Moving Average Envelopes Indicator

Envelopes, a trend following indicator Channels moving averages or Envelopes (Moving Average Envelopes) are channels whose lines, upper and lower are calculated as a deviation percentage of a simple moving average or exponential moving average. Each line is at the same percentage above and below the central moving average. This creates two parallel strips that follow the price action. This … Read more

Exchange Rate Risk

Exchange rate risk is the potential loss as a result of currency fluctuations. This potential loss occurs according to its volatility and position at a given time. It is also known as currency risk. The risk in the exchange rate refers to the possible changes in the price of one currency against another. So, depending on the position we have, … Read more

US dollar index holds near 20-year high hit last week

As another trading week kicks off this Monday, the US dollar index remains near the nearly 20-year high hit last week. The global picture offers plenty of reason to worry: the war in Ukraine and the Covid-19-related lockdowns in China cast long shadows over the growth prospects of the global economy, exacerbating the current inflation problem, intensifying the energy crisis, … Read more

Matching Low Candlestick Pattern – Definition and Guide

The candlestick pattern Matching Low is a formation of two bearish candles presented in markets with a downward trend. It has moderate reliability and indicates that the price is likely to change from a bearish to a bullish trend. This pattern can be identified as follows: The current market trend is bearish. During the first period, a big black candle is formed. In the … Read more

Cardano (ADA): what it is, how it works, prices and charts, current applications

Cardano is the platform on which ADA, a cryptocurrency that can be used to send and receive funds, was developed. It is a smart contract platform, with some characteristics similar to Ethereum (not by chance since its creator, Charles Hoskinson, is one of the co-founders of Ethereum), offering new levels of security and scalability thanks to a multi-layer architecture. It … Read more