Vegas Trading Strategy With Moving Averages Tunnels

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A type of trading strategy that has been used for some years to trade successfully in the Forex market and with other financial instruments is based on moving averages tunnels such as the Vegas systems. In summary, these are discretionary systems for swing trading which are based on moving averages envelopes. To better understand how works this type [...]

Pure Trading System

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This trading system seems to be relatively profitable because it quickly stops the losing trades and let the winners trades run, ie the ideal of all profitable trading systems. As with any strategy is very important to have discipline and follow the rules to the letter, not “hunches” or anything similar. The first thing we will do is set the [...]

Fibonacci Pivot Points

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Summary: In this article we describe the use and calculation of Fibonacci Pivot Points, a little known variant compared with traditional pivot points. The novelty about this tool is that it interestingly combines the pivots and Fibonacci sequence to determine support and resistance levels where there is high probability that the market made ​​major moves. The pivot points [...]

Forex Strategy with Fibonacci

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This trading strategy combines the use of Fibonacci levels with various technical indicators such as RSI and moving averages and can be implemented in any currency pair, as well as any time frame that allows you to apply Fibonacci retracements and extensions to previous movements from the market. Remember to practice first on a demo [...]

Forms to use Fibonacci in Forex

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The Fibonacci indicator is a very powerful tool in Forex trading. It provides important levels that can be used individually in conjunction with other indicators and methodologies such as Candlestick Patterns, Price Charts, RSI, MACD, Momentum etc, and that levels can be used to establish entry points, Stop loss levels and Take Profit levels. The [...]

The Fibonacci Extensions – Definition and Examples

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The Fibonacci extensions, like Fibonacci retracements, are used to establish support and resistance levels, with the difference that the former are generally used as potential targets for profit taking, while retracements are often used as possible points of entry. For this reason, they are included in many trading systems to determine the best levels to exit [...]

The Fibonacci Retracements in Trading

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In technical analysis, Fibonacci Retracements refers to the possibility that the price of a financial asset, such as currency pairs, back off a considerable percentage of the original movement and find levels of support or resistance at the levels established by the Fibonacci numbers before resuming the original trend. These levels are built by drawing a trend line between [...]

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