Morgan Stanley strategist predicts good performance for bitcoin and gold in coming years

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Ruchir Sharma believes that next year the inflation of the dollar will be noticed. For Sharma, the next few years will be better valued stocks that preserve their value. Morgan Stanley’s head of emerging markets and global strategy commented that commodities such as gold would do well for the next 3-5 years, and included bitcoin [...]

Major Economic Indicators for New Zealand and the New Zealand dollar (NZD)

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The list of economic indicators shown below is of high relevance to New Zealand and therefore for its currency, the New Zealand dollar, and should be followed carefully for traders and investors who trade in this currency. However, is important to take into account that this country does not publish indicators very often. […]

Strong enthusiasm in the markets following the business IFO survey

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The German IFO survey is one of the most studied, since it shows the status of the largest economy in the eurozone. It frequently indicates the economic evolution of the entire euro area and, in addition, it generates immediate effects on the common currency: the euro. This week, the IFO survey has shown that business confidence levels [...]

EUR/USD Bullish Momentum Ends After Collision with Resistance Confluence Zone

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EUR/USD stops at the 1.1000 zone and turns lower. Investor sentiment could determine the pair's short-term trend in the coming sessions. In this article we present the most important technical levels to consider. The EUR/USD currency pair deepens bearish movements and accumulates two consecutive days of losses since last week after the price was rejected [...]

Risk aversion continues in the markets

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Risk aversion remains the predominant sentiment in the markets, supporting safe havens and affecting risk-related assets. This dynamic is well illustrated by the performance of the euro against the Swiss franc. Following President Trump’s statements yesterday, threatening to withdraw from phase one of the trade agreement with China, the franc reached 1.05038 against the single [...]

Monetary Policy – Definition and Types

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Monetary policy is the discipline of economic policy that controls monetary factors to ensure price stability and economic growth. It brings together all the actions that the monetary authorities (central banks) have to adjust the money market. Through monetary policy, central banks direct the economy to achieve specific macroeconomic objectives. To do this they use [...]

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