RoboForex Commissions – What are RoboForex Broker Fees?

In this article, we are going to make a detailed analysis of what the RoboForex fees and commissions are so that you can know if it is the right broker for you or not.

RoboForex is an international broker that has been offering its services since 2009, providing its clients with 8 types of assets and more than 12,000 different trading instruments. With a hybrid execution model, trading orders are executed through an ECN/STP model or Market Maker model, depending on the type of account chosen by the trader and market conditions.

More information about RoboForex broker and its brokerage services for Forex and CFD in the following guide: RoboForex broker review

-ECN/STP broker from Cyprus specialized in Forex and CFD
-It is a regulated company
-Variable and tight spreads
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Before getting fully into the subject of this broker’s commissions, let’s see a little more about the services and products offered by RoboForex:

Markets Available at RoboForex

Roboforex is a versatile broker that offers its clients the possibility of trading in different types of financial instruments:

  • Forex: In this broker, we can find access to more than 40 currency pairs, including EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, and EURGBP, with very small spreads and fast market execution of 0.1 seconds.
  • Stocks: You can trade CFDs on shares of international companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Siemens, and more than 12,000 other instruments.
  • Indices: RoboForex offers its clients access to some of the best conditions in the industry for trading indices. For example, the spreads on DE40, one of the most important German indices, have decreased by 0.5 pips on ECN and Prime accounts and 0.7 pips on Pro accounts.
  • Commodities: More than 100 ETFs from the agricultural commodities market. COFFE, CORN, SGAR, SOYB, and other soft commodities ETFs.
  • Metals: RoboForex clients can trade with XAU/USD and XAG/USD pairs along with more than 20 metal ETFs.
  • Energies: We can also access ETFs and CFDs on energies, including heating oil, natural gas, ethanol, and oil.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Trade 24/7 in 16 CFDs on cryptocurrencies available, including Bitcoin, Solana, Stellar, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and others.

Other relevant aspects

Among the most relevant aspects of the services and products offered by RoboForex, we can find the following:

  • Funds deposited into a RoboForex account through the Skrill and Neteller systems are transferred instantly and commission-free.
  • You can open multiple demo accounts totally free, with specific characteristics of the different types of real accounts that the broker has.
  • Multiple options in terms of trading platforms, and all with no cost to use. MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, cTrader, R Stocks Trader, and RoboForex web terminal.
  • Video tutorials, trading tips, FAQs, and much more, all with free access.
  • VPS services for automatic trading.
  • RoboForex has several bonuses and promotions, ranging from 30 to 50,000 USD (not available for all countries). You can see more information on the broker’s website.
  • Thanks to the “Cashback (Rebates)” program, RoboForex verified clients have an opportunity to receive extra profits on all account types, starting from 10 lots in traded volume. The higher your monthly trading volume in your account, the higher the Rebates you can receive. The funds you received can be used in any way you want without any restrictions.
  • RoboForex includes an extra income of up to 10% per month of your account size just for trading. This extra income is obtained by the cumulative volume of trades that we have during the month.
  • Trading contests in which you can win real money just by trading on a Demo account. There are several modalities to compete and each one of them has its own features such as duration, size of the reward, type of instruments traded, or the minimum balance with which each contest begins, among other things.
  • Possibility of social trading in MetaTrader 4 and 5.

As you can see, there are many possibilities that RoboForex offers, but now let’s see in-depth everything related to the fees of this broker.

RoboForex Commissions

In general, the commissions and fees of this broker are not different from those offered by other similar companies, regardless of its hybrid execution model. Its commission types are common in this sector that offers the possibility of trading in the Forex and CFDs market.

RoboForex Trading Commissions

There are two types of commissions that online brokers generally charge, the trading commissions and the non-trading ones.

In the case of trading commissions, they are those that have to do directly with the execution of orders, whether in the form of spread, fixed or variable commission, fees for overnight positions, etc…

Basically, these types of fees will only exist if you open, maintain or close trading positions on any of their platforms.

– Spreads at RoboForex

The spread: It refers to the difference between the buy price and the sell price offered by the broker. For example, when you want to buy you will pay the highest price (Ask), but if you want to sell you will pay the lowest price (Bid), in the same way, that exchange houses work.

If you look at the trading platforms, on some platforms you will see that two available prices appear, which refer to the Bid price and the Ask price.

Spreads in Forex

The spreads can be variable, or even fixed in some specific cases. You must bear in mind that it is one of the most frequent commissions since they are associated with each trade that is executed.

It is important to clarify that the spreads at RoboForex largely depend on the type of account you are trading.

Below we will see the specific details of the spreads for each type of account at RoboForex.

This broker offers 5 main account types:

  • Prime account
  • ECN account
  • ProCent account
  • Pro account
  • R Account StocksTrader

Let’s see the details of the commissions in each of these accounts.

Prime Account and ECN Account

Prime and ECN accounts do not have fixed commissions, but instead apply a  spread with a markup on top of the gross interbank prices it receives from their liquidity providers, meaning these are included in the spread.

The size of the spread of each asset in RoboForex is different. The spreads can be very variable depending on the volatility and the trading volume of each one.

For these accounts, the spread is floating with a minimum of up to 0 pips.

ECN Account Spreads RoboForex
Forex Spreads – ECN Accounts
Stock CFD Spreads – ECN Accounts
ProCent Account and Pro Account

As in the Prime and ECN accounts, in the ProCent and Pro accounts, you do not have fixed commissions. These accounts apply variable spreads with a markup on top of the gross interbank prices that RoboForex receives from its liquidity providers, that is, these are included in the spread. The difference between these accounts in terms of spread is given by its minimum size since for ProCent and Pro accounts the minimum spread is 1.3 pips.

Let’s look at some examples, so you can compare.

Forex spreads-ProAccount RoboForex
Forex Spreads – ECN Accounts
Stock CFD Spreads – Pro Accounts
R Account StocksTrader

Being a single account that allows to invest and trade in all types of markets offered by this broker, in this case RoboForex charges a series of commissions on all trades.

They are detailed below.

Regular Commissions

  • US Stocks (Deposit from 10,000 USD) — 0.009 USD per share
  • US Stocks — $0.025 per share
  • CFDs on US stocks — 0.02 USD per share
  • CFDs on European stocks — 0.07%
  • Forex — 15 USD for 1 million of the base currency
  • Indices — Variable

Minimum commissions

  • US Stocks (Deposit from 10,000 USD) — 0.5 USD
  • US stocks — 2 USD
  • CFDs on US stocks — 2 USD
  • CFDs on European stocks — 2.8 EUR / 2.8 GBP / 40 NOK / 40 SEK / 30 DKK
  • Forex — 0 USD
  • Indices — 1 USD

Spread Commissions

  • US Stocks (Deposit from 10,000 USD) — from 0.01 USD
  • US Stocks — from 0.01 USD
  • CFDs on US stocks — from 0.01 USD
  • CFDs on European stocks — from 0.000
  • Forex — from 0
  • Indices — 0.5

In addition to these 5 account types, RoboForex offers an additional account:

RoboForex Islamic Account

RoboForex offers a special account type: Islamic or swap-free accounts. Instead of charging a swap fee, swap-free account holders pay a fixed fee, which only depends on the type of currency pair and the number of lots opened, but not on the interest rates of the issuing banks. This account type has been created specially for clients of the Muslim faith, as they are not allowed to trade swaps due to Sharia laws.

Next, we will see the types of commissions for Islamic accounts:

– Swaps at RoboForex

The swap, also known as overnight rate, is determined by the difference in interest rates between the currency you buy and the currency you sell in a currency pair, which is why it can have a positive or negative value.

For example, if the interest rate of the currency USD (United States dollar) is $1 dollar, and the interest rate of the currency CAD (Canadian dollar) is $2 dollars, assuming that we make a short operation of the pair USD/ CAD on Monday and we close it on Tuesday, the trade will be charged an overnight fee, which in this case is:

$2 (currency bought, CAD) – $1 (currency sold, USD) = $1

As you can see, the difference in interest has been positive, so this amount ($1) will be added to your operation once it is closed.

RoboForex sets the swap rate according to the interests of its liquidity providers. You can find the current swap rates for each trading tool on the official website of this broker:

But we have brought you some examples of the most popular instruments.

Prime Accounts Swaps RoboForex

It should be noted that in all types of accounts, the swap rate will be the same for each asset, except of course Islamic accounts.

Non-trading commissions

So far we have only seen the RoboForex broker fees and commissions that directly or indirectly affect your trades, but as we mentioned before, there are other fees that many brokers charge regardless of whether you trade or not.

We refer to non-trading fees or commissions, among which are:

  • Deposits and withdrawals of funds
  • Inactivity fees
  • Use of any platform or tool
  • Other services.

– Fees for inactivity, use of platforms, or other services with RoboForex

On the RoboForex website, we have not found information related to inactivity fees, use of any platform, or other services (except VPS, if certain requirements are not met), so we decided to ask for support directly through its online chat. His answer was clear and concise:

As you can see, RoboForex does not apply any extra charges or fees for having an inactive account. The use of all its tools, services, and platforms is also totally free.

Regarding the VPS service, we can say that it has a cost of $5 USD per month, but if you have a balance in your account greater than 300 USD and you maintain a trading volume of at least 3 lots throughout the month, then the cost is reduced to 0, that is, it is free.

– Commissions for deposits and withdrawals at RoboForex

Commissions for deposit and withdrawal of funds are an important point when choosing a good broker since in many of them these fees can sometimes be somewhat exaggerated.


At RoboForex the commission charged to any client for depositing funds into their accounts via any deposit method is always 0%.

When you deposit funds to your trading account, part of the deposited amount is charged as a commission by the payment system. However, during the application process, this commission is compensated by RoboForex and transferred to your account immediately. In the payment history, you will be able to see all the commissions and all the payments that were cleared. It is important to clarify that there are no restrictions on how to use or withdraw this money.


Regarding withdrawals, RoboForex allows its clients to withdraw funds from their accounts twice a month without paying commissions. This service works permanently and allows traders to withdraw funds from their accounts without paying commissions on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

However, if the withdrawal is not made on that date, RoboForex charges a commission for each withdrawal request, the amount of which will be a small percentage of each transaction and will depend on the method used.


Throughout this article, we have seen each of the fees and commissions that the RoboForex broker can charge you. In our opinion, this broker stands out from other similar brokers where the fees are higher.

In any case, if you want to know more details, you can visit the broker’s website ( or you can also open a free demo account with which you can test the platforms that RoboForex offers and the different types of accounts and see how the main commissions impact your trades, all without putting your money at risk when managing a virtual balance. 

The demo account is a very useful and recommended tool to use before opening a real account with any broker.

-ECN/STP broker from Cyprus specialized in Forex and CFD
-It is a regulated broker
-Variable and tight spreads
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