RoboForex Broker 11th Anniversary Promotion – $1,100,000 in Prizes

RoboForex trading contest 2021

Online Forex and CFD broker RoboForex, a company regulated by bodies such as CySEC of Cyprus, is celebrating its 11th anniversary with a new promotion for its clients and partners (participants in its affiliate program). This promotion consists of a series of drawings that will run over 10 months with a total prize pool of $1,100,000.

All clients of this company can participate, both new and existing who meet the conditions that will be detailed below.

-Promotion period: The RoboForex anniversary promotion will start on July 1, 2021 and will last a total of 10 months. In each month from July 2021 to April 2022, RoboForex will raffle about 54 cash prizes totaling $110,000.

You can obtain more information about the RoboForex broker and its online brokerage services for Forex and other markets, through the following guide from this company: RoboForex Broker Review

How we can participate in the RoboForex 11th anniversary promotion

As we indicated above, all RoboForex clients, both new and existing, can participate in this promotion.

According to the rules, the trader must be a RoboForex Ltd. client. In each round, the prizes will be raffled among the participants who have obtained special Coupons. Coupons can be obtained in the following way:

  • Trading in RoboForex accounts (Prime accounts) on any of the multiple trading instruments offered by this broker, including Forex, precious metals and CFDs.
  • Referring new clients to RoboForex who open an account with this company, deposit funds and start trading.

Each participant can get up to 3 coupons each month, which means 3 chances to win one of the prizes in the monthly raffle.

The specific ways in which new coupons can be earned are described below:

Trading on an ECN Prime trading account

They are RoboForex trading accounts that present the best trading conditions offered by this broker. Through these accounts, the client can trade with ultra-low spreads from 0.0 pips upwards, with commissions of 10 USD for every 1 million USD traded (10 standard lots) and a leverage of up to 1:300.

Prime accounts offer market execution with ECN/STP trading conditions and are suitable for the use of algorithmic trading systems.

How are coupons obtained through ECN Prime accounts?

  • Open a Prime account and deposit $ 300 USD or more.
  • Trade and complete a trading volume of 3 lots or more per month. For the monthly trading volume, only Forex and precious metals transactions will be taken into account.

More information on ECN Prime accounts on:


Referring new clients to RoboForex through their affiliate program

In its affiliate program RoboForex offers its associates up to 60% of the benefits that the broker receives through referred traders. What the affiliate needs to do is refer new and active clients to the broker who open a trading account, deposit funds and start trading in the market. An affiliate gets up to 50% of the VIP program and the rest of the loyalty program, where payments can be up to 20% of the associate’s monthly commission.

More information about the company’s referral program can be found in the following review: RoboForex broker associate program

How do you get a coupon through the broker’s referral program?

The affiliate gets a coupon if he or she receives a minimum of $300 USD in commissions from the referral program during the month.

As a signal provider trader on the RoboForex CopyFX copytrading platform

CopyFX is a social trading platform (specialized in copytrading) created by RoboForex that allows profitable traders to earn additional income with their trading strategies through commissions for all their replicated trades that generate profits.

When trading on a CopyFX account, the trader makes money not only from his own trades, but also from the profits his copiers receive from the trades they replicate.

How to get a coupon as a signal provider on the CopyFX platform?

The trader gets a coupon if he manages to become one of the 30 best traders of the month with an ECN Prime account at CopyFX.

You can get more information about the CopyFX copytrading platform and open an account as a provider of trading signals at the following link: RoboForex CopyFX Platform

How are selected the winners of each round of the promotion?

All coupons have a unique 6-digit number. The closer this number gets to the winning combination, the more chance of winning the participant has.

The winning combination will be defined by the share prices of the 30 most important companies in the United States. To make the draw more transparent, RoboForex will take the closing prices of the first Friday of each month. The combination will consist of the last digits of the closing prices of the pairs of stocks that the company will select in advance for each draw. Participants will be able to consult the chosen shares on the broker’s website.

Next we are going to show an example to better understand how each draw will work:

Giveaway example

Let’s say that on the day of the draw, Apple (AAPL) shares close at $144.56 per share. To determine the winning combination, RoboForex takes the last three digits of the price, that is: 456. The same procedure applies for other stocks, such as Tesla (TSLA). Now suppose that the price of these shares closes at $643.90 per share, which means that the digits 390 will be taken for the winning combination. Thus, the winning combination for 1st place (AAPL + TSLA) will be 456390.

The trader who owns the Coupon with the number closest to the winning combination will receive $20,000 in his trading account. This money can be withdrawn at any time or used as capital for trading purposes. More information about the promotion rules on the RoboForex website.

11 Aniversary contest RoboForex

When the results of each draw will be announced

Once the month ends and the participants accumulate the coupons they have obtained in the round, they have to wait for the draw results to be announced on the first Friday of the following month. For example, if you received at least one coupon in August, the results for that month will be released on the first Friday of September.

The following image shows the promotion draw dates for the next 4 months:

Prizes offered by the promotion in each round

At the end of each month of the promotion, RoboForex will draw a total prize pool of $110,000 among participants who have received coupons. The prizes will be distributed among 54 winning participants, who according to the position occupied will obtain the following amount of money:

PlacePrize money (USD)Number of prizes
310 0001
55 0001
63 0001

The total number of winners in this draw is 54.

Are you interested in participating in the RoboForex 11th anniversary promotion?

If you are interested in participating in this promotion of the RoboForex broker and do not have an account with this company, you can access its website through the following link and obtain coupons by trading on a Prime account, referring clients through its affiliate program or converting on a signal provider trader on its CopyFX copytrading platform:

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