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10Trade, binary options broker

Review of the Binary Options Broker 10Trade

10Trade is a regulated binary options broker from Europe which was funded in 2014 and offers many different features such as various types of options (including 60 seconds options and Ladder bet options), multiple underlying assets like currency pairs (Forex), stocks, stock indices and commodities and a web based trading platform with trading functions such as “Rollover” and “Double Up”. This broker offers the possibility to open an account and trade with just $200.

Also, it is a fully regulated broker which operates under MiFID rules in Europe and with segregated accounts (isolated accounts in global banks). 

Type of Broker 
10Trade is a Binary Options Broker

Country of origin
The headquarters of this broker are located in Cyprus.

This company has the license of CySEC of Cyprus (license number 248/14).

Underlying Assets 
The clients of this broker have the possibility to trade with Binary Options based on the following underlying assets:
  • Forex Market: 39 currency pairs of the Forex market, including the most important such as the EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY and other more exotic like the USD/TRY, USD/SEK and USD/ZAR.
  • Bitcoin: 10Trade offers binary options based on Bitcoin, where the trader can speculate about the behavior of this Cryptocurrency against the US dollar (Bitcoin/USD).
  • Commodities: 8 of the most traded and important commodities in the market including precious metals like gold, silver and crude oil among other.
  • Stocks: 128 stocks of the most important companies in the U.S., European and Asian markets, including Google, Apple, JP Morgan, BP, HSBC Holdings, Toyota and Rio Tinto among other.
  • Indices: 52 of the major stock indices of the market. In this case the client of 10Trade can trade with options based on indices like Dow Jones, S&P 500, Nasdaq, DAX, FTSE 100, CAC and Bombay SE among other.
  • Pairs of Assets: 14 pairs of assets, including stock pairs like Google vs Facebook and pairs of commodities like Gold Vs Oil, in which the trader can speculate about the behavior of an asset relative to another through pair options.

Types of Binary Options
10Trade offers the possibility to trade with the following types of binary options:
  • High/Low Binary Options (Call and Put): This is the most common and traded type of binary option in the market thanks to its simplicity and the high and fast income that it offers to the trader. In this case the trader must determine whether the underlying asset price is going to end above (Call options) or below (Put options) the current market price once the option expires. High/Low binary options offered by 10Trade have a variety of maturities, ranging from one minute to several months.
  • One Touch Binary Options: In this type of options, the trader must determine whether the underlying asset price will reach or not a given price level. If the price reaches that level, the option automatically expires without terminating its expiration period. Normally, these options have a longer expiration period than the High/Low options and offer a better performance, up to 500% in the case of this broker.
  • Pair Options:  This is a type of binary option in which a trader speculates about the behavior or performance of an underlying asset relative to another, which usually is of the same type. Usually, these options are based on pairs of assets of the same type, such as 2 shares the same sector (Google vs Apple) and precious metals (gold vs silver).
  • Ladder Bet options: A special type of binary option characterized by offering various exercise prices instead of one as in the case of regular binary options (High/Low and Above/Below). The basic concept of these contracts is that the full payment of the trade depends on the underlying price can reach all levels or target prices (exercise price), which in this case are arranged like the rungs of a ladder. This means that the trader can obtain partial or total payments with these options, which provides greater flexibility in their trades.
  • 60 seconds Binary Options: These are High/Low options with an expiration period of only 60 seconds, which allow to get quick profits with the micro movements in the market.

Payment Offered by 10Trade
-The performance offered by this broker for options that expire “In The Money” is the following:
  • High/Low options: A benefit of 70% -85% of the amount invested in the contract.
  • One Touch options: A benefit of 80% -500% (sometimes even more) of the amount invested in the contract.
  • 60 seconds options: A benefit of 65% -75% of the amount invested in the contract.
  • Pair options: A benefit of 70% -85% of the amount invested in the contract.
  • Ladder Bet options: A benefit of up to 500% of the amount invested in the contract.
-For options that expire “Out The Money” this broker allows to recover up to 10% of the contract inversion.

Trading Accounts
For all customers, this broker offers a unique type of trading account, which provides access to all services including an online trading platform, the five types of binary options, all underlying assets, bonuses for deposits, education resources for the trader and others. In this case regardless of the amount of capital initially deposited, the trader can use all the resources offered by 10Trade.
Howevers, 10Trade makes the following classification of customers based on MiFID:
  • Eligible Counterparties.
  • Professional Clients.
  • Retail Customers (regular Traders).
Each customer category has its own characteristics, benefits, obligations and benefits, so it is important that the clients understand what is the classification to which they belong. For example, professional customers have less regulatory protection by CySEC.

Trading Platform
10Trade has an online trading platform that requires no download or installation and can be accessed from their website, which provides the trade greater flexibility in their operations. This application was developed based on the system of SpotOption (one of the most complete binary options platforms). It is fairly comprehensive and simple at the same time, given the relatively simplicity of binary options trading. It has position management tools, updated market quotes, price charts and other similar functions. The platform allows to trade with all types of binary options and underlying assets offered by this broker to its clients. In general, we can say that is an application specifically designed to trade with these derivative
Among the interesting features offered by this platform, we can highlight the following:
-Close Now: It is a function that allows the trader to close an option before its expiration period ends. In this way, the traders can protect their earnings in case they are unsure about the market development until the maturity of the option. This feature is extremely useful in those cases where the trader believes the market could change the current trend at any time and turn a winning trade into a loser.
-Roll Over: This function gives the trader the possibility of extending the expiration period of the option. For this reason, is very useful in those transactions in which the trader believes that an option that is temporarily “Out The Money” presents a high probability of expiring “In The Money” if the contract period is extended.
-Double up: It is a function that gives the trader the ability to duplicate a winning trade if it considers that the favorable market conditions will continue. Thus, the trader can create a new binary position with the same conditions for the current price of the underlying options. In other words, through “Double Up” the operator can increase its investment in open positions, doubling its benefits when due and capitalize on a strong position.

Demo Account
10Trade does not offer a demo account, but the real trading account can be opened free of charge.

Payment Options
10Trade offers the following methods to deposit and withdrawal funds: Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card (the most important like MasterCard and VISA), debit card, Western Union, Skrill, Neteller, CashU and WebMoney.
Deposits can be made in EUR, USD, GBP, RUB, CAD, AUD and SEK.

Main Advantages of 10Trade
  • It is a properly regulated binary options broker (CySEC of Cyprus).
  • 10Trade offers regular promotions for traders who open a trading account and deposit funds.
  • The trader has the possibility of extending the maturity of a binary option or duplicate the winning trades when market conditions are favorable
  • This broker offers free education through its website regarding binary options. The information presented is relatively simple but gives the novice trader an introduction to this financial instrument.
  • Several educational resources for the client about binary options and the market in general, including:
    • Free video courses for beginners and experienced traders covering topics such as technical analysis, trading psychology, money management, market analysis and others.
    • Free webinars.
  • By opening a trading account, the client of this broker can request a free professional e-book about binary options which includes advice to trade with these derivatives.
    10Trade not charge any hidden their customers for their operations committee.
  • Daily and weekly market analysis by experts.
  • The trading platform is a simple application that is characterized by a user friendly interface.
  • 10Trade offers the possibility to earn money by promoting its services as a broker through an affiliate program called BullTrax.

Main Broker Offers
10Trade offers regular bonuses for new and regular clients that deposits funds in their trading accounts. 

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