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JustMarkets 30 USD Welcome Bonus

The Forex and CFD broker JustMarkets offers a welcome bonus of 30 USD to all its new clients. This promotion can be particularly useful for beginner traders who want to start trading in the markets with real money without risking their own resources.

JustMarkets is a widely known broker with a great reputation, especially in Asian and Latin American countries. It currently operates in no less than 197 countries and has over one million clients worldwide. The company offers a variety of trading services, including a wide selection of trading instruments and types of trading accounts that cater to different types of traders.

With this bonus, we can start trading in the forex market without any investment risk. Keep reading to discover all the terms and conditions to benefit from this bonus program.

What is the $30 Welcome Bonus of JustMarkets?

At JustMarkets, traders can open a Welcome Account and instantly receive $30 in cash to trade. Essentially, this promotion allows the trader to delve into the world of Forex trading without having to deposit or risk real money. In this case, it is possible to withdraw the profits you make while trading with the bonus and transfer them to your real account.

However, please note that this program is available only for new customers, and each customer can open a Welcome Account to receive the $30 bonus only once.

How to Receive the Bonus?

Here are the steps you need to follow to enjoy the benefit of JustMarkets’ welcome bonus:

  1. Register with JustMarkets and gain access to the Virtual Office (Back Office).
  2. Open a Welcome Account and instantly receive the $30 bonus once the process is completed. Please note that you will need to provide your phone number.
  3. Trade at least 5 lots within 30 days from the account opening date. Ensure that the profit/loss of each position exceeds 6 pips.
  4. Make a deposit of at least $100 into your real account.
  5. Transfer the bonus funds from the Welcome Account to your real account.”

How to Withdraw JustMarkets Bonus?

There are several things you need to know about withdrawing the bonus. Based on the instructions above, first, you must complete a trading volume of at least 5 lots (1 lot = $100,000) in the trading account within a 30-calendar day period from the registration date. Additionally, the profit or loss of the transaction must be at least 6 pips (60 points) to be counted in the traded volume amount. Robots or Expert Advisors are not allowed.

The withdrawal amount available is no less than $30 and no more than $30. Once you meet the trading requirements, you can immediately transfer the profits to your real trading account. However, please note that to make an internal transfer from the Welcome Account to the real account, you must deposit at least $100 into the real account using any of the available deposit methods. The deposit can be made in a single payment or in parts. The amount must be deposited after fulfilling the bonus trading terms.

Please note that you can only submit one request to transfer the bonus profits. The request will be processed within 2 hours during the broker’s Financial Department working hours. The bonus will be reflected in the real account approximately 24 hours after the request has been made. Once this process is complete, the Welcome Account will be completely deactivated and will no longer be accessible.


JustMarkets’ welcome bonus is an enticing offer available to all new clients. You can use the $30 bonus to trade without risk and then withdraw the profits to your real account. All you need to do to transfer the bonus profits is to open a Welcome Account and trade with your real account. Once you meet the requirements, the broker will process your request in the next few hours and transfer the funds to your account.

However, it’s essential to understand that these promotions are created by brokers to attract new customers. Therefore, it’s important to read the Terms and Conditions to determine if it’s something that truly suits your needs.

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