Affiliate Program HyAffiliates of HYCM

Review of Hy Affiliates Hy Affiliates is a Forex affiliate program created by the Forex and CFD broker HYCM (regulated by FCA of UK) in order to obtain new customers by promoting their services through affiliates who have at their disposal different types of marketing tools based mainly on the Internet. Depending on the amount of referred customers (traders) and … Read more

Affiliate Program Binary Affiliates

Review of Binary Affiliates

Binary affiliates is an affiliate program that promote various binary options brokers like Stockpair and Optionrally through affiliates, which have at their disposal multiple marketing tools based on Internet that the same program offers. Basically, using these tools, the affiliates can make the promotion of these companies to get new customers (traders) that open an account and deposit funds into it, work for which they can earn a high commission.

For this reason, Binary Affiliates becomes an excellent option for those webmasters interested in monetizing web sites or blogs whose theme is related to financial markets and in particular with binary options

The brokers promoted by this program are:

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Affiliate Program of

Update on affiliate program of Currently the affiliate program is down and at the moment it does not appear that this Forex broker will open another similar program. However, there are many other Forex affiliate programs that marketers can participate in. One of these is the program of the broker XM, which offers high commissions and has a … Read more

Trade360 Affiliates

Trade360 Partners is an interesting Forex affiliate program created by the broker Trade360, a company regulated by CySEC of Cyprus that is specialized in social trading, especially in what is known as CrowdTrading.

Through this affiliate program, the affiliate can earn money by promoting the services of this broker and referring clients that open a trading account with the company and deposit funds. Thanks to the large number of marketing tools offered by Trade360 Partners (including banners, links, and others), its commission plans, and the good reputation that this broker is acquiring, this program is an excellent option to monetize websites, forums or blogs with topics related to financial markets and in particular with the Forex.

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Affiliate program Wow Partners

  Wow Partners is an affiliate program property of the binary options broker Finmax, and its objetive is the promotion of the company services and the acquisition of new customers through affiliates, who have many advertising tools based on Internet at their disposal, designed by the program itself. Thanks to these promotional resources and the excellent payment plans, Wow Partners is a good option … Read more

500Affiliates – Affiliate program of Plus500

500Affiliates Review

500Affiliates is an affiliate program created by the CFD  broker Plus500 as a strategy to gain new customers through affiliates who promote the company using different marketing tools that are offered by the same program.

This affiliate program offers a CPA payment plan, one of the highest in the sector, through which we can earn up to USD 800 per referred trader. In this case, the payment depends on the number of clients referred and the geographical region to which the trader belongs. Thanks to this, 500Affiliates is a good option to monetize blogs, websites, and forums related to financial markets and trading in general, especially with Contracts for Difference.

The affiliation to this affiliate program is completely free as the use of the marketing tools it offers to its affiliates. In fact, the affiliate does not require to have a trading account with Plus500. The various promotional tools can be used according to the judgment and discretion of the affiliates, provided they do not violate any regulations of the company, including those relating to spam for example.

One of its greatest advantages is that it offers promotional material to promote the services of this broker among potential customers in practically all geographical areas and in multiple languages.

FXOpen Forex Affiliate Program

FXOpen affiliate program

FXOpen Affiliate program Review

The Forex broker FXOpen has a simple but interesting Forex affiliate program that allows any customer of the company to get an extra income promoting the services of FXOpen, basically getting new customers (traders) that open a trading account and deposit funds in it. It can be said that the affiliation to this program is completely free and the affiliate only has to open a trading account with FXOpen, which has no cost at all. After the opening of the account, it will be activated without the affiliate having to deposit funds into it at the beginning, unlike other brokers that do require a minimum deposit.

The marketing resources of this affiliate program are quite limited and do not offer banners and other similar promotional tools. The only thing it offers is a link to the website of FXOpen which can be used by the affiliates according to their judgment and criteria to promote this broker. FXOpen only offers a payment plan based on Revenue Share. In this case, the affiliate gets 1 pip for each transaction made for each referred client. Thus, if a trader made a trade of one lot, the affiliate who referred that client receives a payment of $10.

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Affiliate program of broker Agea

  The Forex broker Agea, which also specializes in Contracts for Difference  trading, has an affiliate program which aims to promote its services as broker and obtain new customers through affiliates. The partners in this program have at their disposal various promotional resources based on Internet such as banners and links. Thanks to these tools and the commission plans offered, the affiliate … Read more

Forex4you Affiliate Program


Forex affiliate program of the broker Forex4you

The Forex broker Forex4you has an excellent, yet simple Forex affiliate program that allows any customer of the company to get an extra income promoting their services, ie by acquiring new customers (traders) who open a trading account and deposit funds in it. To this end, Forex4you available to the client/member a series of promotional tools which are based primarily on the Internet. Thus, this affiliate program is an interesting option for monetizing websites and blogs whose topics are directly related to Forex and financial markets in general.

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Affiliate program of InstaForex

Instaforex broker review


The Forex broker InstaForex has an affiliate program of its property, which was implemented in order to promote its services as a broker and get new customers through affiliates. These affiliates have at their disposal multiple promotional tools based on the Internet which are free to use. Besides this, this program has the advantage that it has a very attractive commission system and a sub-affiliate program that allows the member to increase profits.

Thus, the InstaForex affiliate program is an interesting option for monetizing blogs and websites whose subject is related to the Forex market.