Satoshi Nakamoto – Who Created Bitcoin?

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Satoshi Nakamoto (1975-present) is the fictitious name of the person (or group of people) who developed Bitcoin. Although his identity is uncertain, there are several versions of his real identity. Obviously, some versions have more weight than others. In any case, it is believed that his profile is that of a mathematician and cryptographer, around [...]

What is a blockchain fork?

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In software development, a fork is the creation of a project in a different direction from the main or official project from the existing source code. This practice is in common use in open source projects or free software. In blockchain networks, forks are used both to create new projects from a previous one, and [...]

What is a Blockchain?

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The present definition of blockchain is the one referring to the Bitcoin technology developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, in which the blockchain is an integral part of it; unlike the new term 'blockchain' introduced by different companies and authors to refer to Bitcoin technology as a whole. A blockchain, also known as a distributed ledger, [...]

Binance Coin (BNB): complete tutorial for beginners

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The powerful and popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance has created its own cryptocurrency that functions as an internal gas. Supported by a well-established company, Binance Coin or BNB is here to stay and we explain why. What is Binance Coin? Symbol: BNB Release date: 06.27.2017 Maximum amount: 200 million BNB Binance Coin is the official cryptocurrency [...]

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