Basic Types of Binary Options

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  Binary options are instruments that are characterized by their simplicity and high profits, which has led to a surge in popularity that extends each day. Most known regular binary options, known as digital options which normally are associated with these financial derivatives transactions. However, binary options brokers offer other types of binary options that any trader should [...]

Binary Options Trading Platform of Alpari

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Update: Contracts with binary options in Alpari are now known as Fix-Contracts, which have the same characteristics as binary options, but with another name. The possible reason for this change in the denomination is the bad reputation that these derivatives have acquired in recent years. Despite this, the information given below applies to the Fix-Contracts [...]

In The Money (ITM) Binary Options

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  The flexibility of binary options trading compared to other financial products offers a number of opportunities for the trader, including the ability to speculate based on a variety of markets, which in turn offer a wide selection of underlying assets including currency pairs (Forex), stock indices, commodities and stocks. Having such a variety of [...]

Trading the Ladder Binary Options

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  What are the Ladder options? Ladder binary options are a peculiar sort of binary option contract, which isn’t even widely available: only a limited number of brokers feature them. Still, some traders prefer the ladder, because it’s a little more intricate and a little more interesting for many than a simple Put/Call or Touch/No [...]

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