PAMM managed accounts of Markets4you

The PAMM accounts (Percentage Allocation Money Management) of the broker Markets4you are managed accounts which allow investors with little or no experience in the Forex market to connect with successful traders with extensive experience in this financial market, so that these investors can exploit the knowledge of these traders to profit regularly. Meanwhile, traders can offer a service as managers of these accounts and generate profits for the investors and for themselves.

For both investors and traders PAMM accounts offer many benefits which are discussed below:

Thus, PAMM accounts are a very interesting investment option, especially for people who want to take advantage of the enormous potential of the Forex market to make a profit,  but lack of knowledge and/or the time to analyze market conditions and trading on their own.


The general way in which this system operates is as follows:
First, the traders open a PAMM account as account managers using their own money as initial capital. Investors interested in investing in the Forex market through one of these accounts, open a PAMM account and choose the manager who in their opinion has the best performance and offers the best potential to generate income. This allows the account manager to trade in the market with a combined capital formed by his own money and the investors money who selected him as manager of their funds. At the end of each week, the profits obtained by the account manager are split between the trader (plus an additional percentage as payment for the services) and investors depending on the amount of money deposited in the account by each one.
The PAMM system of this broker handles all investments and transfers between investors and traders automatically and ensures complete reliability , security and transparency in all activities within the system. Thanks to this, the procedure to open an account and invest funds in the Forex market is very simple and fast.



Benefits for traders

  • These accounts allows to increase the total amount of capital that can be used by the account manager to trade in the market.
  • Reduced leverage requirements and therefore the risk level in all traders is reduced.
  • These accounts allow to attract an unlimited number of investors with their capital.
  • Income is paid automatically each week.
The following application shows a list of the more successful and profitable PAMM account managers:

Benefits for investors

  • These accounts allow to earn money in the Forex market without the direct intervention of the investor as all trades are performed by the account manager.
  • Funds are committed to successful traders chosen by the same investor.
  • PAMM accounts provide an opportunity to diversify investments and reduce the risk associated with investment as they let to select more than one trader to manage the funds. In this way, the investor can choose different trading styles.

General characteristics of PAMM accounts of Markets4you

  • Minimum to open a PAMM account (trader): $ 100
  • Spreads: fixed spreads from 2 pips for major currency pairs.
  • Leverage: from 1:10 to 1:500.
  • Execution type: Instant.
  • Minimum transaction size: 0.01 lots.
  • Maximum transaction size: 10 lots
  • Minimum capital requirement (for the investor): Defined by the manager.
  • Maximum number of managers who can select the inverter: No limit.
  • Currencies Accepted: Euro and U.S. Dollar.
  • Earnings from investment: are calculated based on your investment, the performance of the trader and the fees charged for management services.
If you are interested in more information about Markets4you PAMM accounts and /or open an account of tyhis type, please access the company website through the following link:

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