Share4you – Social Trading Service of Forex4you

The Forex broker Forex4you has created a new social trading service called Share4you, which allows its customers to follow and copy all trades performed by successful traders with experience in the market. This is an automated trading system that gives the investors access to the Forex market regardless of their level of experience, including those who lack experience and knowledge about the financial markets but who are interested in their enormous potential for profit.

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Share4you System Features

Share4you does not set limits on the minimum deposit or volume of trading orders. Thanks to its “Scaling” function, the investor can configure the service and change the size of the orders of the trading signals generated by the traders (signal providers or Leaders). For example, an operation of 0.1 lots (10,000 units of the base currency) can be copied to the client’s account for the amount of only 0.0001 lots (10 units of the base currency). It is also possible to change the account leverage.

To learn how to operate the system of Share4you, the investor does not require to be a professional in the Forex market. The service is simple, convenient, and user-friendly, so that is easy to understand even for a novice user.

Forex4you experts have designed a system that can completely replace manual trading. Investors only need to invest a limited amount of time to effectively manage their investments.

Share4you is owned by E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc., the company owner of the broker Forex4you, which is licensed and regulated by the FSC (Financial Services Commission).

Copytrading service of Share4you

Share4you copytrading platform
Traders (signal providers) ranking of Share4you

This service allows the investor to subscribe to trading signals generated by Forex and commodities trades made ​​by professional traders with years of experience in the market.

In this case, the investor does not need to invest time continuously monitoring the market and making trades manually. In order to make a profit, the investor must select one or more traders (Leaders) whose orders will be copied into the selected account with Forex4you. The customers can set limits and select as many signal providers as they like and minimize risks.

For each signal provider, Share4you offers comprehensive statistics that allow the investors the choice of the most profitable traders for their accounts. These statistics include:

  • Performance over time.
  • Percentage of winning trades.
  • Frequency of trades (weekly, daily, etc.)
  • Strategy type and aggressiveness of this strategy.
  • The number of investors’ followers.
You can obtain more information about the automated trading service Share4you and open an account with Forex4you in the company website through the following link:


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