How to avoid a tragedy in Zulutrade?

Signal provider Zulutrade

Zulutrade is one of the largest suppliers of automated Forex trading services which allows trading in the Forex market through trading signals generated by real traders. For many traders, Zulutrade offers an important opportunity to invest in this market, however, it is necessary to implement a number of precautions to prevent these signals end up destroying the trading capital generated by the investor because not all signal providers (traders) are adequate.

Because not all traders registered as signals providers in Zulutrade are professionals and experienced, we must choose only the best. To this end, the company has published a basic guide to avoiding unnecessary losses with its services.

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Alpari PAMM Managed Accounts

What are PAMM Accounts?

A PAMM Account is usually a series of trading managed accounts, which are unified to form an independent unified trading structure, where trades are carried out only by the money manager of the PAMM Account. The series of managed accounts that comprise the consolidated PAMM Account are handled by the trading platform as a single account.

The principle by which PAMM accounts work is the proportional distribution of gains and losses among the various investors whose accounts form the PAMM account. PAMM account provides benefits to all participants, as an investor can potentially obtain high profits without having to make a single trade by itself and the account manager receives a percentage of the profits and the possibility to access large amounts of capital.

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Social trading platform CopyFX of RoboForex

The Forex broker RoboForex has joined the list of companies offering social trading solutions to its customers, specifically copy trading, through a new service called CopyFX, which allows follow and copy the transactions made ​​by other traders who trade in the Forex market with this broker.

The CopyFX service offers the customers of RoboForex the possibility not only to simplify the negotiation process and reduce the risks, but also additional benefits for their experience and skills to predict the behavior of markets, in the case of the more experienced traders.

In CopyFX system, every customer can choose from the following variants:

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HF Copy – Social Trading Service of HotForex

HF Copy Copy trading platform of HotForex

The Forex and CFD broker HotForex (regulated by CySEC), one of the most important in the sector, has created a new social trading service called HF Copy, which is based on the concept of copy trading. This service allows customers of this company to connect with other traders, make informed decisions and identify more opportunities in the market, and especially build an investment portfolio by tracking and copying the most successful traders in the network. Through the HF Copy system, any investor interested in the financial markets like Forex can follow and copy in real-time the transaction of any trader belonging to this network of social trading.

The HF Copy system is based on the platform of FX Stat, one of the most important companies in the field of social trading, which specializes in solutions for copy trading companies.

HotForex Launches Copytrading Account Auto Account

HotForex Auto Account for Forex 

The Forex and CFD broker HotForex, one of the most important in the sector, offers a copy trading service an account called Auto Account, which opens the world of financial markets like Forex even to novice investors with no knowledge on the market. Through Auto Account, investors have the opportunity to subscribe to free and paid trading signals from the MQL5 (Metatrader) community. This trading signals service is directly incorporated into the HotForex MT4 terminal (based on Metatrader 4), which facilitates the subscription, implementation and execution of trading signals.

Investors can automatically copy the signals from any signal provider (trader) belonging to the MQL5 community. In the case of traders who sell their trading signals, they undergo a 1 month monitoring and valuation process in order to check their performance.

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HF Markets (HotForex) PAMM Accounts

The Forex and CFD broker HF Markets or simply HFM, started a PAMM accounts service (managed accounts) for its clients which allows investing in the Forex market through professional account managers who are responsible for trading and managing the market open positions. In this case, the investors only have to deposit funds in their accounts and monitor the performance of the same over time.

It can be said that the PAMM accounts are an option for automated trading in Forex which is increasingly popular for the following reasons:

  • The accounts are a good option to invest in the Forex market even for people without any knowledge about the financial markets. In this sense, PAMM accounts are also advantageous for investors with experience and knowledge, but with little time to analyze the market and trade on their own since this work is performed by the account manager.
  • PAMM accounts offer the possibility to diversify investments. For example, a trader can have a regular trading account and a PAMM account with HF Markets at the same time.
  • This type of account ensures that the account managers trade with the utmost care and risk control because their capital is also invested. To open a PAMM account and raise funds from investors, the manager must invest a certain amount of their own money.
  • The accounts allow taking advantage of the knowledge and experience of highly experienced traders in the markets.
  • Manager´s profits come from the benefits generated by their trades in the market using their capital and the investor´s capital. This means that the investor only “pays” for the results.
  • The investors can follow all trades performed by the manager and withdrawal their capital at any time.

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Social Trading Network of Trade 24

Update: This copy trading service has been discontinued. If you have an interest in social trading investing you can try a copy trading platform with access to hundreds of traders and strategies of the broker HotForex with their social trading service HF Social. More information here: HF Social – Copytrading platform of HotForex

The Forex broker Trade-24 offers its clients a social trading service which gives them the opportunity to follow and copy the trades of other traders in real time and easily. Through this service, any investor who opens an account with this company can track the transactions made in the market by experienced traders who make money consistently through their trading strategies.

The service of social trading is built into the Webtrade24 platform, an online application (no download or installation is requires), which is based on Sirix Webtrader, a platform for Forex trading whose use is becoming popular in the industry, thanks to its multiple tools which includes a function for copying the transactions made by other traders who trade regularly with this broker.

The following image shows the interface of theWebtrade24 platform with the social trading function:

ForexCopy – Copytrading System of Instaforex

The ForexCopy system of the broker InstaForex is a service that allows the user to follow successful Forex traders and copy their trades online in real time. In general, it is very similar to the service Copytrader offered by the broker eToro.

Basically this system allows the clients of InstaForex the instant order execution of trades carried out by experts selected traders. In this case, the client can register to trade with selected currency pairs or other financial instruments and also employing a particular relationship between the number of trades of the selected traders and the trades he wants to copy (a copy ratio).  In this way, the trader can define a percentage of trades to be copied.

The system is designed to allow monitoring the trades performed by professional traders registered in ForexCopy. The system page shows updated statistics for each trading strategy trading available.

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Share4you – Social Trading Service of Markets4you

The Forex/CFD broker Markets4you has created a new social trading service called Share4you, which allows its customers to follow and copy all trades performed by successful traders with experience in the market. This is an automated trading system that gives the investors access to the Forex market regardless of their level of experience, including those who lack experience and knowledge about the financial markets but who are interested in their enormous potential for profit.

You can get more information about the broker Markets4you and its brokerage services in the following guide: Review of the broker Markets4you

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