EasyMarkets offers Forex Vanilla options

The Forex broker EasyMarkets (regulated by CySEC and ASIC) offers its customers the ability to trade Forex Vanilla options, ie traditional options contracts based on the main currency pairs. In this case, these are OTC options contracts (Over-The-Counter), which provide many advantages to the trader, thanks largely to the trading platform of EasyMarkets, which is an intuitive and easy to use application even for traders with little experience in trading in these derivatives.

What are the Forex Vanilla Options of EasyMarkets?

The Forex Vanilla Options are contracts that give the trader the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a currency at a price and amount previously selected by the trader, and on a specific date in the future. With these contracts, the trader may choose to buy and hold a position open until the time when the expiration occurs, or can close the position in advance by selling the options in order to capitalize the desired benefit early.

The options trading offers the possibility to speculate on the market behavior or protect against any risk associated with the market. For example, the trader can hedge the risk of a buy position in the spot Forex market through a put option based on the same instrument, which would serve as a protection for the trader to the risk of a possible market downturn.
Forex options of EasyMarkets are cash-settled, meaning that at the time of expiration, the trader receives a cash benefit (if the option expires In The Money) instead of an open market position.

Benefits of Forex Options of EasyMarkets

  • Options allow profit in both bull and bear markets.
  • They are Over The Counter contracts, meaning that they are not standardized.
  • Options are derivatives which can be used to cover operations in the spot Forex market and protect the trader against any risk associated with these transactions.
  • The options give the right but not the obligation to buy or sell.
  • With options, the risk is limited to the premium paid for the acquisition of the Call or Put option. This is a great advantage over trades in the spot Forex market, where the risk is unlimited.
  • The options trading platform EasyMarkets is an online application, which is characterized by being intuitive and easy to use.
  • The trader can trade with options based on a lot of currency pairs and commodities (gold and silver).
  • The platform allows the traders to customize the options exactly as they want, as these options are OTC contracts. The trader can choose the exercise price, expiration date and transaction size.
  • The trader has the ability to use any trading strategy with options, providing great flexibility in their operations thanks to the huge variety of existing strategies to trade with these derivatives.
  • Through the EasyMarkets platform, the trader can create their own trading strategy or select any  strategy that best suits their needs by using its option strategies market.

Underlying assets (currency pairs) that EasyMarkets offers to trade options


Trading Platform of EasyMarkets

As noted above, the EasyMarkets platform to trade options is a simple and easy to use application, which has an intuitive and understandable interface even for beginners traders as shown in the following figure:

This application offers the following advantages to the trader:
  • The trader can select the platform mode that best suits their knowledge and level of risk.
  • The trader can operate with several options in a strategy with one click and receive a discount.
  • The platform allows the trader to view the potential returns of the strategies in different scenarios in both a table and a chart before opening a position. Thus, it is possible to evaluate an operation without risking money in the process, which decreases the level of risk for the trader.
  • The platform provides access to a market of option strategies (created by traders) which can be copied without restriction.
Despite its simple interface, this platform has a number of specialized tools designed to improve the analysis and trader’s chances of success in their trades with options, in addition to the usual functions for opening new positions. Among these tools we can highlight one designed to test the sensitivity of the options (based on the main Greek used in the study of the options, such as Delta, Gamma and Vega) and an application to analyze and predict the outcome of an operation with options under different market scenarios.
The main parts of the platform are:
  1. Section to add new positions (buying and selling of new options): In this area the trader selects the underlying asset (currency pair), the type of option (Call and Put), the exercise price, the expiration date and the volume of the position that will be bought or sold at the time of option expiration.
  2. Buying and selling price of the option: This section indicates the buying and selling price for the option (the option premium), which depends on factors such as the exercise price, maturity, and the amount you are going to buy or sell when the option expires. It is the maximum amount the trader risks when buying or selling a call or put option. For selling options, EasyMarkets does not allow the sale of uncovered options (naked options).
  3. Sensitivity: A tool to determine the sensitivity of an option or options strategy under current market conditions. In other words, it determines the Greek of an option trade which allows the trader to determine more accurately their chances of success.
  4. Scenarios: This application allows the trader to analyze the performance of a strategy under different market scenarios, ie under a bullish, bearish, lateral, volatile and very volatile market, for example. Thus, the trader is better able to predict whether his strategy will likely to be successful under the most likely market conditions in the future, whether they are favorable or unfavorable.
  5. Turn into strategy: Through this application, the trader can add new options and create a strategy that can be saved and used later.

Creating custom options strategies

Through the trading platform, the operator can create and apply any imaginable options  strategy , including the most popular strategies and fully customized strategies, which can be used under different market conditions (bull markets, bear markets, volatile markets, low volatility markets, etc.). For this, the platform has a simple interface that allows to easily create any strategy.

The customized options strategies created by the trader can be saved and applied on the platform at any time and under the chosen market scenarios. You can save as many strategies as you want and use them with just a few clicks.

Options strategies marketplace of EasyMarkets

EasyMarkets has an options strategies marketplace that is integrated into its trading platform. Through the platform, the trader can copy any of the strategies listed, many of which were designed by experienced traders. Each strategy comes with a full description that includes the underlying asset, the components (options), the sensitivity analysis (Greek) and performance over time. Also, each strategy can be evaluated by users, so that the trader can select the strategies that are most popular and have the most positive reviews. The strategies are grouped into the following categories:
  • More popular.
  • Recently added.
  • Favorites.
  • All strategies.
  • My strategies (strategies selected by the trader).

In the image below is shown the strategies marketplace interface:

Promotions of EasyMarkets for traders interested in Forex options

  • EasyMarkets offers risk-free trades with options (without any risk to the trader) worth up to $300 USD.

How to trade Forex options  with EasyMarkets?

To trade with Forex options and the full range of trading instruments that EasyMarkets offers to its customers (spot Forex, commodities, indices, etc.) the trader only has to open a trading account with this company and deposit the necessary funds (from 25 USD onwards). With a single account, the trader can access all trading instruments and EasyMarkets platforms, including the options trading platform.

You can obtain more information about the Forex options of EasyMarkets and open an account free of charge at the website of the company through the following link:

EasyForex Website

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