Mirror Trading Platform MyFXbook Autotrade of ICMarkets

ICMarkets is an ECN Forex broker in Australia that has a license from ASIC, the regulator of financial services in that nation. This company offers ECN trading conditions with variable and low spreads, fast execution of orders, and 0 requotes. Its  Metatrader 4 platform is connected with its main liquidity providers, which allows the trader to trade with low spreads that can reach even the 0.0 pips.

Among its additional services, ICMarkets offers its customers the ability to connect their trading accounts with the Mirror Trading Platform Myfbook Autotrade, one of the most complete and used in the sector. This service allows the trader to copy all transactions generated by any trading system selected. Each copied trade is executed directly on the MT4 account of ICMarkets using the capital deposited by the trader. Among the advantages of Myfbook Autotrade, we emphasize that the trader does not have to install any complex software or pay any commission based on trading volume. The process is very simple and involves connecting the trading account with Myfxbook and selecting the system or signal provider you want to follow.

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Main advantages of Mirror Trading System of Myfxbook Autotrade

  • Only the best trading systems are selected to copy their trades: Myfxbook shows only winners systems that are profitable for the trader. It is not necessary that the trader search through thousands of systems and invest countless hours analyzing system after system to find a suitable one capable of generating profits as all trading systems are chosen directly by experts of Myfxbook.
  • Only real accounts are used as signal providers: Traders with demo accounts can not become signal providers, which means that the investor is assured that the trader’s money is also at risk and therefore should be handled with care.
  • No volume-based incentives: Myfxbook is not offering volume-based incentive signals to its trading signal providers, ensuring that the creator of the system will not trade in the market with another incentive other than making profitable trades.
  • Accurate and constantly updated statistics: The system displays updated and accurate statistics for all trading systems. Thus, the investor is assured that he or she will choose the system that has the best features according to their needs and investment incentives.
  • Total Control: The inverter can add or remove any trading system at any time, giving you total control of your account.
  • Transparent Fees: No hidden fees, all fees and services are transparent.

MyFXBook autotrade of ICMarkets


How to open a Myfxbook Autotrade account with ICMarkets?

To open a Myfxbook Autotrade account in ICMarkets the investor has to complete just two quick and easy steps, which takes a few minutes.

Step 1 – Open an account with ICMarkets

Open an account with the broker ICMarkets on the website of the company. This process only requires filling out a simple form with basic data of the customer. The opening and account activation takes less than 1 day. However, to access all the services of the broker, the trader must send copies of documents to verify identity and place of residence.

In the User Panel, the customer must select “Open a New Live Account“. Once the account has been opened, it is necessary that the client connect this account with Myfxbook Autotrade, for which you must select the option “Lodge a Support Ticket” menu, type “Myfxbook Autotrade” in the header of the message window that appears and the account number in the message body. Finally, the customer must click “Submit“.

Step 2 – Connect the trading account with Myfxbook Autotrade

The final step is to connect the ICMarkets trading account with Myfxbook Autotrade. This is done on the client User Panel. The customer must complete a form that must indicate the name, account number, the trading platform (Metatrader or cTrader), and passwords (Master Key and Key Investor).

Once the trading account and the system of Myfxbook are connected, the investor can choose the trading systems that are interested to follow and copy and activate the copy and execution of signals once the required funds are deposited (minimum capital required in the account $1000).

If you are interested in more information about the mirror trading service of ICMarkets and open a Myfxbook Autotrade account, please access the company website through the following link:

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