Guppy Multiple Moving Average Indicator For MT4

In this article we present a custom indicator for Metatrader 4 that displays the Guppy Multiple Moving Averages (GMMA) indicator on any price chart. The indicator can be modified to calculate moving averages with different types of prices (such as closing price, opening price or maximum price) and to use different moving averages instead of EMA, such as SMA and … Read more

“Masters of Crypto” Trading Challenge of Tickmill

The Forex and CFD broker Tickmill (a company regulated by bodies such as the FCA in the United Kingdom) is organizing a trading tournament for all its clients called “Masters of Crypto” that offers prizes of up to $7,000 in cash to the winners. This contest is offered especially for traders who trade cryptocurrency CFDs. All clients of the broker, … Read more

What are the factors that can sink bitcoin further or give it back its bullish momentum?

June ends with bitcoin’s worst monthly close since 2011, down 37%. If the control of inflation in the US works, the markets will resume the boom. Ending the first half of the year, the bearish outlook in the bitcoin market is accentuated. June is about to close with the biggest monthly losses since 2011, around 37%, while the price drop … Read more

What are Commodities? – Definition, Types and Examples

What are commodities

A commodity is a word we hear very often, especially in countries with high production of raw materials such as agricultural products and metals for example. We can also say that commodity is a word that has entered the most common and informal language, imported from the economic and financial language. But … what is a commodity? How can it affect us?

A commodity is any good that is mass-produced by man, or of which there are large quantities available in nature, that has value or utility and a very low level of differentiation or specialization. But this definition is very broad and covers many different goods. However, there are many goods that do not meet our definition of a commodity and therefore are not considered as such. Here are some examples.

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Bull Power and Bear Power Indicators

The purpose of this article is to provide traders with a detailed explanation of the use of Bears Power and Bulls Power indicators, their calculation and their signals with a step-by-step tutorial. We will also explain how to use these indicators for trading in the financial markets. Bulls Power – Indicator that measures the strength of buyers The financial markets … Read more

Trading System with Three Bars and a Stochastic for S&P 500

The trading strategy that we are going to present below was initially created to trade the S&P 500 index, but it can also be applied in other markets such as Forex, since it is based on price action and technical trading signals. In this section, we present a trading technique developed and used to trade the S&P 500 stock index, … Read more

Bitcoin price falls from 20,000 dollars and challenges its history in the market

At the time of writing this article, bitcoin is trading above $19,100. So far this week, the drop exceeds 27%. What market analysts and investors feared has finally happened: the price of bitcoin broke the level of 20,000 dollars downwards this Saturday, June 18, which also implies the breaking of a historical pattern for the cryptocurrency in the market. During … Read more

Dogecoin fell 93% from its maximum and Elon Musk is sued for “inflating” its price

Dogecoin lost almost all of its value following the surge in social media. Its price drop intensified in the general bear market for cryptocurrencies. The price of the cryptocurrency dogecoin (DOGE) fell 93% from its all-time high 14 months ago. The depreciation has caused it to lose almost all the growth it had had, driven by the massive sales of … Read more