Trade Like A Champion Competition of EasyMarkets

EasyMarkets Trade Like A Champion Contest

EasyMarkets Trade Like A Champion Contest

To commemorate the first season of its association with the famous soccer team Real Madrid C.F., the broker EasyMarkets is launching the “Trade Like A Champion” trading competition that will last 60 days with a prize of 10,000 USD in cash for the first place. All the company’s clients can participate in this tournament and they all have the same chance of winning.

There are no volume or deposit limits to enter the contest and the winner is calculated based on the percentage of their winning trades, not their trading volume, which means that everyone is eligible to win if they complete 30 trades within the 60-day competition period.

-Competition period: This trading tournament will last 2 months and will be held from October 1 to November 30, 2020.

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Risk Free trading – dealCancellation of EasyMarkets

The Forex and CFD broker EasyMarkets (regulated by ASIC and CySEC) now offers a new tool called dealCancellation, which allows its clients to carry out risk-free trades. With this resource, the client can cancel his losing transactions up to a maximum of 60 minutes from the moment the position is opened. In other words, with dealCancellation it is possible to cancel a losing trade that was opened in a period of less than one hour and get back any loss incurred.

The dealCancellation tool can be applied under the following conditions:

  • When the trader feels insecure about market conditions and considers the result of his trades to be uncertain.
  • During major market events, such as the publication of important economic indicators or announcements such as Non-Farm Payrolls, where the market presents excellent opportunities to obtain great benefits but the level of risk is also very high.
  • During periods in which the market has higher levels of volatility than normal, in which it is more difficult to predict the behavior of prices, and risks are higher.
  • When the trader performs transactions in which he is trading with higher volumes than normal. In these transactions, a trader can apply dealCancellation to limit the risk and avoid large losses in case the market moves against his position and at the same time have the opportunity to obtain higher profits with high volume trades.

– Period of validity of the promotion: This promotion has no deadline as it is an active service of the broker EasyMarkets for all its customers.

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EasyMarkets offers Forex Vanilla options

The Forex broker EasyMarkets (regulated by CySEC and ASIC) offers its customers the ability to trade Forex Vanilla options, ie traditional options contracts based on the main currency pairs. In this case, these are OTC options contracts (Over-The-Counter), which provide many advantages to the trader, thanks largely to the trading platform of EasyMarkets, which is an intuitive and easy to use application even for traders with little experience in trading in these derivatives.

Affiliate Program Forex-Affiliate

Forex-Affiliate is an affiliate program implemented by the Forex broker EasyMarkets in order to actively promote their services and acquire new customers (traders) who open a trading account and deposit funds to trade in the financial markets. To this end, the program is based on an affiliate system that provides all kinds of promotional resources based primarily on the Internet, which are specifically designed for this purpose.

Thanks to these advertising tools and commission plans offered in this program, Forex-Affiliate is an excellent choice for those webmasters who are interested in monetizing websites and/or blogs whose subject is related directly to financial markets and especially with Forex.

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EasyMarkets Forex and CFD Broker


EasyMarkets Logo

– Market Maker broker from Cyprus specialized in Forex, CFD, and vanilla options

-Regulated by organizations such as ASIC and CySEC

-Fixed spreads and access to different trading assets

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EasyMarkets – Forex Broker Review

EasyMarkets is an online broker specializing in Forex (spot Forex), CFD, and Forex options which was established in 2015 and currently has its operational base in Cyprus. Previously it was known as Easy-Forex, a broker founded in 2003, therefore it shares many features with this broker, including the list of trading instruments and trading platform among others. In fact, EasyMarkets is the new brand that has come to replace Easy-Forex. The reason for this change is that EasyMarkets covers more markets and is a way to expand the company’s presence in the sector.

EasyMarkets is a Market Maker broker type, which means that it is the counterpart of its clients in their transactions in case of not finding an external counterpart. Also, it offers fixed spreads and does not allow strategies based on scalping.

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