Forex Articles

In these section we are going to include general articles about Forex and the financial markets. These articles will have a variety of topics, from trading systems, system evaluation, trading psychology, market analysis, Forex brokers, Forex autotrading, Forex signals and more. In this way, the trader may complement their training with interesting articles that will give you a more complete picture of trading.

These articles will be written by traders with experience in the financial markets, mainly in Forex. If you have any questions or suggestions about an article that you would like to read, please let us know.

Likewise if you wish to contribute with some articles written by you, you will be welcome. If you want we can include the name of the author and the link you want.

The following is a list of articles so far on this site:

  1. Why so many traders fails?
  2. The Money Management in trading
  3. What is Forex?
  4. 4 Myths about Forex trading
  5. Are EAs profitable in the long term?
  6. How to choose a good Forex Broker?
  7. Stages that characterize a bullish or bearish market
  8. The Camarilla Equation
  9. Trading Models Based in channels: Wolfe Waves


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