Affiliate Program Forex-Affiliate

Forex-Affiliate is an affiliate program implemented by the Forex broker EasyMarkets in order to actively promote their services and acquire new customers (traders) who open a trading account and deposit funds to trade in the financial markets. To this end, the program is based on an affiliate system that provides all kinds of promotional resources based primarily on the Internet, which are specifically designed for this purpose.

Thanks to these advertising tools and commission plans offered in this program, Forex-Affiliate is an excellent choice for those webmasters who are interested in monetizing websites and/or blogs whose subject is related directly to financial markets and especially with Forex.

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Commission plans offered by Forex-Affiliate

Currently, this program offers its members the following commissions plans for referring new customers:
  • CPA: A commission system that provides a single payment of a fixed amount for each referred trader that opens a trading account with EasyMarkets and deposit funds. The amount of this commission depends on the number of funds deposited by the referred customer after the account opening.
  • Revenue Share: This is the most interesting commission system offered by Forex-Affiliate. This payment basically consists of a percentage of the profits made by EasyMarkets with the clients referred by the affiliate, depending on the volume of their transactions on the market. This payment is made for life while the referred customers continue as customers of this broker. It is the most cost-effective payment scheme for members who refer very active traders.
  • Hybrid: This system is a combination of the previous two.

Account opening with the program Forex-Affiliate

Just as in other similar affiliate programs, the registration and opening of an account with Forex-Affiliate is free, as is the use of the advertising resources that it offers for partners. Likewise, it is not a mandatory requirement that the associated open a trading account with EasyMarkets to be accepted and to receive the payment of the commissions earned as in other programs.

Advertising tools of Forex-Affiliate

This affiliate program offers a variety of resources in order to promote the services of the broker EasyMarkets and acquire new customers that open an account with this company. All these tools are designed to be used in various Internet-based media, including blogs, websites, forums, and emails. The affiliates can use all these resources according to their needs and different marketing strategies,  provided they do not violate any of the rules of the program, especially those related to spam advertising. Among the most important promotional resources, we can mention the following:

  • Dozens of GIF and Flash banners which are provided in all sizes and in a variety of languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian, and others. These banners can be used in any section of a website or blog, which, together with its interesting design makes them an excellent tool for promoting this Forex broker.
  • Simple links and text links (with keywords included), which can be placed anywhere on a website in order to redirect the traffic to the website of the broker or to any landing page where specific services of EasyMarkets are described. These links can also be used in email or marketing campaigns such as Google Adwords.
  • Dozens of landing pages that allow promoting other associated services that EasyMarkets offers.
  • Articles in several languages to add more content to the website of the affiliate.
  • A specialized application that shows updated news on financial markets.
  • Customizable templates for installing or creating websites that have a similar design to the EasyMarkets website. Currently, these templates are only offered in English, Chinese and Arabic.
  • Widgets, which are small applications that can be placed on any website and serve two purposes at once: provide interesting information to visitors about the market (eg prices) and promote this broker.
* Note: The marketing resources of Forex-Affiliate can not be used for spam advertising activities, ie send unsolicited advertising via electronic means such as the Internet. This practice is prohibited by the program and may result in the closure of the affiliate’s account as a loss of commissions earned to date.

Sub-Affiliate Program

The partners of Forex-Affiliate have the opportunity to significantly increase their revenue by promoting and recommending the program itself to other entrepreneurs (potential affiliates) who are interested in earning money through the promotion of a regulated broker such as EasyMarkets. Thus, Forex-Affiliate, through its sub-affiliate program, allows its members to obtain 10% of the monthly income generated by their referrals through the promotion of this broker.
In short, this affiliate program offers the following opportunities to its members:
  • Make money promoting the services of the Forex broker EasyMarkets.
  • Make money promoting the same Forex-Affiliate program.

Summary of the general characteristics of Forex-Affiliate

Below are the most important features of this affiliate program is:
Year of establishment
Promoted broker
  • EasyMarkets
User Panel to control the account
Updated and comprehensive reporting of statistics (traffic, referred accounts, money earned, etc)
Commission plans
-CPA: $100 to $450 for each referred customer who opens a trading account and deposits funds. The amount of CPA depends on the initial deposit made by the referred client.
-Revenue Share: It offers a Revenue Share of up to $3.5 for each lot traded by the traders referred by the affiliate.
-Hybrid: The hybrid plan currently offered by this program is a CPA of $100 and a Revenue Share of $1.5/lot traded for each referred client.
Sub affiliate program
Forex-Affiliate offers its members 10% of the profits earned by the referred sub affiliates each month.
Payment option
  • Cheque
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
Minimum payment
Both the platform and the website of this affiliate program are translated into several languages including English and Spanish. Also, Forex-Affiliate offers promotional material in many languages, such as the previous two.
Additional comments
Forex-Affiliate has several payment plans that offer opportunities to get excellent commissions. It also has the advantage of promoting a properly regulated Forex broker as EasyMarkets, which is in constant growth.
You can open an affiliate account on Forex-Affiliate through the following link:

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