Metatrader 4 (MQL4) Programming Service – Robots(EA)/Indicators/Scripts

MT4 programming service of ForexDominion

Are you interested in automating your trading strategies or creating custom technical indicators based on your own ideas? Through our programming service for Metatrader 4, we can help you develop tools that will allow you to get the best results from your best methodologies to analyze the markets and trade.

We have knowledge and experience in developing programs based on the Metaquotes MQL4 language, one of the most popular in the retail trading sector for creating EAs.

MQL4 is designed to automate common trading processes such as creating entry and exit alerts based on trend indicators (such as moving average crossovers), oscillators, Japanese candlesticks (price action), volume, and others, in various trading time frames. Through MQL4, the Metatrader 4 platform can automate entry and exit orders based on pre-programmed rules (automated trading).

The service includes two parts:

  • Contact via email, Skype or Whatsapp where the project requirements, costs, and other similar aspects will be discussed.
  • Development of the Expert Advisor or custom indicator (prior agreement) based on the conditions discussed above.

Note: We do not create any trading strategies. Our service focuses on the programming of the strategy provided by the client, which must include used indicators, entry and exit conditions, stop loss, etc. Whether the trading robot is profitable will depend on the strategy provided by the client.

According to the requirements provided by the client, each EA will contain the following:

  • Criteria for opening and closing positions.
  • Use of configurable stop loss and take profit targets.
  • Modification of parameters settings of indicators used in the EA.
  • Use of dynamic stop loss (trailing stops).
  • Risk management based on different criteria (assumed risk, fixed lot size, others). For example, dynamic lot-sizing based on the stop loss on each trade.
  • Trading hours of the EA to indicate in which periods it should be active.

As for custom indicators, if you have any new ideas to create your own indicators, such as a combination of 2 oscillators, a new moving average, combinations of indicators of different types, price pattern detectors, or important price levels, we also have the knowledge to develop the indicator for you.

For example, if you want to create an indicator that displays a dashboard on the chart with weekly or daily high/low information, as well as data from major moving averages or other technical indicators on different time frames, we can do that for you at a good price. and in a short time.

Fill in the following form requesting information and we will contact you as soon as possible to start working on your project:

You can also contact us through the following means:


-Skype: rcascta

-ForexDominion contact form.

Cost of service

The cost of the service depends on the characteristics of the EA or custom indicator that you want to develop and the extension and complexity of the project.

  • Custom indicators: Minimum cost of 150 USD
  • Expert Advisors: Minimum cost of 150 USD

Payment methods

We accept the following means of payment for our services:

  • PayPal.
  • Skrill.
  • Neteller.
  • Airtm.
  • Bitcoin.
  • Ethereum.

Examples of our work

ALMA Indicator for Metatrader 4

The following is a technical indicator that we developed for a trend following Expert Advisor that we have been working on. This indicator plots an Arnaud Legoux ALMA Moving Average, which uses a more complex calculation formula than traditional moving averages like the SMA and EMA.

The ALMA moving average is a linear filter whose coefficients are determined by a Gaussian distribution. These coefficients serve to provide different weights to the price data used in their calculation and are used to obtain a line that smoothes the price action and at the same time follows the market oscillations, but without being as reactive as other moving averages, in such a way that it generates fewer false signals.

The following image shows the developed ALMA Indicator For MT4:

ALMA moving average

You can download this indicator and its source code through the following link: ALMA Indicator for Metatrader 4

KAMA Moving Average Trading System EA

The following trading robot is based on the well-known KAMA adaptive moving average which closely follows market trends and shows little activity in ranging markets, unlike other moving averages. It is a simple EA that was designed for illustrative purposes only. It only has entry and exit rules and a simple stop loss and take profit. It has no money management or any trade management rules.

Therefore, we do not recommend its use for real money trading.

It was created to execute medium to long term trades in the following time frames: 1 hour and 4 hours. It can also be tested on other time frames.

However, before testing it on other time frames like M30 or D1, or shorter ones like M15 and M5, it is important to run the corresponding backtests.

You can download this expert advisor and its source code through the following link: KAMAEA trading robot for Metatrader 4