Affiliate program RBOptions Partners

RBOptions Partners is an affiliate program implemented by the  binary options  broker RBOptions in order to promote its services as a broker and acquire new customers (traders) who open an account and deposit funds. To this end, RBOption Partners employs affiliates who have multiple marketing tools based mainly on the Internet (such as banners and text links) that this program has created and … Read more

Best Forex Partners: An affiliate program to avoid

Previously I had recommended the affiliate program Best Forex Partners for several reasons to monetize websites. First it lets promote several Forex and binary options brokers, which increases the possibility of obtaining good commissions through the monetization of websites or bloges related to financial markets, like Forex. Secondly it offers high commissions and has a high conversion rate. And thirdly it paid on time, or at least it did until recently. I have to say that the program is no longer paying, at least it is not paying, which is a pity.   Previously I never had problems to receive … Read more

Affiliate Program Forex-Affiliate

Forex-Affiliate is an affiliate program implemented by the Forex broker EasyMarkets in order to actively promote their services and acquire new customers (traders) who open a trading account and deposit funds to trade in the financial markets. To this end, the program is based on an affiliate system that provides all kinds of promotional resources based primarily on the Internet, which are specifically designed for this purpose.

Thanks to these advertising tools and commission plans offered in this program, Forex-Affiliate is an excellent choice for those webmasters who are interested in monetizing websites and/or blogs whose subject is related directly to financial markets and especially with Forex.

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