Bullish Kicking Candlestick Pattern

The Bullish Kicking Candlestick Pattern is a formation that occurs in both downtrends as uptrends, which has a high reliability and indicates a possible change in the market trend. We can identify this pattern as follows:
  • In this pattern the market trend is not important.
  • The first candlestick of the formation consists of a Black Marabozu.
  • The second candlestick consists of a white Marabozu with a gap (hole) upwards with respect to the first candlestick.

Candlestick Pattern Interpretation

We can say that this formation basically consists of a Black Marabozu followed by a White Marabozu. After the Black Marobozu is formed, an upward gap is produced in which opens the White Marabozu without producing a minimum  below the opening, iwhich means that the candlestick opens and closes above the gap.

This pattern is characterized by showing how the price of the instrument is is strongly driven upward. In this case the previous trend of the market is irrelevant, contrary to what happens in other reversal chart formations In the Kicking Bullish the price starts to rise sharply and is likely to continue in the same direction during some periods.

Along with the own strength of the Marobozu, part of the strength of this information comes from the consistency provided by the upward gap (Refer to the formation Rising Window).

However, it is important to take care that both candles have no tails or at least that these tails are very small (we must remember at all times that these candlesticks are Marobozus). The gap acts as a very strong support of high reliability against the market pull-backs.

This pattern is similar to another known as Separating Lines Bullish,  with the difference that in the latter the opening price of the white candle of the previous period and the opening price of the black candle are equal, while in the Kicking Bullish there is an upward gap.
This chart pattern has a high reliability as already indicated, but a confirmation should be expected during the next period, that is, in the third period of the formation. This confirmation may consist of a white candle, a gap up or a higher close at the end of that period.

Bullish Kicking Example

bullish kicking example
The Bullish Kicking is indicated with the green rectangle which includes both the bearish and the bullish candlesticks.


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