Affiliate program of broker Agea

The Forex broker Agea, which also specializes in Contracts for Difference  trading, has an affiliate program which aims to promote its services as broker and obtain new customers through affiliates. The partners in this program have at their disposal various promotional resources based on Internet such as banners and links. Thanks to these tools and the commission plans offered, the affiliate program of Agea is a good option to monetize blogs, forums and websites whose topics are directly related with the currency market and/or financial markets in general.

Commissions plans offered by Agea

With respect to the commisions systems, this affiliate program offers the following:

  • Revenue Share: Through this commisions system, the affiliate gets a percentage of the earnings received by Agea thanks to the traders referred who open an account, deposit funds and trade in the market. For each trade that a referred customer makes, the affiliate receives the following commisions:
    • Streamster Platform: A commission of 1 point. Thus, a position with a size of 1 lot ($100,000) in a pair like EUR/USD can generate a profit of $10.
    • MetaTrader 4: 10% of the minimum spread of the position in the instrument.

​Registration in the affiliation program of Agea

The enrollment in the affiliate program of Agea is completely free. In this case the interested person only has to open a trading account with the broker and from that point he can start promoting Agea services to earn money with the referred traders. The commissions earned are deposited directly into the account and can be used as capital to trade in the market or can be withdran using the payment methods accepted by the company. The use of different marketing tools of this program is also free.

Promotional tools of Agea

An advantage of this affiliate program is that it offers a variety of promotional resources designed to facilitate the promotion of the broker and the acquisition of new customers for the company through various media based on the Internet primarily as websites and blogs. These tools can be used according to the criteria and needs of the member, as long they do not violate any of the rules of the program, especially those related to spam type advertising. Among the most important promotional resources offered by this program we highlight the following:
  • Animated banners in various sizes which for the moment are translated only in English. These banners are an excellent tool for promoting a broker as Agea and can be placed in any section of a website.
  • Text banners which allow to redirect the affiliate´s website traffic to various pages of Agea website in which its services are described. These banners allows to display any text that the affiliate wants..
  • Articles in many languages ​​that can be included on a website, which increase the site content while at the same time allow to promote the broker services.
  • Video clips which describe several Agea services and procedures, such as the opening of a trading account, and the various functions of their trading platforms. These videos can also be placed in any section of a website.
  • Simple links through which the member can redirect traffic from his website to the Agea website. This links can also be used in emails.
  • Several widgets that add functionality to a website and at the same time allow to promote this broker. These widgets include an application that displays updated market quotes, other that shows the times of the major financial markets and other that includes updated market news for example.
* Note: These marketing tools can not be used for spam advertising as this is practice is strictly prohibited by the program and may result in account suspension and loss of profits.

Summary of the general characteristics of Agea affiliate program

The following are the main features of the affiliate program of Agea:
Agea Affiliates
Year of establishment
Promoted Broker
  • Agea
User Panel to control the account
Updated and comprehensive reporting of statistics (traffic, referred accounts, money earned, etc)
Payment Plans
CPA: No.
Revenue Share: It offers a payment of 1 point for every trade performed by the traders referred through Streamster platform or 10% of the minimum spread of the position in the financial asset for users of the Metatrader 4 platform.
Hybrid: No.
Subaffiliate program
No at the moment.
Payment methods
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Skrill
  • Webmoney
  • E-Diner
  • Neteller.
  • Perfect Money.
  • Payza.
Minimum payment
The platform of this program is available in several languages ​​including English and Spanish. It also offers promotional material in other languages such ​​as those indicated above.
Additional comments
This affiliate program has the advantage that offers interesting commission plans to its members. Besides this, it has a variety of tools that facilitate the promotion of Agea.
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