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Bullish Doji Star Candlestick Pattern

2020-09-08T02:44:39+00:00By |Categories: Forex Education|

The candlestick pattern Bullish Doji Star is a trend reversal formation that occurs in bear markets and all timeframes, which indicates that there is a certain probability that a change will occurs from bearish to bullish trend. This is a pattern with an average level of reliability, which can be identified as follows: The previous trend in the market before the pattern appears is [...]

How can I learn to maximize profits and minimize my losses in trading?

2020-09-02T19:36:08+00:00By |Categories: Forex Education, Trading Systems|

There are certain facts that have remained strong in recent years in connection with trading. Experienced and successful traders point out that, despite being able to develop trading strategies with high probability of success that allow them to enter the market at the right time through their systems signals they almost never close a position [...]

How to choose a Forex Signal Provider?

2020-08-25T02:14:55+00:00By |Categories: Forex Education|

Before choosing a Forex signals provider and spend our money paying for their signals, we must take into account a number of important factors since the offer of this kind of services is quite important and each of these services has a number of features both positive and negative which should be assessed in advance. In this [...]

COVID-19 Crisis Triggers Global Debt

2020-08-03T22:09:18+00:00By |Categories: Forex Article|

The COVID-19 pandemic is also having dire consequences for the economy. One of the most notable effects in a large increase in public and private debt. The world was still resentful of the great recession of 2008 when the Coronavirus health crisis erupted. With the virus spreading massively and many economies still paralyzed, states are [...]

Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

2020-07-22T21:52:17+00:00By |Categories: Forex Education|

What is the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)? The Bank for International Settlements, or BIS because of its acronym in English, is an international organization dedicated to stimulating monetary and financial cooperation worldwide. This large entity is often seen as a kind of central bank supervisor. This organism was born in 1930, being therefore considered [...]

Personal Income and Consumption Index Indicator

2020-07-21T19:55:22+00:00By |Categories: Forex Education|Tags: , |

General definition The Personal Income and Consumption Index is a report from United States that includes both personal income and consumption expenditures from all sources. This is a monthly figure, which always refers to the two previous months in which the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the Department of Commerce discloses the report. In this case, the personal income [...]

Major Economic Indicators for New Zealand and the New Zealand dollar (NZD)

2020-07-16T18:56:57+00:00By |Categories: Forex Education, Market Analysis|Tags: , |

The list of economic indicators shown below is of high relevance to New Zealand and therefore for its currency, the New Zealand dollar, and should be followed carefully for traders and investors who trade in this currency. However, is important to take into account that this country does not publish indicators very often. […]