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Update on the broker RBOption

Like many other binary options brokers, RBOptions closed its operations in mid-2018 due to the ban on these trading instruments in Europe and other jurisdictions. To this we must also add the bad reputation that binary options have acquired among retail traders.

However, if you are interested in trading binary options and other instruments such as Forex and CFD through a recognized and regulated broker, you can try IQOption.

You can get more information about this company in the following guide: IQOption broker review

Review of the Binary Options Broker RBOptions

RBOptions is a binary options broker founded in 2012 in Europe that offers a lot of underlying assets to trade with options, bonuses and a web-based trading platform for all its clients. In this case, the investor can trade with binary options based on various kinds of financial assets including currency pairs (Forex), commodities and stocks and indices of different markets. Its trading platform is based on SpotOption 2.
For the moment this broker is not regulated.

Type of Broker

RBOptions is a Binary Options Broker

Country of origin

The headquarters of this broker is located in London, United Kingdom.


For the moment the broker has no regulation.

Underlying Assets

This broker offers the possibility to trade with Binary Options based on the following underlying assets:
  • Forex Market: 16 currency pairs of the Forex market, including the most important like the EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY and other more exotic like the USD/ZAR among others.
  • Commodities: 7 of the most important and traded commodities in the market including oil, gold, platinum, silver, sugar, and coffee.
  • Stocks: 33 of the main shares from the US market, the European market, and the Asian market, including Microsoft, Citigroup, Barclays, BAE Systems, Nissan Motors, and Toyota among others.
  • Indices: 26 stock indices including the most important of the major stock exchanges worldwide, such as Dow Jones, S&P 500, Nasdaq, IBEX, CAC, Nikkei 225 and FTSE 100 among others.

Types of Binary Options

RBOptions allows to trade with the following types of binary options:
  • Above/Below Binary Options: This is the most common and traded type of binary option due to its simplicity and the high and fast income that offers for the investor. In this case, the trader only has to establish if the price of the underlying asset is going to be up or down once the option expires. Usually, the expiration period of Above/Below options of RBOptions options is 1 hour, however, the trader can execute transactions with maturities ranging from 60 seconds to 6 months.
  • One-Touch Binary Options: In this type of option, the trader must determine if the price of the underlying asset is going to reach or not a particular price level before the end of the expiration period of the option. In most cases, the maturity of One Touch options can last several days, so they offer a higher return (up to 500% of the option inversion in the case of RBOptions) compared to the Above/Below options.
  • Customized Binary Options: These above/below options which are customized by the trader through the application Option Builder. In this case, the trader can modify the main parameters of the option such as the expiration period, the underlying asset, the payment offered if the option expires “In The Money” and the risk level of the trade. In this way, the clients of this broker can trade with options completely adapted to their needs and trading strategies.
  • 60 Seconds Binary Options: These are Above/Below options with a maturity of just 60 seconds. Thanks to this feature, these options are ideal for traders interested in taking advantage of the micro market movements, especially those occurring in volatile instruments such as oil for example.
  • Pair Options: This is a type of binary option in which the trader speculates about the behavior of a financial asset in comparison with the behavior of another asset, such as the case of a stock of a specific sector in relation to other stock in the same sector (eg Apple vs Intel). Usually, for these transactions, the pairs used are formed with quite related assets such as precious metals (gold and silver), stocks (Google and Facebook), indexes and others.
-Forex and CFD trades: Through RBOptions trading platform, the trader can make transactions in the Forex market, which have no expiration period (not binary options). In this case, the client can trade with 16 currency pairs with a maximum leverage of 1:500, a minimum investment of $25 and a Stop Loss/Take Profit. Also, the trader can speculate with gold, silver and crude oil trough CFD contracts.

Payments Offered by RBOptions

-For the Above/Below Binary options, when the option expires “In The Money”, RBOptions offers a payment from 70%-85% of the contract inversion.
-For One Touch options, the payment can be up to 500% of the option inversion.
-If the option expires “Out The Money”, this broker allows to recover from 5%-10% of the contract inversion.

Trading Accounts

The types of trading accounts offered by this broker to its clients are:
  • Silver Account: This is the basic trading account of RBOptions and was created for traders with little experience in binary options trading. It requires a minimum deposit of $250- $1000. This account offers a welcome bonus of 25%, customer service 24 hours a day, a demo practice account, daily market analysis and an e-book on binary options.
  • Gold Account: It is a type of trading account designed for traders with more capital and expertise in binary options trading. It requires a minimum deposit of $1000- $10000. This account offers a welcome bonus of 50%, customer service 24 hours a day, trading signals on major market events, a practice demo account, one by one training sessions, daily market analysis and an e-book about binary options.
  • Broker Account: These accounts are created for professionals traders with experience in the field of binary options. The Broker Account requires a minimum deposit of $10000- $50,000. It offers a welcome bonus of 80%, customer service 24 hours a day, a dedicated broker 24/7, a full money management service, trading signals on major market events (a success rate of 75%), a demo account to practice, one by one training sessions, daily market analysis, free monthly webinars and an e-book on binary options.
  • VIP account: This is a special type of account for VIP customers of RBOptions. It requires a deposit of more than $50,000. The VIP account offers the same services as the Broker Account plus other such as additional educational resources for the trader and the Stop Loss function, which allows closing a position when a losing trade is predicted so that the trader can preserve a percentage of the amount initially invested in the option.

Trading Platform

The trading platform of the broker is an online web-based online application that requires no download or installation (it is based on the trading system of SpotOption). For this reason, it can be accessed from anyplace with an Internet connection, which gives the trader more flexibility. In general, it is a simple application thanks in part to the simplicity of the operation with binary options. Despite this, it has all the necessary functions to open and close positions and manage open positions so that the traders can track the performance of their transactions at any time until these options expire. For this purpose, it has several tools such as simple price charts.
With this platform the trader has the following possibilities:
  • Double Up: If an option is close to the expiration time and the trader believes that the market will continue in the same direction, he can create a new trade with the same conditions, for the current price of the asset with a feature called “Double Up”. This function allows the trader to double the profit that he can get in a trade.
  • Rollover: On the contrary, if the options is close to the expiration time and the market is against the trade, the investor has the possibility to postpone the expiry of the option with a feature called “Rollover”. This increases the chances of success of the trade, but it requires that the trader adds and extra investment. The Roll over is available up to 10 minutes before the expiry.
  • Option Builder: Through this platform, the clients of RBOptions have the possibility to create their own customized binary options using an application called Option Builder. Through this function, the trader can modify the main parameters of the option such as the expiration period of the contract, the underlying asset, the payment offered if the option expires In The Money and the associated risk level. In this way, investors can trade with binary options more adapted to their trading strategies.

Demo Account

The trader has the possibility to request a demo account to practice their trading strategies before risking real money.

Payment Options

-The client of RBOptions can deposit/withdrawal funds by Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card (the most important like Mastercard and VISA) and Skrill.

Main Advantages of RBOptions

  • This broker offers regular promotions to customers who open a trading account and deposit funds. Currently, it offers a welcome bonus of up to 150%.
  • The trader has the possibility to request a demo account to practice trading strategies before risking real money.
  • RBOptions offers its customers a wide range of financial instruments (underlying assets) to trade with binary options.
  • The customer has the possibility to trade with custom binary options, 60 seconds binary options and options based on pairs of instruments or assets (pair options).
  • The trader has the ability to extend or shorten the expiration of an option.
  • RBOptions has a good customer service that offers assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Daily free signals on major market events, which have a high rate of success.
  • Through its website, the broker provides free basic education on binary options. This education on the market includes different aspects such as terminology, binary options trading, and trading strategies.
  • Several educational resources for the trader including:
    • Free Webinars on binary options and trading in general.
    • A free ebook about binary options.
    • A dedicated broker  (24/7).
    • 1-1 training sessions.
  • RBOptions offers daily and weekly market analysis.
  • Different market analysis tools as an economic calendar
  • RBOptions offers the possibility to earn money by promoting its services as a broker through an affiliate program called RBOptions Partners.

Main Brokers Offers

RBOptions offers regular bonuses for new and existing clients. These bonuses depends on the amount of money deposited by the clients in their accounts.
  • Currently it offers a welcome bonus from 25% to 100% on the first deposit made by new customers.

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