contest and wins, he/she gets a 30% of the amount obtained by the contestant.
The prizes offered by the competition are:
  • First place: 700 USD.
  • Second place: 550 USD.
  • Third place: 420 USD.
  • Fourth place: 350 USD.
  • Fifth place: 290 USD.
  • Sixth place: 240 USD.
  • Seventh place: 180 USD.
  • Eighth place: 130 USD.
  • Ninth place: 90 USD.
  • Tenth Place: 50 USD.

If you are interested in participating in this trading contest for free, you can register through the following link:

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