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Review of HighLow Broker

Review of the Binary Options Broker HighLow

HighLow is a regulated binary options broker (ASIC of Australia) founded in 2013 with thousands of clients around the world. This company offers the possibility to trade with various types of options based on many underlying assets including currency pairs (Forex), commodities, stock indices and stocks of various markets. 
This broker has many interesting features such as trading education resources, different extra services for the client and regular promotions (mainly cash bonuses).

Type of Broker

HighLow is a Binary Options Broker which is property of the company Highlow Markets Pty Ltd.

Country of origin

The headquarters of this company are located in Sidney, Australia.


HighLow is a regulated broker who has a license from the ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission) in Australia. The license number is 364264.

Underlying Assets

This broker allows its clients to trade with binary options based on the following instruments:

  • Forex: 17 different currency pairs, including the most importan such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY and other more exotic like the CHF/JPY.
  • Indices 5 stock indexes of the major financial markets. The stock indices currently offered by Highlow as underlying assets are US 30, UK 100, JPN 225, AUS 200 and HKG 33.
  • Commodities: Gold in the spot market (against the USD), one of the most important and traded commodities in the markets.

Types of Binary Options

HighLow offers the possibility to trade with the following types of binary options:
  • High/Low Binary Options: This is the most common and traded type of binary option due to its simplicity and the high and fast income that it offer. The trader only has to determine if the price of the underlying asset is going to finish up or down once the option expires.The expiration period of the High/Low binary options offered by this broker can vary from 60 seconds to one week.
  • Spread High/Low binary options: This type of binary option displays a Bid/Ask spread, the standard method for setting prices in the currency markets. The Spread High/Low options offer a payment  of up to 200%, ie double the investment (in other words the 100% of the amount invested). This type of option is ideal for traders who expect big market movements and prefer to obtain higher levels of benefits.
  • Binary Options On Demand: These are customized High/Low binary options in which the trader can choose the period of maturity that is best suited to their operations. The duration of these options can vary from 1 minute to 5 minutes (Highlow offers options of 1, 3 and 5 minutes). The Options On Demand are very versatile and flexible and are the ideal contracts for traders who prefer to take advantage of short-term patterns.
  • Spread On Demand Options: These binary options contracts allow traders who prefer a maximum return (Highlow offers a payout of 200%) to open positions when they find most suitable. Spread On Demand options provides traders that are expecting big market movements the possibility to obtain maximum benefits from their trades. As Spread High/Low options, these contracts also incorporate a bid/ask spread.

Payments Offered by HighLow

In terms of performance offered by HighLow in the trades of its customers it depends largely on the type of binary option, the maturity period and the underlying market conditions as follows:
  • High/Low Binary Options: A potential gain of 75% -90% of capital invested in the operation.
  • Spread High/Low Binary Options: A potential gain of 100% of capital invested in the option contract.
  • Binary Options On Demand: A potential gain of 75% -90% of capital invested in the operation.
  • Spread On Demand Binary Options: A potential gain of 100% of capital invested in the option contract.

Trading Accounts

For all its customers HighLow offers one type of trading account which provides access to all services of this broker, regardless of the initial deposit made by the trader. These services can include: 
  • Access to the online trading platform. 
  • Various types of binary options. 
  • All underlying assets (markets) that HighLow offers to trade binary options. 
  • Education tools for the trader. 
  • Customer Support 24/5. 
  • Promotions for new and regular customers.

Trading Platform

Currently, HighLow offers an online trading platform which is web-based and requires no download or installation. This application is accessed directly from the website of Highlow, so the only thing required by the trader is a computer and Internet connection. It is characterized by a quite intuitive and easy to use interface which is also fully customizable.
Due to the relative simplicity of binary options trading, this platform lacks some of the more advanced features found in the platforms used to trade with other financial instruments (like the Forex for example), yet it has all the features required to trade with binary options, such as position management tools, updated quotes and price charts of all underlying assets offered by this broker.
It also includes a number of additional features and tools designed to improve the chances of the trader in their operations with options:
  • Sell Option: Through this function, the trader can sell a binary option back to the broker at the price indicated by the trading platform for its immediate closure. In this way, the client of Highlow can close a position before the option expiration and limit losses or secure gains in a position, especially if the trader considers that an option which is In The Money is likely to end Out The Monet due to market conditions. This tool allows the use of stop loss strategies as it prevents the trader to lose the entire amount invested in a losing trade. When you close an option before the expiry time, the payment received by the trader is reduced by an amount called “break cost“. This amount is determined by Highlow based on the time remaining before expiration of the option, volatility of the underlying asset price and general market conditions.
  • Option On Demand: This is a function which allows the traders to design their own binary options. Basically the trader can modify the main parameters of a binary option such as the underlying asset, the expiration period, the performance and risk level.
-Mobile Trading: HighLow offers an application designed to access the account and trade with binary options from almost any mobile devices such as smartphones based on the Android technology and Apple´s mobile devices like the iPhone. With this platform the trader can transact business or make trades instantly. This application offers many benefits including an user-friendly interface,  live and dynamic charts, live quotes, easy access to the portfolio and open trades, fully integrated communication between mobile and web-based platforms and other.

Demo Account

HighLow offers a demo practice account with no time limit, for all customers. Each demo account has $10,000 of virtual funds

Payment Options

The client can deposit/withdraw funds by Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card (the most important like Mastercard and VISA), Skrill and Neteller.

Main Advantages of HighLow

  • HighLow is a fully regulated broker from Australia.
  • This company offers cash bonuses regularly (which are deposited into the trading account of the client) for both new customers and regular customers for the deposit of funds in their trading accounts. It also has cashback promotions.
  • This broker has a very good customer service through e-mail, telephone and chat in the website of the company. The chat can be accessed 24 hours a day.
  • HighLow offers a lot of financial instruments for trading (the underlying assets of the option´s contracts), such as currency pairs, stocks, indices and commodities.
  • This broker offers an intuitive and easy to use trading platform that is web based and can be accessed from any place with Internet connection. This application has many trading features and functions
  • No commissions and no fees of any kind.
  • The accounts can be opened in US dollars and euros.
  • The trading platform of this broker includes various risk management tools.
  • Through its website, this broker offers complete education on binary options and trading in general using the following resources (a knowledge center):
    • Video tutorials about the trading platform and binary options.
    • A knowledge library about binary options which is focused in different aspects such as market analysis types, trading psychology, financial management and many other .
    • An ebook about binary options trading (just for clients).
  • An updated economic calendar.
  • This broker offers the possibility to trade with customized binary options through an application called Option On Demand.

Main Brokers Offers

HighLow offers a number of attractive bonuses packages and promotions to its new and regular clients. Currently the main promotions of this broker are the following:

  • A cashback bonus of 50 USD.



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