DeMarker Indicator

DeMarker – A good tool for market trends analysis

DeMarker indicator (DI) is a technical indicator (specifically an oscillator) created by Tom Demark and it is used to analyze the trend of the price of an instrument such as a currency pair (Forex) in the market. It can also be used to study the trends of other instruments such as stocks and commodities for example. It is an oscillator created to identify new buying and selling opportunities. In some way, is similar to the Directional Movement Indicators developed by Welles Wilder. In general, Demark goal was to create an indicator that overcome the problems normally associated with other technical indicators and tools used to identify overbought and oversold trading conditions in the market.

This indicator tracks the market sentiment of an asset by comparing the asset’s present price with the price of the previous period. The basic concept behind the DI is that it can be used to detect changing market interest in an asset and by doing so identify market highs and lows.

Demark designed this forecasting method to predict the beginning of a trend in the medium and long term, and is based on specially designed coefficients.

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