CoinEx Launches ‘Market Overview’ Feature for Cryptocurrency Trading

Trading on CoinEx is now more comfortable, easier and provides you with more information. Learn about the new feature that will allow you to better navigate the market.

  • The ‘Market Overview’ feature allows the trader to observe new statistics in real time.
  • Rankings, distribution of orders, distribution of price changes are the added functions.

According to its official announcement, CoinEx has launched the ‘Market Overview’ feature on its website (not yet available on the mobile app). This feature will improve trading efficiency and experience, and help users keep up with market trends. It entered into force from September 23, 2022.

The new feature collects real-time cryptocurrency rankings, trading trends, price changes, and historical data. Now you can see everything on the same page, thus covering the needs of different users.

New market statistics in real time

With the ‘Market Overview’, users can see the following statistics in real time:

  • Various rankings of cryptocurrencies: the biggest winners and losers, the most sought after, and the leaders in market capitalization and value. These rankings are displayed in real time, which helps to capture the trend quickly and accurately.
  • Order Distribution: Learn all about buy and sell distribution and get a snapshot of market sentiment.
  • Distribution of price changes: ups and downs in the price of cryptocurrencies, clearly at a glance, the up and down times.
  • Historical Market Value/Run: Access historical market value trend and run value for all listed coins. Compare them to coins in the top 10 by market capitalization to analyze changes in the cryptocurrency market on a macro level.

It is worth noting that ‘Market Overview‘ allows CoinEx users to review crypto stats in real time. Price increases, decreases, and execution on the CoinEx website, without having to visit other market intelligence websites.

More about the new ‘Market Overview’ feature

With this new feature, users can capture real-time market dynamics and analyze market statistics with ease. All of this will help make more accurate trading decisions and mitigate the risks associated with crypto trading. To try it out, users just need to log in to the official CoinEx website. Next, click in [Markets] on the navigation bar, and then select [Market Overview] at the top right corner of the page.

As a user, you should be aware that the information provided in ‘Market overview’ is to be used as a reference only and does not constitute investment advice. When investing in cryptocurrencies, the user must examine each asset with great care. In addition, investors must develop their own point of view on market trends and make prudent investment decisions.

CoinEx recently added the [New Listing] section in the [Markets] section, and added category tags to all new listed coins. These additions help users to select cryptocurrencies more conveniently. In [New Listing], users can review price changes in the preceding 24 hours. They can also review listing times and general price changes for new listings.

In addition to this new section, the [Markets] section also offers the [List of Currencies]. This list helps users review market statistics for their holdings and other selected cryptocurrencies, allowing them to stay fully informed of asset changes.

CoinEx Mission

The ‘Market overview’ feature further enhanced the [Markets] section of CoinEx in terms of functionality. This action reflects CoinEx’s ongoing effort to improve services and trading experiences for users.

The exchange seeks to make cryptocurrency trading easier by developing outstanding products and services that are user-focused and easy to use. CoinEx has taken real action to deliver on its commitment to putting the user first.

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