Libertex Broker Review 2023 – Main Features and Services

Libertex Broker Analysis


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– Market maker broker from Europe specialized in Forex and CFD

-Regulated by organizations such as CySEC

-Tight spreads and low commissions

Libertex is a Forex and CFD broker founded in 2015, belonging to the international financial services group ForexClub. This brand was created to provide brokerage services focused on clients from around the world. Its headquarters are located in Cyprus, and it is regulated by CySEC (license CIF 164/12), the financial services regulatory authority of that nation, allowing it to offer its services in all countries of the European Economic Community. Libertex is a broker that focuses on providing a simple and direct service to its clients, offering a single type of trading account and platform that provides direct access to dozens of markets and financial instruments with just a few clicks.

Regarding its trading services, Libertex acts in most cases as a Market Maker, meaning it operates under a Dealing Desk execution model and is the sole execution venue for trades. When Libertex executes client orders in its trading system, it faces market risk. Occasionally, however, the company may decide to execute orders with an external execution venue (liquidity provider) to manage its risk. When this broker transmits orders or processes them for execution with a third party, it employs what is known as Straight Through Processing (STP) execution. Despite this, for the majority of trades, Libertex can be considered a market maker.

However, unlike most brokers in the sector, Libertex does not offer prices with spreads (differences between Bid and Ask prices) on its trading instruments. Instead, it provides a unique price for each instrument. The company generates its profits through commissions charged for each trade made by the trader, based on the instrument and its transaction volume.

Trading instruments offered by Libertex

Currently, it offers the following trading instruments:

  • Forex Market: Over 40 currency pairs in the spot Forex market, ranging from major ones like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY, to more exotic and less known pairs like EUR/RUB, EUR/SGD, and USD/SEK, among others. For trading in the Forex market, it provides a minimum transaction size of 0.01 pips, a maximum leverage of 1:500, and quotes without spreads (a single price without Bid and Ask prices). For buy and sell transactions, it charges a commission, which for EUR/USD, for example, may have an average value of 0.0075%, and this can vary depending on market liquidity and volatility conditions.
  • Precious Metals: Gold and silver in the spot market.
  • Contracts for Difference (CFDs) based on the following instruments:
    • Energy Commodities: Crude oil (WTI and Brent), natural gas, and heating oil.
    • Agricultural Commodities: Cocoa, coffee, soy, corn, sugar, and wheat.
    • Metals: Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) and copper.
    • Stock Indices: 16 of the most important stock indices such as Dow Jones, S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, CAC 40, IBEX 35, FTSE 100, and Nikkei 225, among others.
    • Stocks: 86 of the most important stocks in the US and European markets, including Google, IBM, Coca-Cola, Intel, Amazon, Bayer, BMW, Daimler AG, Ferrari, and others.
    • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin against USD, the three most popular and potentially profitable digital currencies currently.

Libertex Trading Assets

Libertex Trading Accounts

Currently, this broker offers two basic types of trading accounts that come with the following features.

Libertex Portfolio: It is a new type of account on the Libertex platform that allows investing in stocks without SWAP or commissions. It is an ideal account for investing.

Libertex CFD: This is a traditional trading account (for speculative purposes) for buying/selling cryptocurrencies, Forex instruments, gold, oil, and indices through Contracts For Difference. The account provides the opportunity to use a multiplier from 1 to 999 to increase potential profits.

Key advantages of a Libertex Portfolio account:

  • No commission for transactions
  • No swap fees
  • No Margin Call or Stop Out
  • No multiplier (trading leverage)
  • No forced Take Profit or Stop Loss for any trade
  • No charges for account inactivity
  • This account offer the possibility  to receive regular dividend payments on company stocks directly to your account
  • Investors can buy fractional shares, down to 0.01 shares

Libertex accounts features

Demo Account

If you want to start investing with this broker but are unsure how its platform works or feel that you still need some practice, you can open a demo account with Libertex for free.

When you begin with your trial account on Libertex, you’ll have access to an account with €50,000 for unlimited practice until you feel comfortable enough to start investing with real money.

Demo account duration: unlimited time.

Libertex demo account

If you want to open a demo account on Libertex to start practicing today, follow these steps:

  1. Access the form to create the Libertex demo account.
  2. Once inside, click on the button that says “practice with a demo account” to open the form.
  3. Enter an email and a password, accept the terms, and click on “Register an account.”

There you go! With these 3 simple steps, you have just opened your demo account. Right after clicking the last button, you will see that the Libertex investment platform opens for you to start investing.

Once you are inside the investment platform, you have access to all the assets in which you could invest with a real account. If you want to trade, you have several ways to do it:

  1. At the top of the main page of the Libertex investment app, you will find a section called “Instruments” There, you can select which instruments are displayed in the left sidebar; the ones with the highest increase, the most popular, the biggest decrease… You can click on the one you want, and its chart will open on the main screen, where you just have to click on “Open trade.”
  2. In the top menu, right next to the Libertex logo, you will find a dropdown that says “All instruments” When you hover over it, a menu will appear with all Libertex assets listed by categories. Click on the one you want and navigate to find the one you want to invest in.
  3. Right next to the above dropdown, there is a search bar where you can type the name of the stock, cryptocurrency, or asset you are looking for. Once you have it, just click on “Open trade”

Whichever way you choose, you will be presented with a box where you have to edit your order: sell or buy, stop loss, at the market or scheduled… Everything you need to place a successful order.

In conclusion, the Libertex demo account is perfect for testing the platform or gaining some practice before investing real money. Therefore, we recommend that you implement an investment strategy as similar as possible to what you would use if you were investing your own money.

Procedure for opening a trading account with Libertex

The process of opening a trading account with Libertex is quite fast and straightforward. Similar to other similar brokers, the client only needs to complete a form on the company’s website, which takes only a few minutes. This form requests basic personal information and a username along with a password to access the account. Subsequently, the trader is asked to submit a series of documents via email to verify their identity and current place of residence. This is done as a requirement because it is part of the regulations that must be adhered to as a broker regulated by CySEC.

Once the account is approved, the client can start trading as soon as they deposit funds, which can be done through the following means:

  • Bank transfer.
  • Credit card (major ones).
  • Paypal.
  • Skrill.
  • Neteller.

Libertex offers an interesting feature on its website, which is a 100% welcome bonus for new traders. This entails making a deposit, and the company doubles it.

Libertex Trading Platforms

This broker offers the following trading platforms:

Libertex: It is a web-based trading platform (no download or installation required) designed by the company. It features a simple and user-friendly interface, known for its simplicity, especially in terms of operation management functions. It was primarily designed for beginner traders but is also suitable for experienced traders due to its comprehensive features. This platform was conceptualized to provide a straightforward way to trade in the markets without complications.

Libertex main trading platform

Despite this, it has multiple market analysis tools, including various types of price charts with 9 timeframes (ranging from 1 minute to 1 month), dozens of built-in technical indicators, and other common technical analysis tools such as Heikin Ashi charts, for example.

Through the platform, the trader can also access market news and market analysis to aid in decision-making. Compared to more comprehensive trading platforms like Metatrader 4 or cTrader, Libertex doesn’t have any standout features aside from its simplicity and the fact that it offers the option to select leverage for each trade (a feature called the Multiplier).

Metatrader 4: One of the most comprehensive and popular trading platforms to trade with currency pairs (Forex ) and CFD. This downloadable application was designed with all types of trading tools such as updated quotes, dozens of built-in technical indicators, and advanced price charts with multiple time frames (1 minute to 1 month). It also has a series of modules that allow the creation, evaluation, and implementation of automated trading systems known as expert advisors based on all kinds of strategies. Through this platform, the trader can copy automatically the trades performed by other traders that use this platform.

Metatrader 5: It is the new version of the Metatrader platforms that are already available in Pepperstone. Compared to its predecessor, MT5 offers optimized processing speed, the possibility for the trader to cover their positions, an integrated economic calendar, 38 built-in technical indicators of various types, 21 time frames (including those most used by short term and long term traders), advanced pending orders and is compatible with Autochartist and the Smart Trader toolkit. It has its own programming language, MQL5, which allows the creation of custom technical indicators, scripts, and Expert Advisors.

Mobile Platforms: This broker offers applications based on the main Libertex platform, allowing trading and account management from various mobile devices such as smartphones (iOS and Android) and tablets. These platforms also enable handling open positions and include tools like charts, market news, and quotes.

How does the Libertex multiplier work?

The Libertex platform offers leverage or multipliers ranging from x1 to x500. For instance, for retail clients, the leverage is up to 1:30. Of course, the leverage will depend on the type of asset or product being traded.

Let’s say you want to trade on Libertex with $20 in the USD/MXN (US dollars and Mexican pesos) currency pair with a multiplier of 100; you will be exposed to the market with $2000. However, it’s essential to consider that you should only invest capital that you are willing to lose, as leverage also amplifies losses in the case of positions incurring losses.

Libertex Spreads and Commissions

On the Libertex trading platform, commissions and spreads start from 0, although a small commission is calculated as a percentage. For instance, opening an order with EUR/USD with $10 incurs a commission of 0.008%.

In Libertex, you’ll find tight spreads or differentials and commissions ranging from 0.0003%, with minimum trade volumes starting at $20.

Training and Education

This broker has a training section that is based on a trading course for beginners, presented in both video and written formats. It consists of a series of lessons that need to be progressed through until completion.

Libertex Welcome Bonus of 100%

Libertex’s 100% welcome bonus is an enticing offer for new traders. With this bonus, you can double your initial deposit. To take advantage of this promotion, you need to make a minimum deposit of $100, and the maximum bonus you can receive is $10,000. This bonus provides an excellent opportunity for traders to enhance their trading capital and potentially increase their profits. Keep in mind that specific terms and conditions may apply, so it’s advisable to review the details on Libertex’s website or contact their customer support for more information.

Customer Support

Another crucial aspect in analyzing a broker is to assess how well it performs in terms of customer service and how quickly it responds to questions and inquiries. In the case of Libertex, it can be said that it is a broker with a fast and efficient response.

The first step when you have doubts with a broker is to check the information provided on their website, and if you don’t find the answer, you can look into the frequently asked questions section, which is also available on Libertex.

The contact methods are as follows:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +357 22 025 100
  • Web chat for clients
  • Physical address: Iacovou Tompazi 1, Vashiotis Business Center, 1st Floor Office 101, Neapoli 3107, Limassol, Cyprus

Advantages and Additional Services of Libertex

Among the advantages and additional services offered by this company, the following can be highlighted:

  • Libertex is a fully regulated broker in Europe (CySEC) based in Cyprus.
  • The company provides reliable customer service operating 24 hours a day, accessible through email, phone calls, and live chat.
  • It offers an online trading platform with a simple interface designed for beginner traders.
  • Prices for all instruments are free of spreads. The broker charges a commission for each trade, the amount of which depends on the transaction volume and market conditions.
  • Clients can trade in a wide variety of markets.
  • The company provides educational services and materials on markets and trading in general to its clients.
  • Libertex offers free market news through its website.
  • It provides email alerts as well as market news.
  • The minimum deposit required to open an account and start trading is quite low.
  • This broker offers the opportunity to earn extra income by promoting its services as a broker through an affiliate program called Libertex Affiliates. Enrollment in this program is free.

Other categories of this broker

  • CFD Broker.
  • Gold Broker.
  • Silver Broker.
  • Oil Broker.
  • Stocks Broker.
  • Metatrader broker.
CompanyThe company is owned by Forex Club International LLC,
Minimum account size$10 for Libertex CFD Accounts.
Minimum lot size0.01 lot.
Maximum LeverageUp to 1:1000.
Spreads-Low and variable spreads from 0.0 pips onwards for major currency pairs such as EUR/USD
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