100% Credit Bonus of HotForex

100% Bonus of HotForex broker
The Forex broker HotForex recently announced a new promotion for the months of March and April of 2013. This offer is a credit bonus of 100% on every deposit of capital made ​​by the customer. With this bonus, the client of this broker can enjoy the following benefits:
  • Trading account protection against margin calls and stop outs during periods when the trader suffers heavy losses (drawdowns).
  • Increases leverage.
  • The total amount of this bonus can be withdrawn once the trader meets the required conditions. To withdraw the bonus, the client must follow the following conditions:
    • The trader must trade 1 lot (100 000) on the market for every bonus dollar. This means that if you receive a $100 bonus, you must perform a number of transactions equivalent to 100 lots.
This bonus applies to all deposits of capital equal to or greater than $100 and will be available for a limited time. 

Example of a 100% credit bonus of HotForex

Suppose a customer makes a deposit of $2,000 in the trading account and choose to receive this bonus. Thanks to this, now this account has $2,000 of the original deposit plus $2000 of additional credit as bonus, which means that the trading account now has a total of $4000. Now, this trader opens a buy position in the EUR/USD with a volume of 1 standard lot (100,000 units). The margin required to open a position with this volume is $1000 (margin used with a leverage of 1:100). The market starts moving against the position of the client which in turn begins to lose money as the price begins to fall.

Generally, the level of margin call is 50% of the used margin while the stop out level is 15% of the used margin. However, thanks to the credit bonus, the open position in the EUR/USD will be closed only when capital falls below the bonus level.

The market continues its downtrend and the open position continue to lose more money and the account equity reaches a point where the trader would normally receive the margin call. However, at this point the client do not receive the margin call since he has additional money thanks to the credit bonus.
Also, thanks to this bonus, the client’s position would not be closed (stop out) if the price continues the downtrend. The closing of the position can only occur in case the account´s cash capital reaches zero.
You can get more information about this new promotion of the broker HotForex by accessing the website of the company through the following link:


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