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Review of the Broker Z.Com Trade

Update on Z.Com Trade

The broker Z.Com Trade has ended its operations and no longer offers brokerage services. It closed its offices in mid-2020.

The Forex and CFD broker Z.Com Trade (regulated by organizations such as the FCA) has announced a series of improvements in its services, including the addition of cryptocurrencies CFD (Contracts For Difference).

These services are described below:

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Z.Com Trade broker offers $30 free bonus for new customers


The Forex and CFD broker Z.Com Trade, a company duly regulated by agencies such as the FCA in the UK and the FSA in Japan, is offering all new customers a free bonus of 30 USD, which does not require a prior deposit and whose only requirement is that the trader verifies their identity and place of residence by sending the required documents. This bonus can be used to trade all trading instruments offered by this broker and can be withdrawn (along with profits) once the trader meets a series of requirements that are detailed below. This promotion is ideal for novice traders who are starting their careers in the markets.

-Period of the promotion: So far the company has not indicated a period or deadline for this offer (it is valid throughout 2016), however, Z.Com Trade can change the terms or cancel the promotion at any time. This promotion has ended due to the new regulations of European regulators such as the FCA.

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Broker Z.Com Trade


Z.Com Trade-Broker Review

Z.Com Trade is a recognized Forex and CFD broker from the UK which has a significant presence in other countries like Japan and China (Honk Kong). Currently, this broker founded in 2012 has more than 400,000 customers from all over the world. This company offers access to a variety of financial markets besides Forex through Contracts For Difference based on multiple underlying assets and is characterized by the quality of its services, its strong track record, and a good reputation that has remained through the years. At present, it is the largest provider of retail Forex brokerage in terms of the trading volume.

Z.Com Trade belongs to the company GMO CLICK Holdings Inc, which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (JASDAQ) with stock code 7177.

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