Theresa May could lose the Brexit vote and the market expects Europe to move

May could lose brexit vote

Political instability in the UK is assured and will affect the British economy and the rest of the EU, experts say

The market assumes that Theresa May tomorrow will lose the vote on the plan for the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union that the premier agreed with Brussels. May had agreed to expose a plan B in three days, if the Brexit vote fails tomorrow. Experts and analysts consulted trust that the European Commission can now offer a little hand to prevent uncertainty from going further. This issue, added to the bad macro economic data from China, has caused a fall in European markets.

If the pact does not receive the approval of the Parliament, the Prime Minister will have three days to modify it, something that the experts do not see probable either, and from then on it will be the Parliament that takes control of the Brexit. This can lead to several very different scenarios: that the departure of the UK from the EU is delayed for the parties to continue negotiating (in principle the planned disconnection date is March 29); that new elections be called if the Labor Party manages to take forward a motion of no confidence against the Executive of May or the convocation of a new Brexit referendum.

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