Bull Power and Bear Power Indicators

The purpose of this article is to provide traders with a detailed explanation of the use of Bears Power and Bulls Power indicators, their calculation and their signals with a step-by-step tutorial. We will also explain how to use these indicators for trading in the financial markets. Bulls Power – Indicator that measures the strength of buyers The financial markets … Read more

Market Facilitation Index (MFI) Indicator – Interpretation & Signals

Market Facilitation Index indicator

The Market Facilitation Index (MFI) is a technical indicator developed by Bill Williams which analyzes the change in the price of a financial asset in connection with its trading volume, ie analyzing the change in price for each volume unit.

In much simpler words, the Market Facilitation Index (MFI) is an indicator based on the trading volume in the market. The difference between the MFI and the traditional volume indicator is that it does not take into account variations in prices, it only takes into account the number of shares or contracts that are traded in a market. The market facilitation index goes further. That is, it takes into account price variations and, at the same time, the volume traded.

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Gator Oscillator Indicator of Bill Williams

Gator Oscillator (gator comes from the word alligator as this animal is used as an analogy to describe the indicator) is a technical indicator which helps visualize the periods in which the Alligator indicator expands or shrinks. It was developed by Bill Williams in his Theory of Chaos and is currently a widely used indicator for traders and investor in all kinds of markets including Forex.

It is used to study the bullish or bearish trends of a financial asset. So, depending on the value of the histogram that represents it, it indicates the phase of the market trend in which the financial asset is located.

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Fractals Indicator – How to use the Fractals Indicator?

What are fractals?

Fractal geometry, defined by mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot,  is a geometric figure that can be decomposed into parts, each one of these parts identical on a smaller scale to the original figure. However, the “fractal finance” applied to technical analysis is a geometric pattern that can be observed regardless of the time frame used, either 1 hour, 30, 15 or 1 minute. There are some books on this subject and one of the most popular is “Trading Chaos” that was written by Dr. Bill Williams. In this book, Dr. Williams entered two important concepts, the  “Fractal UP” and “Down Fractal”,  which can be used as support and resistance respectively.  When both formations are crossed by the price, that indicate new levels for prices in both bull and bear markets.

The “Fractal Up” (it indicates a possible resistance), defined by Williams (Using a bar chart) is one pattern where the central bar has a maximum price that is greater than the maximum of the two bars to the right and higher than the maximum of the two bars on the left. On the other hand, the “Fractal Down” (it indicates a  possible support) is one pattern where the central bar has a minimum price that is less than the minimum of the two bars to the right and less than minimum of two bars on the left. We can observe the ideal fractal in the image:

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The Awesome Oscillator of Bill Williams

The Awesome Oscillator (AO) is a technical indicator developed by Bill Williams which determines market momentum (the second of the five dimensions of the market according to Williams) at a specific time based on the last five bars, which momentum is compared with the momentum of the last 34 bars.

In this way the Awesome Oscillator is simply the difference between the simple moving average of 34 periods and the simple moving average of 5 periods which are calculated based on the midpoints of the bars (High + Low) / 2. The Awesome is displayed on the graph as a histogram:

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