Long White Candlestick Pattern

The Long White Candle candlestick pattern appears opening near the minimum and closing very near the maximum of the market session. Its figure is much larger than those produced by the normal White Candles that are formed in price charts. Therefore to differentiate the two candles the trader should analyze the size which is at least three times higher than normal White Candles that we are used to analyze. This is a bullish confirmation pattern of high reliability which tell us that the market is in a strong uptrend which has high potential to continue.

Long White Candlestick pattern

Candlestick Pattern Interpretation

In general, what indicates the presence of this pattern is that buying forces have taken complete control of the market trend against bearish forces which for the moment are being cornered. This bullish candle in essence, is not an indication of change in the trend, but it give us information that can help us make decisions about the market as it gives important clues about its general behavior.

The importance of this pattern is that it allows to confirm significant support levels, whether that support will be prices, previous formations or patterns or trend lines. If at any time the asset price reaches one of these supports and the market produces a Long White Candle as a result, we can say that the support is reliable and therefore the time is right to try to open a buy position as in this case there are good chances that the market continues to rise.

Also, if this candle breaks an important resistance level, if it crosses an important bearish formation or pattern or breaks the current downtrend line, this is a clear sign that this upward movement has a high reliability and therefore it represents a good opportunity to enter the market with a long position.

The Long White Candle is produced by a strong bullish force so its real body acts as a significant support. Typically, this support is located in the mid-body of the candle and when there is a decline in the market that can not pass this price level, then there is another important opportunity to enter the market with a buy position. This pattern is so strongly bullish that in the event that the price crosses this level (the midpoint of the candle) the rest of the candle will continue acting as a support that obstruct the downward forces.

Real Example of a long white candlestick

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