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Alpari - binary options trading

Update: Contracts with binary options in Alpari are now known as Fix-Contracts, which have the same characteristics as binary options, but with another name. The possible reason for this change in the denomination is the bad reputation that these derivatives have acquired in recent years. Despite this, the information given below applies to the Fix-Contracts that this broker now offers.

Fix-Contracts (binary options) of Alpari

Binary options allow the investor to speculate on the price of various assets and financial instruments such as currency pairs (Forex) and metals and offer the advantage of having minimum investment requirements. The broker Alpari, which is specialized in Forex, precious metals and contracts for difference (CFD) based on different markets, includes the binary options to the list of investment instruments for its regular clients. Currently, this broker is one of the most important in the Forex market and the financial markets sector in general, with thousands of customers around the world.

Through its trading platform, Alpari allows its customers to trade with these financial derivatives for an amount of only $5 and offers the possibility to earn up to 100% of the capital invested in a matter of minutes. Binary options are excellent investment instruments for beginners traders because they are transparent and have an extremely simple operation compared to other instruments. One of its biggest advantages is that the trader knows exactly how much he/she can win or lose on a trade when the position is opened. In the case of Alpari, the client can recover up to 20% of the amount lost in the options that expire Out The Money.

Types of binary options offered Alpari

  • Above/Below options (High/Low): These are the are most common and popular binary options in the market thanks to its simplicity compared to other financial instruments and the high profits offered to the trader. In this case, the trader has to determine if the underlying price will end above or below the current market price when the option expires. If the option expires In The Money, Alpari offers a payout of up to 100 % on the amount invested.
  • Quick Options: These Above/Below options have an expiration period of 60 seconds to 3 minutes. This feature makes these options ideal for traders who want quick profit with fast trades that take advantage of micro-movements in the market, especially in assets that have strong movements in short periods of time, such as the Forex or commodities such as gold. These options provide a potential gain of up to 70%
  • One-Touch Options: These are American style binary options in which the trader must predict whether the underlying price will reach a price level which can be an upper barrier (call option) or a lower barrier (put option). In this case, the trader can select the level at which the barrier will be placed, which helps to determine the payment offered by the option. If the price reaches the barrier before the option expiration, then the contract is automatically terminated In The Money and the trader receives a gain of up to 100%.
  • High/Low Range Options: In this type of binary option, the trader has to determine both the underlying price direction as its permanence or not within a price range. The trader has to predict whether the price will go up (call option) or down (put option) with respect to the current price, and if the price is going to stay or not within a set price range ( formed by an upper and a lower barrier) during the period of maturity of the option.

Underlying assets offered by Alpari

Alpari allows its clients to trade with binary options based on the following financial assets:
  • Currency Pairs: 13 currency pairs in the Forex market, including the most important as the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/ JPY and USD/CHF, and other less common as the GBP/CAD and GBP/CHF. Currency pairs offered by the broker as underlying assets are:
    • EUR/USD
    • GBP/USD
    • USD/JPY
    • GBP/JPY
    • USD/CHF
    • EUR/JPY
    • GBP/CHF
    • GBP/CAD
    • Others
  • Commodities: Gold and silver in the spot market, two of the most important and traded commodities in financial markets.

Trading Platform

Alpari offers a web-based trading platform known as Fix-Contracts Trader, which features a simple and user-friendly interface, even for traders with no experience in binary options. This application is designed to trade with a variety of options, including Above/Below, One Touch and Range options. For example, if an investor trades with Above/Below options, all the trader needs to do is select an asset, make a prediction about the market direction and decide how much money wants to invest.
Binary trading platform Fix-Contracts Trader of Alpari broker
Fix-Contracts Trader is compatible with all web browsers, which means that the investor can trade with binary options on any place with an Internet connection, from a PC, laptop or tablet. Because we can trade with binary options 24 hours a day, the trader can trade with these derivatives at any time he wants.

Main features of Fix-Contracts Trader

  • It offers various types of binary options for the trader, including Above/Below (High/Low), One Touch options, Range options (High / Low) and Quick Options (options with a short expiration period).
  • It is a platform that provides quick, easy and cheap access to the binary options market and various types of underlying assets to trade with these derivatives.
  • This platform offers the possibility to earn up to 100% of the contract investment in just minutes.
  • The minimum investment is 5 USD.
  • It has a user-friendly interface, which makes binary options an investment accessible to anyone, even investors with little or no experience in the market.
  • It is compatible with all web browsers and most tablets.

Specifications of binary options contracts offered by Alpari

-Forex Options

  • No spreads, direct commissions for client trades and margin requirements.
  • The prices are based on real-time data provided by Alpari liquidity providers.

-Options on precious metals

  • No margin requirements.
  • The prices are based on data from real-time prices of gold and silver contracts on the spot market.

How to trade binary options with Alpari?

The procedure to start trading with binary options with the broker Alpari is fast and simple and only requires the following steps:
  • Open an account with Alpari.
  • Sign in myAlpari account panel using the username and password supplied to the customer via email.
  • Deposit funds in the transient account and then transfer those funds to the trading account.
  • Log on the Fix-Contracts Trader platform and start trading with options.

You can learn more about the services of Alpari to trade with binary options and open a trading account (free of charge) in the company’s Web site through the following link:

alpari broker




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