Best Forex Partners: An affiliate program to avoid

Previously I had recommended the affiliate program Best Forex Partners for several reasons to monetize websites. First it lets promote several Forex and binary options brokers, which increases the possibility of obtaining good commissions through the monetization of websites or bloges related to financial markets, like Forex. Secondly it offers high commissions and has a high conversion rate. And thirdly it paid on time, or at least it did until recently. I have to say that the program is no longer paying, at least it is not paying, which is a pity.  

Previously I never had problems to receive my commission payments. These payments always came on time and automatically. In fact, since I enrolled in that program I had earnings of almost 3000 USD, which is not little. The problem started in June 2016.
In June 2016 I obtained a commission of 250 USD for a customer referred to the binary options broker Opteck (now I promote this broker through other program, called VipAffiliates). The truth is that I had not checked my account with Best Forex Partners for several months because my earnings in that program had been very low and when I checked the account again in the month of July I found the surprise that I had won a new commission. It was money not expected but welcome.

However, the month of July endend and Best Forex Partners never sent the payment. I decided to give them a little more time because it is not uncommon that these programs delay a little with payments (which of course should not happen). In August the situation waas the same: No payment of explanation of any kind.  

At that moment I worried and now in September I started writing to customer service. I wrote several questions that the company not even deign to answer. In other words, Best Forex Partners are not paying commissions nor answer any question in their customer service. At this point, Sept. 27, 2016, I know that I will not see those commissions. 


Probably, Best Forex Partners has become a scam or is about to close, but I decided to write this article to advise any person interested in affiliate marketing to avoid this program. If you are thinking about signing, don´t do it, but if you opened an account recently, do not waste your time. There are many other affiliate programs that are really paying.
The last thing I have to say is:


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