What is double spending in cryptocurrencies?

What is double spending?

Double spending in digital transactions consists of the possibility of spending the same digital currency more than once. This occurs due to counterfeiting or duplicating digital files representing the currency. Risks include the creation of fraudulent coins, currency devaluation, and loss of trust among users. To prevent it, there are both centralized and decentralized prevention methods, with blockchain technology being … Read more

Stochastic RSI Screener For Metatrader 4

Stochastic RSI screener

Modified indicator for Metatrader 4 that displays bullish and bearish signals from the Stochastic RSI oscillator, which, as its name suggests, is based on the well-known Relative Strength Index (RSI). This indicator, called RSIEst Screener, also presents a screener or dashboard with Stochastic RSI signals for different markets and timeframes selected by the trader. In its basic form, this tool … Read more

What are NFTs (Non Fundigle Tokens) and how do they work?

Non Fungible Tokens (NFT)

In this article we’re going to explain to you what NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are and how they work, so you can understand one of the technological innovations aimed at art emerging from the blockchain, the same protocol behind cryptocurrencies.  Therefore, we’re going to try to steer away from technical jargon to make the explanation as simple as possible. We’ll … Read more

Trading System with the Awesome, Stochastic, and EMA indicators

Example of a Buy Trade Generated with the Trading System on an H4 Chart of the EUR/USD Pair

Next, we will present a simple technical analysis trading system based on signals from three well-known technical indicators: the stochastic oscillator, the Awesome oscillator, and the exponential moving average (EMA). As such, it is a technical system with clear rules that do not require extensive interpretation. Essentially, it is a trend-following strategy that opens positions in the direction of the … Read more

What is slippage in stocks day trading?

Slippage in the stock markets

In an ideal world, when a daytrader place an order, the trade is executed at exactly the price specified. However, under certain conditions, the trade or operation can be executed at a different price. For example, if an intraday trader places a stop loss after having taken a long position – in other words, a trade in which he or … Read more

Woodie’s Pivot Points – Definition and Formulas

Woodies Pivot Points vs Traditional Pivot Points

Pivot points are a valuable tool for traders as they allow the calculation of support and resistance levels that can be used as a reference point to develop an entire methodology or approach to trading in the market. Another popular method for calculating pivot points is Woodie’s Pivot Points, which were developed by Ken Wood. In this approach, the closing … Read more

The role of fear in investment

Sure we’ve all read a book or article on sectors, markets or companies with potential, deep fundamental analysis, or interesting investment systems.

But investors and traders less often discuss a subjet that ultimately has as much or more influence on investment: psychology in general and in particular the fear that an investor feels at some point.

When the market falls hard and savings that has cost so much effort to get lost value per minute, is inevitably to feel fear.

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Libertex Affiliates – Forex Affiliate Program

Libertex Broker Analysis

Libertex Affiliates is an affiliate program created by the Forex and CFD broker Libertex (owned by the Forexclub financial services group, operating since 1997) to promote its services and acquire new clients (traders interested in FX and CFD) through affiliates who can earn significant benefits by referring traders that open a trading account with the company and deposit funds. In … Read more